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Why are the Obamas ‘Tone Deaf’?

Via Maetenloch at AoSHQ, John Hinderaker at Power Line has a post about Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama in which he tries to figure out why both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle seem so tone deaf in their actions and in how they are perceived by the American public and, more importantly, the American electorate set to vote in NOV 2010 and NOV 2012:

Which caused Roger Simon to return to his theory that Barack Obama doesn’t really want to be President:

Michelle’s $375,000 Spanish vacation — with the Daily Mail dubbing her a “modern-day Marie Antoinette” — is further proof of my thesis. What man who wanted to be re-elected (or see his party do well in November) would let his wife go off on such an “excellent adventure” in these economic times? … It is beyond tone deaf, perhaps to the level of subconscious (or even deliberate) self-sabotage.

At the very least, something most peculiar is going on. The first lady goes off on a jaunt worthy of 18th Century aristocracy at the very moment of her husband’s birthday. Is somebody trying to tell us something? Is somebody trying to tell her spouse something? Or vice-versa? Who knows? You won’t find out in the mainstream media — that’s for sure. They don’t even bother to check Obama’s college records. Perhaps the National Enquirer is on the case. They may be the only hope.

If I were still a member of the Democratic Party, I would be most concerned.

Roger speculates that the Obamas’ behavior may be symptomatic of narcissism, then offers this alternative:

But maybe it’s simpler. Maybe Michelle and Barack just assume the president is not going to be re-elected, so why bother to keep up pretenses?

All very provocative. But, while it seems clear that President Obama enjoys campaigning and hobnobbing a lot more than he does governing, it is hard to imagine him giving up after one term. I think the Obamas’ tone-deafness, which was on exhibit long before Michelle’s Spanish vacation, more likely results from their inexperience and the fact that if you are a significant figure in Democratic Party politics, you spend a great deal of time with rich people. That can skew one’s perspective.

I think it’s even simpler than what Roger Simon speculates. I think the Obamas are not worried about Barack’s re-election in 2012, because (1) he knows he has the mass media in the bag as (a) his attack dogs and (b) his propaganda machine and (2) Barack and Michelle have absolutely no respect for the American electorate after they were so easily duped into voting for him — and super-majorities for Democrats in both Houses of Congress — in 2008, that they figure they will be just as easily duped into voting for Barack again in 2012. And, of course, if that doesn’t work, he still has his election fraud army of ACORN and union thugs to steal the election for him.

Not to mention, he’s probably not sweating a thing considering the GOP can’t nominate anyone good enough to (1) attack him on his radical socialism and failed policies and (2) present, in an articulate and easy-to-understand fashion, alternative conservative policies.

Really, unless the GOP nominates either NJ Governor Chris Christie or some sort of clone of him, Obama will simply smooth-talk and lie his way to a 2nd term, with the help of his attack dog and propagandist media and an apathetic and ignorant American electorate.

But I hope I’m wrong.  The mid-term elections in NOV 2010 will tell us a lot about whether or not the American electorate has awoken from it’s apathy and ignorance.

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Yes, Unlike Obama, Sarah Palin Has Actual Accomplishments in Her Career

Not that anyone would know that, considering the only thing about which the mass media seems concerned with regards to Sarah Palin is SNL-type reporting or National Enquirer-type reporting. Commenter Dan here, though, reminds us that Sarah Palin actually does have quite a good history of impressive political accomplishments:

I often marvel at how people IGNORE all of Sarah Palin’s accomplishments. They act like she has none and is popular for no particular reason other then people identify with her. Please share these FACTS.

1. Sarah took on corruption in her own party and risked her career in politics doing it. Name one politician who has done this that is currently serving. By the way, has Obama asked Charlie Rangel to step aside? NO, they are in the same party after all.

2. Sarah cut the budget in the Alaska which is unheard of. She saved money when the oil money was flowing in so now when the oil price dropped they are not cutting police or education or raising taxes to balance the budget. How are New York and California doing by the way on their budgets? How is Obama doing with his deficit projections? 9 trillion right?

