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The Disastrous Results of One-Party Democrat Rule

Yep. From the comments of today’s Ace of Spades Morning Report:

Minneapolis proves the point of how disastrous one party Democrat rule is.

You have all of these Democrats decrying everything except their own miserable failures.

The funniest thing was the dipsh-t Mayor crying and asking why the cop hasn’t been arrested.

Umm, you could have simply turned to your police commissioner, who is black by the way, and asked him that question.

Also, you have various clowns on the Minnie City Council yelling about root causes and institutional racism.

The Minnie City Council doesn’t have a single Republican, it has 12 [Democrats] and 1 Green party candidate as well as 5 women and 4 [people of color].

You Are the Root Cause for this disaster, assh-les.

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