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The Effects of the Deep State COVID-19 Lockdowns

Well summarized by Bitter Clinger in this comment on the Ace of Spades HQ EMT 11/28/20:

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These Lockdowns are not Temporary. This is the New Normal. The Great Reset.

I left this comment at this J.J. Sefton post at Ace of Spades HQ: The Morning Report – 11/26/20



“People thought voting for Biden would stop the madness, but they were wrong to think this.”

They’ll shut down the economy over Covid, and hold it hostage until Nancy gets her bailout bill. A huge bailout of Blue places with trillions. And national vote harvesting.

Posted by: Ignoramus at November 26, 2020 08:28 AM

If The Great Reset is real — and I have no doubt that it is; I see it as just a different term for The Green New Deal — then I don’t think the economy is getting shutdown “until X happens”. I think this is the intended new normal.

This is what the Green New Deal people have wanted all this time.

Limited travel, limited gatherings, everyone under the control of the state.

Why do they want electric cars? Well, what do you need for an electric car to work? A charged battery. How do you charge a battery? Charging station.

And guess what the Left controls? Electricity distribution. Remember the “rolling blackouts” in California this summer.

That is just a taste of the future the Left wants for us.

They can track our movement through cell phones, they can control our activity through vaccine requirements, they can control our energy usage through rolling blackouts.

People need to stop thinking so small that this is just the same politics-as-usual in the USA. This is a worldwide reset of human liberty and freedom.

Go back and read the recommendations from Bill Gates’ Event 201. Recommendation #7 has already been put into effect this past summer with regards to COVID-19 and then with regards to the election.

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Five Finger Death Punch: America is a Miracle and I LOVE This Country

Such a breath of fresh air to see anyone in the entertainment industry show such appreciation and love for the USA. Thank you, Zoltan Bathory, for your unapologetic expression of love for America.

Also, after you watch Living the Dream, tell me that mask-mandating, compliant-pin-providing scrunt is not based on Michigan Governor Wretched Whitmer.

Update: Ace at AoSHQ shared the video as well. Great to see these guys getting publicity for showing their love of America: Quarantine Cafe: Five Finger Death Punch Edition

Statement from Five Finger Death Punch guitarist on the video:

Official Statement (Guitarist Zoltan Bathory):

As much as some news sites used “anti-mask” as a clickbait title (And I must applaud the capitalist in them or I myself would be a hypocrite) Let’s make this crystal clear: In a fictional story, Amongst shopping cart zombies, Tide Pod eating fat superheroes and all the other metaphors, why would anyone think the mask scene isn’t one.

The scene in question is not about the masks… it’s NOT an Anti-Mask message…
… in fact you can go to

Right now and buy some cool ones…

If I must explain this… The whole video is in the frame work of fiction, a dystopian nightmare of one of the founding fathers – right before he signs the constitution.

Just as I prefaced it: “We as artists, have a unique opportunity to portray and ridicule the absurd to prevent it from becoming reality.

The mask segments are about hypocrisy on the highest level. When the rules are made for you but those who made them are exempt. Pretty much the standard in all dictatorships and totalitarian regimes (I had the displeasure of growing up in one) hence the reference.

I often say, ask us!!! The immigrants… the Cubans, the Venezuelans, the North Koreans, anyone from the former Soviet block… Talk to us and we will tell you …. WE were lucky, because we had a place to escape to. We are fortunate that we could come here…. but If America is gone, where will you go?

We immigrants also remember how our freedom slipped away, how our rights were ripped from us, how we were kept under the thumb and in fear of our own governments. So maybe, just maybe… we have valuable experience we can tell you about, we can forewarn you of the things we have seen before.

So We the people must do everything in our power to stay free as a society. We must prevent the rise of tyranny in all shapes and forms, we must resist the would be dictators and the totalitarian ideals. This is what the founding fathers worried about and tried to prevent by creating the constitution. Believe it. America is a miracle, and I LOVE this country… and I will never shut up about it

Anyway – not anti mask – and If you reduced this entire video to that scene and missed the metaphor behind it … Well… the good news is – It is STILL America so you have the right to have and even print your own opinion.

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How Do We Take Off Masks When They Stop Being Masks?

Anyone wonder if masks are the new normal?

Remember when one was actually banned from wearing a mask when entering a bank or place of business?

Remember when masks were a sign of hiding oneself?

Now the government has mandated masks, claiming they are necessary to prevent the spread of a virus.

