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Socially Liberal Republicans are Destroying the GOP from Within

After reading through recent blog posts and comment sections from right-of-center blogs regarding CPAC 2010 (HERE, HERE & HERE), it seems like the Democrat Party’s perfect scenario is occurring. Instead of focusing on fiscal matters and working to simply get the GOP back to its winning platform circa 2004, it seems the GOP is allowing social liberals work to completely transform the Party… and weak-kneed conservatives are getting duped into letting them do it.

I wrote the following on Twitter and then expanded upon it when it posted to my Facebook status:

It’s interesting to hear “moderate” GOPers whine about social issues, then turn around & prop up pro-same-sex marriage as “winning issue”

On the one hand these people say “the GOP needs to stop focusing so much on social issues like abortion and man-woman marriage; they are divisive and irrelevant”… yet on the other hand they say “we need to make the GOP tent bigger and be open to redefining marriage and ‘pro-choice’ people”.

So, basically, what these people want to do is make the GOP a socially liberal, fiscally conservative party. In other words, they want to get rid of the current platform of the GOP (pro-Life, pro-man/woman marriage, strong national defense, fiscally conservative) and have the new party be the ideal Democrat Party (ie, what the Democrat Party would be today were it not hijacked by capitalism-hating Marxists: pro-abortion, pro-redefining marriage, strong national defense, fiscally conservative).

Why they are doing this, I have no idea. There was nothing wrong with the GOP circa 2004. The GOP platform was about fiscal conservatism, pro-life, pro- keeping marriage as man/woman union, strong national defense. That was a winning platform. The reason for the losses in 2006 and 2008 was because the GOP strayed from fiscal conservatism.

Thus, to get back to winning, all the GOP has to do is get back to fiscal conservatism. There is absolutely NO reason to stop being pro-life & pro-keeping marriage as man/woman union. Not only is the GOP correct on those issues, they are also winning issues on election day. They only reason to push pro-choice and same-sex marriage on the GOP is in order to destroy it from within.

So the GOP should be wary of anyone pushing abortion and same-sex marriage within the GOP.

I also think the social liberal movement within the GOP is not only working to destroy the GOP, but is also causing a greater desire for a third Party to form.

If we use the analogy of the three legs of the Party platform being (1) Fiscal conservatism (low spending, low taxes, less government) (2) social conservatism (pro-life, anti-AGW hoax and pro-marriage as a man/woman union) & (3) strong on national defense (pro-military and anti-Amnesty), it is easy to see that the reason the GOP fell in 2006 and 2008 was due to a lack of adherence to Leg 1 of the Platform. Thus, it would follow that the way to get the GOP back in favor would be to get back to fiscal conservatism, while keeping everything else that isn’t broken.

Instead, we have people advocating to not only fix Leg 1, but to eliminate Leg 2 (ie, become pro-choice and in favor of redefining marriage). I absolutely do not see the logic to that ‘strategery’.

Unless, of course, the goal is to split the GOP from within, driving away social conservatives and forcing them to vote third Party… which ends up helping Democrats.

We have Muslims working within the United States Military to sabotage us. Does the GOP have liberal Democrats working within it to sabotage it as well?

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From the discussion on my Facebook page:

yeah, but not being social lib enough the Indies went left, now they preach we not right. confusing.

I think we need to stay within our agenda no matter, we lost 92 because of agenda too strict but came back in 94, think same now. folks didnt want conservatism untill they tasted liberalism again

Look at 79-80, same then too-confusing cycle

Well, 1992 we lost because we went liberal, when Bush 41 went back on his promise to not raise taxes. Perot was attractive to many Americans who were fed up with both Parties and wanted fiscal conservatism. They were angry with Bush 41 for betraying them and went 3rd Party. The GOP got the message and campaigned for the House in 1994 with a strong fiscal conservative message.

That’s where were are here in 2010. In 2006 & 2008, the American public was pissed off about the lack of fiscal conservatism of the GOP and either stayed home or voted for “change” and “hope”. Stupid, sure, but the GOP has only themselves to blame for not sticking to their fiscal conservative roots.

So, to get a repeat of 1994, all the GOP has to do is get back to fiscal conservative principles and they are a lock to take back the House and possibly the Senate.

BUT, if they decide to saw off one of the other 3 legs of the platform and go socially liberal, it will be an utter disaster. And the base of the party will have had it with all the moves Left of the GOP and go form a Reagan-like 3rd Party to get the 3 legs of the platform they want.

And, yes, that just helps Democrats, since it splits the majority center-right electorate between the GOP and 3rd Party. But that is the doing of the GOP. If the GOP continues to reject social conservatism, it will destroy itself from within. And it will be their own fault.

Despite the efforts of the pro-homosexual agenda crowd to accuse us otherwise, the following (below) is the general opinion of probably 90% of Conservatives and Republicans (as well as mine). Being against the redefinition of marriage as well as against special “rights” for homosexuals is no more “anti-gay” than being against ‘Affirmative Action’ is “racist”. Anyone who says otherwise is simply smearing in order to push their agenda.

Gays don’t want to accept their orientation as a not uncommon developmental disorder, because it’s personally hurtful(although perhaps shouldn’t be, but that’s another story) and is a result of no fault of their own, and still carries a stigma.

And many heterosexuals don’t want to be compelled to provide special accommodation for what they consider a disorder, and rebel at being coerced into accepting homosexuality as another version of normal.

If someone had a compulsive disorder, like frequent hand-washing, would we install sinks at all work stations in case a hand-washer was to be employed there? On the other hand, should we persecute that person to the ends of the earth?

Advocating civil rights for gays as a special class of person requires a presumption of a genetic cause to homosexuality that many are unwilling to accept, and is unproven. Thus, gay-conservative at CPAC is grating in a way that conservative who happens to be gay isn’t.

My own guess is that if we could reach a conclusion that homosexuality isn’t normal, but isn’t evil either, or a conscious choice, then the sting would come out of the whole issue. I for one don’t want it portrayed in schools or the common culture as normal, and as an equal alternative to heterosexuality, and I don’t want state sanctioned gay marriage, and I don’t want the society as a whole pressed on this issue further than it’s apparently willing to go. That being said, hatred of people with same-sex attraction who aren’t trying to push a social agenda on others is hateful and wrong.

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