3. Sarah TOOK ON THE MOST POWERFUL COMPANIES IN THE WORLD, the big oil companies to make sure Alaskans were getting a fair shake and SHE WON. Has Obama bucked the big labor unions in a similar fashion? Or the trial lawyers?

4. Sarah negotiated a natural gas pipeline deal that will result in the largest construction project in North America which will produce REAL JOBS and will provide CLEAN energy to the lower 48. Has Obama ever… oh never mind, its obvious he has not done anything like this and neither has anyone else who currently serves.

These are major accompishments and cannot be denied. Now, if you question whether the electorate knows about these things and therefore would not vote for her because they did not know them, I grant you that, but that is what a book tour, interviews, and a CAMPAIGN is for.

I stand with her. …

Posted by: Dan at November 25, 2009 08:41 PM

As do I. And the more Americans find out about her, I believe they will too.

UPDATE 12/03/2009: I decided to look at the referrers for this post and I came across this one. In the comments, people are all up in arms about me claiming that Obama has no accomplishments — (and no, despite what one of the idiot commenters states, winning a Presidential election is not an “accomplishment”. It’s akin to saying that I accomplish something by succeeding in a job interview and getting a job. Obama passed a job interview. Big deal. That is not an accomplishment. What one does on the job is an accomplishment.) — and many were copy/pasting the below list of “accomplishments” for Obama. Upon doing a Google Search, it seems this has been spammed all over the internet on various comment sections… never with any attribution, never with any citations to verify anything. So, in the interest of fairness, I decided to look into this shining example of Barack Obama’s grand political accomplishments:

– Graduated first black president of Harvard Law Review having won trust and support of conservative members.

So? What were his accomplishments while President of the Harvard Law Review? What did he write? What did he review? Anything? If he was such a great President of the Harvard Law Review, why can’t we know about his accomplishments there? Or was his only ‘accomplishment’ the fact that he was a BLACK President? Sorry, that’s not an accomplishment.

— Passed over 600 high-money law firm offers to work for civil rights practice at fractional pay.

This is an accomplishment? Please. Try harder.

— Added health insurance for 20,000 children, welfare reforms, earned-income tax credits, and increased minimum wage in Illinois.

Added health insurance for children? Was that as a supplement to his wife’s patient dumping at the University of Chicago Hospitals?

‘Welfare reforms’, huh? Does this mean that he helped to get people OFF of welfare and into jobs? Or did he simply enact “welfare reforms” to help keep people enslaved to the government and stuck on welfare?

‘Increased minimum wage’. Which is a job-killer, which hurts the low-income, low-skilled, minority community the most. Brilliant ‘accomplishment’.

— Reformed death-penalty cases, requiring that interrogations be video-recorded. Passed Illinois Senate 58-0. Signed into law by Illinois governor who first opposed Obama’s bill. Obama succeeded by building consensus with conservative opposition.

Ah yes, his death penalty reform. Which included voting against a bill that would have delivered the death penalty to gang members who murder first responders. Not to mention, Obama was the only member of the Illinois State Senate to vote against a bill that prohibited early release for sexual predators. Wow, great accomplishments there!

— Opposed Iraq war publicly, long before invasion. Accurately depicted it as of undetermined length, undetermined cost, undetermined objective, with a great likelihood of civil war breaking out.

He publicly opposed the Iraq war effort. Wow. What an accomplishment. And he was wrong on every account about it. Thanks only to the leadership of President Bush, the COIN (Counter Insurgency) plan and leadership of GEN Petraeus and the hard work of our US military, the Iraq war effort has been a great success. I don’t call being against something which is a success, to be an “accomplishment”. Nice try.

— Expanded program to locate and dismantle stray Russian WMD with Republican Senator Lugar.

Hmmm, I find it interesting that upon doing a Google search to verify this info, the only citation is this ‘list of accomplishments’ being copy/pasted all over different websites’ comment sections. Without, of course, any link to a credible source of the info.

