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Who Will be Our Patriot, Our Braveheart, to Lead the Fight Against the Tyranny of the Deep State?

Top: Braveheart ; Bottom: The Patriot

Was thinking this morning about the reply that I got on Facebook regarding my “pray tell what are we supposed to do?” rant. Where the guy basically said ‘do nothing, just enjoy life under subjugation’. That may not be what he meant, but that is how I took his reply.

And it got me thinking about two of my favorite movies, both with Mel Gibson… Braveheart and The Patriot.

In both movies, the Mel Gibson character wanted nothing to do with fighting back against tyranny… until he was directly affected. In Braveheart, he was fine living under the boot of England until they murdered his wife. In The Patriot, he actually went before Congress and stated he would not vote for war against England, because he wanted to raise his family and insisted that the Colonies must talk and talk and talk some more until they somehow got a better deal from England. He stood by this until they killed his middle son, Thomas.

In each case, there were hundreds or thousands of others who were willing to follow him and fight with him once he decided to lead.

I just wonder… is there a William Wallace or Benjamin Martin out there for us? Or was Donald Trump that man? But, since we do not live in a movie based on history, our story had a bad ending where Donald Trump and all his supporters were defeated? Or is this the part where the enemy goes too far and awakens our new William Wallace/Benjamin Martin?

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There is No One Looking Out for Us. We are All on Our Own.

My main problem with the majority of people talking about “fighting back!” is that they refuse to talk in specifics.

It reminds me of my irritation with Catholic mass.

Homilies with priests would all reference Bible passages and Bible stories and talk about things in theory.

Yet none of them would ever apply all the generalities they were talking about to actual specific actions and how we could succeed with those specific actions.

I see the same things happening with pretty much everyone on the Right right now. “Fight back!” “Pray!” “Don’t give up!” “Stand up!”

Yeah, sorry, those are bumper sticker slogans of politicians, NOT plans of action.

Remember “release the Kraken!”? Yeah, nothing happened with that. Then Lin Wood and all the rest of Trump’s circle of lawyers and politicians start telling everyone to pray.

When people tell you to pray, it means they don’t have a plan.

Imagine going to the doctor and he tells you, you have cancer.

You ask him what the plan is and he says… pray.

Yeah, when people tell you that prayer is their plan, there is no plan and there is no hope.

I am at the point in the movie Signs where Mel Gibson tells his brother that no one is looking out for us, we are all on our own.

And I believe that for mankind and for “God”. As Rorschach stated in Watchmen, “If God saw what any of us did, He didn’t seem to mind.”

Thousands of years of world wars, natural disasters, viruses, diseases, cancers, different religions that do not worship the correct “God”. God does nothing.

And if I interpret Christianity correctly now… that unless you take Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you’re not going to Heaven… that means that God sentenced hundreds of millions of people throughout the history of the world to hell.

Because we all know that millions upon millions of people have not accepted Jesus.

So yeah, a God who will do that is not going to save us from the Deep State, because we decide to pray.

We are alone. Period.

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What We are Facing has been Building for a Good 30 Years

I would argue that the America-hating Deep State, SJW-ism, Marxism, radical Black supremacy and antifa domestic terrorism have been building since at least the 1960s. Think back to what happened during the ’60s and ’70s:

— assassination of President John F. Kennedy (11/22/1963)
— assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (04/04/1968)
— assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (06/05/1968)
— American media lying about and actively undermining American efforts in the Vietnam War (1955 – 1975)
— Americans organizing anti-America protests related to American efforts in the Vietnam War
— Americans literally spitting on American military members and calling them baby-killers based on American media lies and propaganda
Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground domestic terrorist attacks in America (1969-1977)
Black Panthers anti-police domestic terrorist organization (1966)

All those radicals and terrorists from the ’60s and ’70s? They now take up powerful and influential positions in every institution in the country. From politicians to “journalists” to teachers to professors to leaders of new radical organizations which influence and donate to support other radicals.

And let’s not forget the inspiration of Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals”, which inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

But Larry Schweikart puts together a great list of what has been happening over the past 30 years while conservatives stood by and did nothing about it. All the while claiming to be fans of the late Andrew Breitbart’s philosophy that politics is downstream from culture. And that if we want to keep this country great, we must pay attention to and inspire the culture. In other words, ‘social conservatism’.

