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President Bush has Done More than Any Other President for Africa

Will Bush-Bashing End
by Ron Radosh in Pajamas Media


Bush and his defenders have good reason to be angry at Wilentz’s premature verdict. As Fulford points out, the President created the $30 billion Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, and extended it this year with a $48 billion to end the number of people being treated in Africa to three million and to train 140,000 health care workers who specialize in HIV prevention and treatment. Thus Bush changed our nation’s involvement in Africa in a positive fashion. The rock star and activist Bob Geldorf openly acknowledged this, pointing out that Bush “has done more than any other president” for Africa. But yet, as Fulford writes, “it’s unlikely that one in a 100 of [Bush’s] fellow Americans know about it.”

Yep. But, of course, for most on the Left, they really don’t care about the issues about which they claim to care. For them, it is all about hating Republicans, hating Conservatives and hating the President for anything and everything. President Bush could have discovered the cure for cancer himself and they still would have hated him and then blamed him for not finding it earlier. Meanwhile, Obama just says the word ‘cancer’ and they already credit him with healing the sick of the world and stopping the oceans from rising.

The morons who worship Obama based on his political career of achieving jack squat *nothing*, are the same morons who ignorantly spew vitriol at President Bush, even though he has achieved much in the areas of their stated political issues.

To answer Mr. Radosh’s question, no I don’t see the Bush-bashing ending any time soon, because we are not dealing with rational people here.

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