— Passed major ethics and lobbying reform bill with Russ Feingold, insisting upon tougher restrictions around gifts, meals, etc. And extended the interval preventing exiting congress members from moving directly into lobbyist positions.

While this is true, people are honestly putting up Barack Obama as some example of good ethics? That’s a laugh! Let’s see… his shady land deal with corrupt Tony Rezko, his funneling of taxpayer money to his wife’s hospital, his wife’s patient dumping scheme at the University of Chicago Hospitals, his time on the Woods Fund with terrorist Billy Ayers shuffling money to ACORN and his radical mentor Rev Wright’s Church TUCC, just to name a few.

Let’s also not forget him getting his opponents kicked off the ballots when he ran for State Legislature and working with the Chicago media to smear Senator Jack Ryan by illegally releasing his divorce records to the public to force him to drop out of the race. Yeah, Barack Obama is one shining example of ethics in politics. Riiiiight. And I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants to talk about Obama’s record on lobbyists, including his lies about cozying up to the oil industry lobbyists.

— Toured Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, and Palestinian territories, telling Palestinian Authority Abbas that US would never recognize Hamas leaders until they renounced mission to attack Israel.

Yeah, ‘just words’ — as Obama would say — considering Obama is best buddies with two Israel-haters in Rev Jeremiah Wright and terrorist Billy Ayers. Not to mention his cozying up to PLO operative Rashid Khalidi in LA. Obama has a long record of being anti-Israel and pro-Palestine.

— Cosponsored Secure Orderly Immigration Act by John McCain. Passes Senate 62-36. Makes undocumented persons who have been here 5+ years only allowed to stay and apply for citizenship if they pay back-taxes, learn English, and have no criminal record.

Oh please. Not even John McCain’s supporters believed this was anything more than political bullshit. There was no need to pass this “Act”, since the laws were already on the books. The problem is that no one ENFORCES them. THAT is what I am talking about when I say ACCOMPLISHMENT. An accomplishment is something which produces RESULTS. Passing Acts and Laws are not accomplishments. Now, if those acts and laws produce results, THEN they can be deemed accomplishments. But just passing meaningless Acts and Laws which never have any effect on anything, since no one enforces them… not an accomplishment.

— Communicated frankly to Michigan automaker executives of need to increase fuel-efficiency standards by at least 3% per year.

OOOOOOH, he communicated! That’s an accomplishment? Communicating. Wow. High standards you have there. What did this communicating accomplish? NOTHING.

— Many aisle-crossing bi-partisan solutions throughout 10 years of senate experience (8 state, 2 federal).

Really? So what are they? Funny you don’t list them, just state something without attribution or citation. Brilliant.

— 100% approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood. National Education Association gives him an “A” on their most recent scorecard.

OOOOOH! Now approval ratings by left-wing organizations are accomplishments! Wowee!

— In Illinois State Senate sponsored 780 bills, 280 were signed into law.

Really? What are they? What did these laws ACCOMPLISH (yes, there’s that word again — accomplishment)? Did he sponsor a jay-walking bill? Did he sponsor a walking and chewing gum at the same time bill? And what is the reason for 500 bills not being signed into law? Were they meaningless crap he sponsored just to make it look like he was doing something while in office? Funny how you don’t say.

Also, while you’re looking up that information, you might want to find out which ones were bills sponsored by other Democrats, but had Obama’s name added to them thanks to Obama’s buddy Emil Jones.

— In first year as US Senator, held 39 town-hall meetings throughout his state, sponsored 152 bills and resolutions, and cosponsored 427 more.

OOOOOOOOH! Holding meetings! Sponsoring and cosponsoring bills… which you don’t list. More non-accomplishments! Great job!

— Designated US Senate point person on ethics by Speaker Harry Reid.

Oh boy, the liberal idiot Reid appointed a man completely devoid of a history of good ethics, with absolutely no time in the Senate, as a point person on something on which he has no experience. What an accomplishment!

