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No, the Left Does Not Fear the Tea Party Protests

I have been reading a lot of conservative analysis of the Democrats, mass media and the Left’s mockery of the Tea Party protests that happened across the country this past week. And I think most of the analysis of the basis for the Left’s mockery is wrong.

The Left, mass media, Democrats and Obama do not fear the Tea Party protests at all. They mock the protesters in the same way that the cool kids mocked the geeks in High School. This is not about fear, but about immature derision, arrogance and condescension.

Seriously, when you get down to reality, these protests don’t pose any threat whatsoever to the Democrats, the mass media or Obama. Protests achieve nothing. (Anyone remember the “anti-war” protests all across the nation during the past 5 years having any effect at all of stopping the war effort? Neither do I.) Voting achieves everything. Obama and the Democrats know that the next vote does not happen until NOV 2010… 19 months from now. They know from recent history that the American people were all energized about illegal immigration in 2007… and then could not have cared less about the issue come 2008 when they nominated for President the two worst candidates on the illegal immigration issue.

So this is not about any sort of fear. What is there to fear from people standing around holding signs for an hour or two? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Are they going to change their policies? Nope. Are they going to stop spending? Nope. That is what happens when you lose elections. Those who win get to set the agenda.

The time to stop this already passed. America was warned in 2008 about the repercussions of electing Obama and the Democrats. They ignored it and now we are getting what we all deserve for being so stupid.

I’m adding some of the discussion that I had when posting this as my status on Facebook:

“I ‘liked’ this because I agree with you. My liberal friends are not the least bit concerned. It’s eye rolls and over-acted concealment of exasperation – because, you know, they are liberal and thus have to tolerate my idiocy, to a point – but they really couldn’t care less.”

Well, why should they be concerned? What did the massive “anti-war” protests of the last 5 years accomplish? Nothing, that’s what. The same thing will come of the Tea Party protests as well… UNLESS people use them as an inspiration to get more involved with their local political process, to get more involved with talking to others and educating and informing others of just what the Democrats and Obama are doing to this country through their ridiculously massive spending and educating and informing them of all the ridiculous mistakes, broken promises, lies and corruption that Obama and the Democrats have been doing since they took complete power in Washington.

Protests themselves achieve nothing. So I don’t blame anyone on the Left for not being afraid and for paying them no mind and simply mocking everyone. That’s what I did with the “anti-war” protests. What needs to happen is for people to get informed, get educated, adn to inform and educate others and get active.

“I was NOT stupid…I voted for Sarah!!!”

I voted for Sarah Palin and against Obama as well. Don’t be offended when I say the nation was stupid. If you didn’t do the stupid things I mentioned, then you are exempt obviously.

But the fact is that just protesting and just voting are not enough anymore. Because the Left has complete control of our schools, our universities, our “entertainment” industry and our mass media. Because of that, many ignorant, apathetic people are being brainwashed by propaganda. It is up to us to fight back against that by getting active in informing and educating our friends, family and coworkers. That is where we all failed last year. There is absolutely no excuse for a man with Obama’s background and ideology to even become a viable candidate for President. No excuse whatsoever. But he succeeded because the majority of the American public is ignorant and easily fooled. That is where we come in. We must get active in informing and educating people, so this never happens again.

“A one day protest won’t have any impact on the dimwits in DC.

The House is a lost cause.

We must keep up the protests so Senators will fear for their jobs and thus hold the line against further damage to the Constitution and our liberties!

We’ve got to keep the pressure on the Senate…stop national healthcare, carbon cap and trade taxes, the nationalization of banks/industries and amnesty for illegal aliens!

Then in 2010, we end this radical leftist nonsense at the ballot box.”

I agree with you. However, I also believe the Senate is a lost cause as well. There are 3 liberal dimwhits in Snowe, Collins and Specter who always vote Democrat, in addition to the dimwhit McCain who seems to vote Democrat simply to piss off the GOP and make himself the center of attention. So we’re screwed in the Senate as well.

