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New Anti-Jihad Comic Book


Found via Michelle Malkin, this new comic, Matamoros, is illustrated by John Cox from the great Cox and Forkum editorial cartoons. Here is the description from the Matamoros website:

Chuck Sobietti was a seventeen-year veteran of the U.S. military. He’d seen it all – Gulf War I, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan – but nothing in his experience could prepare him for one fateful day in Iraq and its aftermath.

Part political thriller, part war story, and part “classic” action comic book, Matamoros follows one of America’s heroes in the “Long War” – an ordinary guy who discovers that only extraordinary situations exist when the enemy is a protean entity which refuses to adhere to the laws of war or the laws of civilized nations.

Written by Sleet and Darius LaMonica, and illustrated by John Cox of the Cox & Forkum political cartoon team, Matamoros is the first comic book focusing on the U.S. military’s fight against radical Islamists.

Go here to purchase a copy.

Go here to see their MySpace page.

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