So this is the Obama-lovers’ defense of their messiah’s record of “accomplishments”. Pathetic.

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What She Thinks of White America is Disgusting

I have stated this before and I will state it again: I don’t see how Barack Obama will lose the general election. I mean, come on. The man is a racist Marxist, all his friends are either racists, corrupt or hate America, he has connections to Weather Underground terrorists and PLO terrorists, his spiritual and political mentors are all Marxists, racists and America-haters… and, yet… he has earned the Democrat nomination for President of the United States of America.

Republicans’ political careers have been ended by toe-tapping wide-stances in a men’s room and saying “macaca”. Yet, apparently, Americans are quite alright with a Marxist racist?


So, that said, I really don’t see, even if this is true, how it will hurt Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. He has the mass media on his side in orgasmic adulation covering for his every mistake, and apologizing for every terrorist connection, every corrupt connection and every Marxist connection. And he gets away with his “these are not the droids you are looking for” apologetics for any kind of bad association he has.

And America swoons and faints and the orgasmic Hopenchange Express rolls on with his posse of adoring ignoramuses going along for the Marxist ride. Simply ridiculous.

But, for those who are interested, here are the details of that supposed Michelle Obama “whitey” DVD that is supposed to sink Barack Obama’s campaign. As I said, not bloody likely considering he has withstood about 10-15 things, any one of which would have destroyed anyone else’s political career. Plus, he has the mass media on his side to spin any crap into gold for him.

But, here ya go, via a comment at Flopping Aces: The Michelle Obama Whitey Tape – Update (1)

I took these comments from the HillaryClintonsupportersforJohnMcCain website. Ed who handles the website received information on the “Whitey” tape recently. He heard 2 minutes of this DVD over the phone. The person told him that it would be released in November and not before.


User Name Juju from California

Comments I will not vote for Obama under any circumstance. It doesn’t matter if Hillary is on the ticket. I’m voting for McCain.

Since Obama always says McCain-Bush, I think we should all refer to Obama as Obama/Wright/Pfleger/Rezko.


Please allow me to explain why this person will not release the DVD before the date as they have stated. one example is Doug Wilder, former governor of Va or WV, I cannot remember, said on more than one occasion,”If Obama does not get the nomination, then all blacks will consider it stole from Obama, and the riots of 1968 will be nothing compared to those of 2008″.

More than just this leader has made those statements. The person that has the DVD is afraid to release it before the date they have set. They do not want to be the person that started the riots. This person feels that all the thugs are waiting on is a reason to start and destroy this country. The reason I was told and allowed to hear it, was because I could tell everyone it exist and that Obama will not be the president, that was the reason I was given. I understand this person position and I respect them. I cannot and will not violate their trust in me. Even if this mean Hillary is not our nominee, I cannot help it. Thanks for your time and understanding – Ed


User Name NO Obama (FL)

Comments Ed, can you tell us more or less what was said?

Do you trust the person you heard it from and is there a way you can talk this person into releasing it or letting you record it?

And who is this person? Not a name if you can’t say but are they like a republican high offical or what? Thanks so much!

Yes, I trust this person very much. This person is not a “Republican”, in fact I don’t know what their political stand is. Also this is not a White person. I will not release this person name and prehaps I have said too much now. This person sent me a email asking me to call them. They said the reason they wanted me to know was that this web site has had almost a 1 million in less than a week. I was very surpirsed and honored that they choose me to talk to you. I will try and get them to release the DVD before the convention. I will use everything that God gave me to get this job done. I am a Texan and we don’t give up. ED


User Name NO Obama

Comments Ed, have you actually heard the whitey tapes?

Yes, I heard about 2 minutes of her ranting at Bill Clinton and Hillary over the phone. Ed


User Name Chris

Comments Are the “whitie” tapes video ?