I have only been active in politics since 09/11/2001, but since that time, I have noticed a common theme by so-called conservatives: anti-social-conservatism. No protection of marriage, no protection of traditional gender roles, no protection of the sanctity of life, no protection of what is taught in schools regarding sex education or history, etc. All this was too “divisive” for conservatives to worry about. Can’t turn off those “moderates”, dontchaknow!

You see, had we been protecting those foundations of American culture, then when the ’60s and ’70s radicals took over their positions of power and influence, the American people would reject their ideas. But because only one side bothered to speak to the American people, the propaganda took hold and the indoctrination succeeded.

And now because of that, here we are…

4) If you went to public school, that would be the 1995 budget battle.

5) The brand new GOP Congress, with plenty of public support, failed to rein in a Clinton bloated budget.

6) It wasn’t the numbers. Compared to today’s deficits & debts, this was pocket change. Rather, this was the first time since the Cold War, which was a legit excuse for constant deficit spending, that Congress failed to do its MAIN constitutional duty — oversee spending.

7) No, this isn’t a thread about deficits or debt. At present, I don’t think those pose the biggest challenge to us, or even probably one of the top five.

8) Rather, this is about a deadly disease that hit DC & the patient refused to take any medicine for it.

9) The disease was the failure to address the major problems of the day, whether it was deficits, Islamic terrorism, the banking crisis, or trade.

10) Vote fraud & this frankenstein of an election is only the latest SYMPTOM of this much larger disease.

11) Pres. Donald Trump was the first one to even address this in a serious way. No, Ted Cruz’s one-man “shutdown” wasn’t serious. The GOP’s 1995 shutdown could have been that instrument of change, but they buckled to the Hoax News media.

12) This isn’t about one policy: Trump addressed MANY “elephants in the room”: horrible US trade policy, destruction of American identity, all-too-easy foreign wars/involvement; goofball climate nonsense; & rising domestic lawlessness.

13) Again, these were ALL merely symptoms of the bigger problem, which was the utter failure of our gubments at ANY level to deal with the significant & to ignore the trivial.

14) Instead, we have tranny bathroom laws while entire sections of major cities are uninhabitable.

15) We have “trust the science” mask Nazis invoking data that has been shown inconclusive at best and stupidly wrong at worst.

16) We have handicapped children prevented from flying because they cannot wear a ridiculous do-nothing mask.

17) We have soaring depression & suicide.


19) The big, obvious problem, is we have an enemy, China, who has used a bioweapon on us without an ounce of retaliation; a political class that is either oblivious to China or paid by them . . .

20) And we have gubment institutions virtually failing to operate a the local, state, & federal level in EVERY branch except the Presidency — and that’s about to fall.

21) We have a Supreme Court that will not even hear a constitutional challenge about the 14th Amendment.

22) We have a House of Representatives that, even before Botoxic and her fascist ilk got in, was utterly irrelevant & which had stopped doing its Constitutional job nearly 30 years ago.

23) We have state legislatures that do not even KNOW that their Constitutional charge is to override the popular vote if that vote is ascertained to be fraudulent or illegal.

24) We have a Senate made up of old rich people whose only purpose in life is to entertain a lobbyist.

25) We have a worthless & corrupt bureaucracy that puts to shame the hideous kleptocracies of the Chinese dynasties.

26) We have a dicknipple spooge-spewing hate-mongering Hoax Media that doesn’t come without a star system of reporting fact or news.

27) We have culture generators who drop like paralytics into the latest sexual fad or gubment propaganda wishlist and who view it as come sort of cosmic contest to see who can get the most naked & most profane during their careers.

28) We have sports & athletics that no longer are competitions about human achievement but are bulbous political wishlists of grievances played out on taxpayer-funded stadiums while preaching about non-existent ills inflicted on millionaires.

29) Back to the main point: when a society at all levels refuses to address the SIGNIFICANT & instead obsesses over the TRIVIAL, nothing works.

30) Health systems don’t work, commerce doesn’t work, entertainment doesn’t work, & obviously gubment doesn’t work.

31) This is precisely where the US was int he 1850s. For decade after decade, Americans ignored the SIGNIFICANT issue that had to be addressed & corrected: slavery. Instead they focused on everything else, which meant that slavery pushed itself back into every single issue.

32) And no, I don’t think a “civil war” in the 1960s sense is even possible, certainly not likely. But history will RESEMBLE itself & this will play out somehow, because . . .