My point is that stopping the destruction of this country by the Left is not a 2-hour protesting type of job. It is an everyday thing. Every single day people must keep up with the news, keep up with what the Democrats and Obama are doing and then inform and educate everyone they know of what is going on. Every.Single.Day. From now until NOV 2010.

“It’s just that there are none so blind as those who will not see, and none so deaf as those who will not listen – willful ignorance is nearly impossible to overcome. But you are right. It’s a matter of doing more than waving a sign or bitching to other people who agree with us. Not that waving signs and bitching is wrong or doesn’t have a place – but it’s not going to change most minds.”

That is exactly my point. I’m sure many people will read my status and my blog post and my comments here and think I am dumping on the Tea Party protests. I am not. I am simply looking at reality and stating what needs to be said: protests achieve nothing, but they can be a starting point of inspiration to get people educated, informed and active.

There is nothing wrong with bitching and standing around waving signs, but at the end of the day, people should learn from the “anti-war” protests, which achieved absolutely nothing. The Left was massively organized to end the war. They had tens of thousands in major cities across the nation marching for years. Did they achieve anything? Nope.

So Tea Party protesters, which are about 1/10th the size of the “anti-war” protests, need to realize their protests are not enough as well.

“That’s why the protests need to continue unabated. The Senators must feel the fire. Only the fear of losing their jobs will alter the actions of selfish career politicians.”

I understand what you’re saying, but what I’m trying to say is that the protests themselves are not a reason for politicians to fear anything. There was a huge uproar over illegal immigration in 2007. Did that lead to all pro-illegal immigration candidates having to fear for their jobs in 2008? Nope. In fact, John McCain won the nomination for President having his immigration man be the most racist, pro-illegal hack in the nation in Juan Hernandez, of the despicable racist group La Raza.

So, I’m just saying, if I were a politician, I’d be laughing this off as a bunch of irrelevant crap too. Because, they have learned that the American people really don’t give a damn about the issues they claim to. AND, afterall, look who they elected in 2008. The most radical Leftist candidate in history and gave him almost a fully controlled Democrat Congress to get anything he wants done.

As I said, if I were a politician, I’d be just as dismissive as Nancy Pelosi.

The American people have proven themselves to be willingly ignorant tools in 2006 and 2008. The mass media controls the message and covers for Obama and the Democrats and smears the GOP and Conservatives every step of the way. And the willingly ignorant fools which make up the majority of the voting public just eat it up time after time.

So the politicians have absolutely *nothing* to worry about until the American people put their votes where their mouths are. Come 2010, they better damn well vote all the bastards out or they will have proven themselves once again to be loud, but irrelevant hypocrites.

“Dismiss them at your own peril.”

Look, man, I’m on your side — as well as those at the Tea Party protests — in this. But I will fully admit that the fact that McCain was nominated by the GOP for President and Huckabee was considered a viable candidate as well, truly PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF. After I got SO excited that people seemed to really care about the illegal immigration issue, only to see the GOP turn around and support two dimwhit candidates, who were the two worst on the GOP ballot for illegal immigration in Huck and McCain, I lost ALL faith in the GOP base.

Then, to see the nation vote to give almost full power in BOTH Houses of Congress to the bastard Democrats and see them vote for the most radical leftist for President!? That pissed me the hell off too.

So… forgive me if I am not all jazzed up over a few hundred thousand people standing around bitching and holding signs… 5 months too late… and 19 months before anything will really matter again.

When the nation votes all the bastards out again in 2010, THEN and ONLY then will my faith in the American people be restored. Until then, all this is as meaningless as the anti-illegal immigration protests were in 2007. The protests MUST be followed up with relevant action: (1) educating, informing and getting active and (2) voting all the bastards out.

With illegal immigration, people protested and then turned around and threw their integrity aside and supported Captain Illegal Immigration himself. As a result of that, I am NOT joining up with people who have proven themselves to be hypocrites in the past. I’m waiting for my proof in NOV 2010.

In the meantime, I will be supporting their efforts 100%, but I will NOT be made a fool again by associating myself with a group of Americans who fucked me over last time I associated myself with them.

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