Does anyone realize that it took 4 decades to find a polio vaccine?

Does anyone realize that it has been 4 decades and Dr. Fauci (yes, *that* Dr. Fauci) has *still* not found an AIDS vaccine?

Look around you. Everywhere, every business, every “celebrity”, every online outlet, every sports league, every TV show, everyone… all now defining themselves by the type and style of mask they wear.

Colored masks, logo masks, sports team masks, masks with sayings on them, etc.

This is our new normal. A society and culture where everyone hides behind a mask and everyone is judged by the mask they wear.

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The Cult of Scientism is Just the Latest Incarnation of Totalitarianism

Another outstanding essay by John Hayward (Doc 0) on Twitter:

As you can see from that list, Americans might SAY they know totalitarianism is bad, but they have a very unhealthy appetite for it. There are people who eagerly fling themselves into every new totalitarian ideology, and they roll out as frequently as new cell phone models.

Over the past few generations, totalitarianism has been rebranded, repackaged, and disguised more thoroughly than any of the other dangerous “isms” that tend to revolve around it like moons orbiting some dark planet. Generations were taught NOT to see totalitarianism or fear it.

Instead, they were taught to EMBRACE totalitarianism as “activism,” a righteous political crusade. Why should people who are “wrong” be given any respite? Why should they be allowed to spread their wrong ideas? Why allow them to become influential, or even make a living?

The notion of “raising awareness” that grew popular in the 70s and 80s was an early form of repackaged, sugar-coated totalitarianism. Political arguments would no longer be confined to the town hall or public square. Politics would be EVERYWHERE, all the time.

To this day, “raising awareness” is the key ingredient to making totalitarianism seem attractive and hip instead of repellent. The only reason people aren’t on board with your righteous crusade is they haven’t been exposed to your searing truth in every moment of their lives.

Dragging corporations into political crusades is an inherently totalitarian idea – a key element of fascism in particular, since that system features private ownership of capital but the owners are subordinate to the Party and must energetically promote its politics.

Totalitarians are quite willing to destroy private organizations and industries that are not politically useful to them – that’s an acceptable minor victory if the corporation or group cannot be forced to transmit the totalitarian message.

Why is this all so appealing to people who should know better, who were given a birthright of freedom and are only a few decades removed from the great worldwide battle against totalitarian domination known as the Cold War? Short answer: because totalitarianism is FUN.

Being part of the in-crowd, the mob, the throng, the swarm, is exciting, empowering, and validating. The key to the addictive quality of pseudo-science is that it makes adherents feel Very Smart. Their adversaries are Very Dumb, and everyone knows the opposite of dumb is smart.

Likewise, moralistic totalitarian ideologies convey a sense of righteousness and spirituality whose traditional sources have been surgically removed from American popular culture. It’s an exhilarating rush to march in the crusade against sexism, homophobia, or white supremacy!

The past three or four decades featured a series of experiments to forge a secular totalitarian religion that could fill the gap created by the marginalization of traditional faith. Only traditional faith is forced to sit on the far side of a “wall between Church and State.”

Secular faiths, on the other hand, are inherently bound up with political power. They’re not only free to influence politics – they define all sense of meaning and purpose from doing so. Their Church IS the State. Many of their absurd policies can be seen as prayers to the State.

Gun control, for example. Adherents often know little about guns or existing laws. They demand changes that wouldn’t make the slightest difference to whatever crisis they’re exploiting. They aren’t solving problems – they’re praying to the State, singing hosannas to its power.

Gun control is a totalitarian ideal – none of the ideologies that flow from totalitarianism can be easily imposed on an armed population, and the rights and responsibilities of firearm ownership are inherently individualistic. It’s a perfect vehicle for totalitarian crusades.

People get swept up in totalitarianism and forget about its dangers because it’s a rush, it exploits peer pressure, it legitimizes moralism, it provides acceptable targets for enjoyably venting hatred, and it offers a sense of belonging and purpose to alienated nihilistic people.

It offers people a politically venerated form of FAITH, which they are ravenously hungry for. They can build their entire identities around the totalitarian ideal. They love stories of people who rose to fame and power by pushing the ideology – maybe that could be YOU someday!

I was a teenager in the 70s and 80s. We were warned about totalitarianism in school. We were encouraged to ask how Germans could fall in with the Nazis, Russians with the Soviets. I don’t think the kids are taught to ask such uncomfortable questions any more. /end

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