33) The SIGNIFICANT will not be made insignificant & the TRIVIAL will never be singnificant.

34) I don’t know how this will play out, but at some point INSTITUTIONS have to do their job. History will FORCE them to do their jobs, one way or another, or someone/something else will take them over & do their jobs for them.

35) Donald Trump was the best hope of forcing this turn, this awakening, this realignment.

36) Without a leader such as Trump, the forces that will require this change will not be nearly so gentle or kind.

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The Biggest Take-away From the Nightmare of 2020 is: “terrorism works”

The biggest take-away from the nightmare of 2020 – be it the ‘Rona or the campaigns or the condition of the cities or the schools or whatever else – is “terrorism works.”

9/11 proved that. Sure, we blew up some goats and stuff, but Western culture lurched abruptly to “Muslims are our most holy people”.

Posted by: Ian S. at December 01, 2020 10:31 AM

I left this reply in response to the above comment at this Ace of Spades post by CBD: Mid-Morning Art Thread



9/11 proved that. Sure, we blew up some goats and stuff, but Western culture lurched abruptly to “Muslims are our most holy people”.

Posted by: Ian S. at December 01, 2020 10:31 AM

Yep. Within weeks, President Bush was taking C.A.I.R. leaders through airports to assure them that no one was unfairly treating Muslims, calling Islam a “religion of peace”, etc., and the narrative of every media outlet was “OMG! The backlash of Americans against Muslims in America!”

And what happened after Black-Lives-Matter riots, looting, arson, etc.? Massive support for Black-Lives-Matter by every single institution in the country.

What happened after antifa riots, looting, arson and attacks on police and monuments and statues? Massive support for antifa’s requests from local politicians to give in to their demands and remove statues, monuments, etc.

Terrorism works. Rallies, protests (actual protests, not “mostly peaceful protests”), etc. do not work.

Remember the caravan in June to Lansing, Michigan so Michiganders could shake their fists at… nobody, regarding Wretched’s lockdown orders. Remember how well that worked to get her to end the orders.

Remember the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) and how successful they were with all their protests to get politicians to curb spending and taxing. Oh wait, that’s right, they had no effect whatsoever.

The left knows how to get results: terrorism and massive election fraud.

The right still thinks we can peacefully protest and vote our way out of this.

Remember when the founding fathers peacefully protested and voted their way to independence from King George.

Neither do I.

Posted by: Clyde Shelton at December 01, 2020 10:43 AM

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What Separates Donald Trump from the Rest is the Will to Press On

I left this comment at this JJ Sefton post at Ace of Spades HQ this morning: The Morning Report – 11/25/20



never thought i would be defending Obama. But the thing is i am not defending him by a long shot. His intelligence is not even the top five of our concerns in my opinion. There are many who are smarter than Trump, but they could not have done the job he did. Not sure how else to explain this.

Posted by: Quint at November 25, 2020 09:01 AM

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not;
nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not;
unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not;
the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

The slogan ‘Press On!’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

I am sure there are plenty of intelligent and educated people in the Republican Party. And have been for decades.

What separates Trump from all of them is the will to act. The will to stand up to the enemy. The will to fight in the face of adversity. The will to “Press on!” in the face of attacks from all sides.

I have only been following politics since 09/11/2001. From that time to when Trump was elected President, all I was told from conservatives — politicians, pundits, bloggers, commenters — is that “we can’t do that, it will turn off independents or turn off liberal Republicans”.

All Donald Trump did was say “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” And then he did it. And he succeeded in doing it.

So yeah, there may be Republicans or other people who are smarter than Trump, but that is not the defining quality of successful people.

And a good reply from Quint:


you could not be more right. Mistakes were made but not by Trump. He has fought for us and I am sure he wonders where the back up is. So many did come to the fore, it hurts what is going on. He is a fighter and we need a fighter. We have to stand with him and stand up for ourselves. The truth most come out here. This guy delivered in every way but somehow he lost according to our betters. This guy was no Carter or Bush. He delivered but somehow we are in this situation. There is a lot of blame to go around but it isn’t the Trump voters. Basic fairness has to win out or we are in a lot of trouble.

I don’t know if Trump was right to go after the media so hard. But he was right about them, he was proven to be right all along.

Posted by: Quint at November 25, 2020 09:29 AM

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