Yes, it is a DVD, I only heard the audio part, they would not send me a sample. I understand that it is over 30 minutes long some of it had been edited. From what I was told, this will make every white American angry. What she thinks of the white America is disgusting. – Ed

June 8th, 2008 at 8:56 am

URLs in My Above Post:


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A Video Portrait of America’s Next President, Barack Obama

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The America-Hating, Terrorist Friends of Barack Obama

John Hinderaker at Power Line has a good post up about Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. For those of you who have not been doing your research about Barack Obama’s background and circle of friends, they are two left-wing radicals from the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization who both have a deep hatred of the United States of America.

For those of you keeping track, these are just two more in a long list of friends within Barack Obama’s circle of advisors, friends, acquintances and fellow politicians:

* Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. (long time close friend and spiritual advisor, preacher of America-hating and the racist, Islam-sympathizing, Black-supremacist Black Liberation Theology)
* Michelle Obama (wife)
* Raila Odinga (Islamic Sharia Law supporting cousin and politician in Kenya)
* Louis Farrakhan (Radical, racist Islamic Supremacist of the Nation of Islam honored by Barack Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ)
* Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (America-hating radicals and members of the domestic terror organization, Weather Underground)

I could also add to this list some of Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisors who are anti-Semitic and sympathizers of Muslim countries and radical dictatorships. Not to mention that Barack Obama has supporters in Texas who worship the former murderer Che Guevera.

But just posting the names and saying who they are and what they represent sometimes is just not enough for people. This is why people such as John Hinderaker are getting out the details on his blog that the mass media is not reporting: The Friends of Barack Obama, Part 1

When Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer decided to retire in 1995, she hand-picked local left-winger Barack Obama as her successor. In order to introduce Obama to influential liberals in the district, she held a function at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. This was, really, the beginning of Obama’s political career, and it linked him forever with Ayers and Dohrn, with whom, as his campaign has acknowledged, he continues to have a friendly relationship.

Ayers and Dohrn were famous radicals, and fugitives from the law, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Dohrn, actually, was the more famous of the two; she was the head, as I recall, of Students for a Democratic Society or one of its factions. Dohrn was crazy. She is the only public figure, to my knowledge, to approve publicly and enthusiastically of the Charles Manson murders.

Ayers was a would-be murderer of soldiers and policemen, but he wasn’t a very good terrorist. He had the ill fortune to be the subject of a profile in the New York Times on September 11, 2001, in which he said that he didn’t regret his attempted murders and only wished that he had planted more bombs.

In last week’s Pennsylvania debate, Barack Obama was finally asked about his friendship with, and the political support he has accepted from, Ayers and Dohrn. Obama replied that Ayers had done reprehensible things forty years ago, when Obama was eight years old, and scoffed at the idea that Ayers’s ancient history could be relevant. That was disingenuous, of course, given Ayers’s 2001 regrets.

It turns out that we don’t have to go back as far as 2001 to find that Obama’s friends are as unrepentant as ever. Just last year, Ayers and Dohrn attended a reunion–no kidding–of what must have been the tiny remnant of SDS members who still haven’t figured out that they were wrong about everything. Listen to what Bill Ayers, who hosted Barack Obama’s first fundraiser, has to say about the United States. Not when Obama was eight years old, but in 2007 [ … ]

At the same event, Obama’s friend and supporter Bernadine Dohrn described the United States as “the monster.” Obama was 47 years old at the time [ … ]

Barack Obama has declined to repudiate or distance himself from his neighbors, supporters and friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. There is a certain consistency of perspective among Obama’s friends and mentors, which can be summed up in Jeremiah Wright’s memorable phrase: “God damn America.” [ … ]

Be sure to go to Power Line to listen to the audio Mr. Hinderaker has provided of these America-hating, scumbag friends of Obama.

Also, as many all over the anti-idiotarian and military blogs have noted numerous times, if this were John McCain being long-time friends with a terrorist who used to blow up abortion clinics and kill abortion doctors and was not repentent at all, it would immediately end John McCain’s political career (and rightfully so). The utter hypocrisy and sick double-standard is ridiculous with the Left and the Democratic Party as a whole.

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