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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are Coming! Maybe…

So NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced a phased plan to have a Stanley Cup Playoffs for the ’19-’20 NHL season.

Just saw that 10 cities are under consideration to be the two host hub cities, each one hosting a conference (i.e. Eastern Conference playoffs in one city, Western Conference playoffs in the other city):

— Chicago, IL
— Columbus, OH
— Dallas, TX
— Edmonton, AB
— Las Vegas, NV
— Los Angeles, CA
— Minneapolis, MN
— Pittsburgh, PA
— Toronto, ON
— Vancouver, BC

Will be interesting to figure out how Canada would deal with this considering they have different policies for lockdown in that country.

And Chicago? Mayor Lightfoot is never going to allow that after she’s been spending the last 2 months screeching about Chicagoans not following her lockdown rules. Not to mention, the state of Illinois is still under stay-at-home orders by the Governor. Things like manufacturing are still deemed “non-essential”. Which means auto companies which have assembly plants in the state are not allowed to re-open their plants for powertrain or vehicle assemblies. And if building vehicles is deemed “non-essential”, I would expect “playing sports” to be deemed “non-essential” as well.

Dallas, Vegas and Los Angeles? In July-August? Yeah, good luck keeping ice playable in those cities in the dead of summer. And again, Los Angeles is in the state of California, which is still closed due to Governor’s stay-at-home orders.

That leaves… Columbus, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.

OH, MN and PA… all still shut down.

Good luck to Bettman trying to negotiate with any of these cities and states to deem “playing hockey” an “essential” business when tens of thousands of white collar and blue collar workers have been forced onto unemployment, because their business has been deemed “non-essential”.

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