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To Hollywood, US Soldiers are Evil and Deserved to be Slaughtered as Audiences Cheer

I still am baffled as to why people — who claim to be conservatives and supporters of the US military — have supported (to the tune of $352 million domestically in North America) James Cameron’s left-wing, America-hating, US military-hating, global warming propaganda wet dream Avatar. Hell, even in the usually left-wing sports media they recognize it as crap:

I was troubled that the movie builds up to a lengthy sequence in which the audience cheers as former U.S. military personnel are graphically slaughtered, including a scene in which the blue avatar of Jake Sully, the protagonist, machine-guns some soldiers in the back. Edward Boyce of Sydney, Australia, writes, “You asked, ‘When did watching depictions of U.S. soldiers dying become a form of fun?’ Part of the answer is that the U.S. military is unpopular outside its home country, and Hollywood blockbusters cater to an international market. Avatar’s earnings in its first three weeks were $352 million in North America and $673 million in the rest of the world. I can’t explain why American audiences pay to see their soldiers blown up. But in the international market, dead American soldiers are appealing, and Hollywood is only too happy to oblige.”

Finally this from Trey Lindsey of Dallas: “I am a member of the U.S. military and I felt like I was taking crazy pills while watching that movie with my wife and son. I sat wide-eyed and appalled as the rest of the audience actually applauded as U.S. Marines — whether they were mercenaries seems irrelevant, they were referred to as Marines, called themselves Marines and wore Marine-style uniforms — were slaughtered on camera. I watched Avatar in Nashville, a historically conservative city located near a major Army base that is home to one of the legendary units that liberated Europe in World War II, the 101st Airborne. There is a graveyard in France full of men who once lived near Nashville and who died opposing fascist tyranny. But to Hollywood, U.S. soldiers are evil and deserved to be slaughtered as audiences cheer.”

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