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Case Closed: Osama bin Laden is Dead!

That is the conclusion of Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report after watching the latest bin Laden video released today: New Bin Laden Video to be Released UPDATE: We Have Video UPDATE: Muhammad Cartoon Rant

Although, I like Ace’s headline better at Ace of Spades HQ: Osama Releases New Old Tape Boldly Declaring, “Are You All Fucking Retarded? I’ve Been Dead For Two Years! And I Thought Weekend At Bernie’s Was Actually Far-Fetched!”

Heheh 🙂

Here’s some commentary from Rusty, but go to The Jawa Report to see the video and to read the transcript:

UPDATE: The video shows a static image of bin Laden with a voice over purporting to be of him all about the Mohammed cartoons controversy. This is the “new” speech by bin Laden on the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq?

The Muhammad cartoons were first published in September of 2005!

There is literally no doubt in my mind now. This is an old audio, probably from 2006, of bin Laden. As Sahab must have been embarrassed that they had nothing to offer the world on this the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, so they hurriedly released an old audio they had lying around. The fact that there was no accompanying banner is evidence that they threw this together last minute.

Case closed: Osama bin Laden is dead!

[ … ]

UPDATE: Okay, at about 3.5 minutes in, “bin Laden” brings up something more recent, the alleged covering up of embezzlement in an arms deal for Saudi Arabia in the al-Yamama scandal which is said to have involved a Saudi prince. The cover up, though, was alleged to have happened in December of 2006.

UPDATE: At about 4:20 bin Laden brings the Pope into it:

Then came the publishing of these drawings, which came in the framework of a new Crusade, in which the Pope of the Vatican has played a large, lengthy role. And all of that is confirmation on your part of the continuation of the war, as well as testing the Muslims and their religion…

When did the Pope reference the violence that ensued after the Muhammed cartoons? September 12, 2006.

UPDATE: The closest thing bin Laden says to something recent is a reference to Bush being “about to leave the White House” which people began talking about when? Like for the past year or more? Since the 2006 elections made his lame duck status really lame duck?

What’s funny is that he rails against the U.S. for intentionally killing women and children, which he “testifies” that he has seen, and then compares that with the Mohammad cartoons. Which is worse? The Mo cartoons, of course!

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