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A Video Portrait of America’s Next President, Barack Obama

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The America-Hating, Terrorist Friends of Barack Obama

John Hinderaker at Power Line has a good post up about Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. For those of you who have not been doing your research about Barack Obama’s background and circle of friends, they are two left-wing radicals from the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization who both have a deep hatred of the United States of America.

For those of you keeping track, these are just two more in a long list of friends within Barack Obama’s circle of advisors, friends, acquintances and fellow politicians:

* Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. (long time close friend and spiritual advisor, preacher of America-hating and the racist, Islam-sympathizing, Black-supremacist Black Liberation Theology)
* Michelle Obama (wife)
* Raila Odinga (Islamic Sharia Law supporting cousin and politician in Kenya)
* Louis Farrakhan (Radical, racist Islamic Supremacist of the Nation of Islam honored by Barack Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ)
* Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (America-hating radicals and members of the domestic terror organization, Weather Underground)

I could also add to this list some of Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisors who are anti-Semitic and sympathizers of Muslim countries and radical dictatorships. Not to mention that Barack Obama has supporters in Texas who worship the former murderer Che Guevera.

But just posting the names and saying who they are and what they represent sometimes is just not enough for people. This is why people such as John Hinderaker are getting out the details on his blog that the mass media is not reporting: The Friends of Barack Obama, Part 1

When Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer decided to retire in 1995, she hand-picked local left-winger Barack Obama as her successor. In order to introduce Obama to influential liberals in the district, she held a function at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. This was, really, the beginning of Obama’s political career, and it linked him forever with Ayers and Dohrn, with whom, as his campaign has acknowledged, he continues to have a friendly relationship.

Ayers and Dohrn were famous radicals, and fugitives from the law, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Dohrn, actually, was the more famous of the two; she was the head, as I recall, of Students for a Democratic Society or one of its factions. Dohrn was crazy. She is the only public figure, to my knowledge, to approve publicly and enthusiastically of the Charles Manson murders.

Ayers was a would-be murderer of soldiers and policemen, but he wasn’t a very good terrorist. He had the ill fortune to be the subject of a profile in the New York Times on September 11, 2001, in which he said that he didn’t regret his attempted murders and only wished that he had planted more bombs.

In last week’s Pennsylvania debate, Barack Obama was finally asked about his friendship with, and the political support he has accepted from, Ayers and Dohrn. Obama replied that Ayers had done reprehensible things forty years ago, when Obama was eight years old, and scoffed at the idea that Ayers’s ancient history could be relevant. That was disingenuous, of course, given Ayers’s 2001 regrets.

It turns out that we don’t have to go back as far as 2001 to find that Obama’s friends are as unrepentant as ever. Just last year, Ayers and Dohrn attended a reunion–no kidding–of what must have been the tiny remnant of SDS members who still haven’t figured out that they were wrong about everything. Listen to what Bill Ayers, who hosted Barack Obama’s first fundraiser, has to say about the United States. Not when Obama was eight years old, but in 2007 [ … ]

At the same event, Obama’s friend and supporter Bernadine Dohrn described the United States as “the monster.” Obama was 47 years old at the time [ … ]

Barack Obama has declined to repudiate or distance himself from his neighbors, supporters and friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. There is a certain consistency of perspective among Obama’s friends and mentors, which can be summed up in Jeremiah Wright’s memorable phrase: “God damn America.” [ … ]

Be sure to go to Power Line to listen to the audio Mr. Hinderaker has provided of these America-hating, scumbag friends of Obama.

Also, as many all over the anti-idiotarian and military blogs have noted numerous times, if this were John McCain being long-time friends with a terrorist who used to blow up abortion clinics and kill abortion doctors and was not repentent at all, it would immediately end John McCain’s political career (and rightfully so). The utter hypocrisy and sick double-standard is ridiculous with the Left and the Democratic Party as a whole.

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The Obamas’ Religion: Radical Black Liberation Theology

Again, not that this matters to Obamaniacs, but…

Via Lee Cary at The American Thinker:  Obama’s Mentor’s Mentor

The influence of the black liberation theology of James H. Cone appears in the political philosophy of Barack Obama as well as in the recent controversial statement about national pride made by Michelle Obama. 

The spiritual role that Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ (UCC) and its just-retired pastor Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright have played in the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama is well-established, as is the Africentric theology that is the cornerstone of the church’s self-proclaimed identity.

One largely unexamined element of that Africentric theology, though, is the pivotal role that black liberation theologian Dr. James H. Cone, Professor of Systematic Theology, Union Theological Seminary (NYC), and his 1969 book Black Theology & Black Power, have played in the life of that faith community.  Examining Cone’s theology may enlighten us on Barack’s political philosophy and Michelle’s recently controversial statement about not having been proud of her country until the favorable reception to her husband’s candidacy.
The Trinity UCC website was updated early this year.  Before that, Cone’s book was singled out as required reading for Trinity parishioners who wished to more thoroughly understand the church’s theology and mission. That highlighting was removed.  Jason Byassee, of The Christian Century Magazine, wrote this about Cone and Trinity in May, 2007:
“There is no denying, however, that a strand of radical black political theology influences Trinity [UCC]. James Cone, the pioneer of black liberation theology, is a much-admired figure at Trinity. Cone told me that when he’s asked where his theology is institutionally embodied, he always mentions Trinity. Cone’s groundbreaking 1969 book Black Theology and Black Power announced: “The time has come for white America to be silent and listen to black people. . . . All white men are responsible for white oppression. . . . Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man ‘the devil.’. . . Any advice from whites to blacks on how to deal with white oppression is automatically under suspicion as a clever device to further enslavement.” Contending that the structures of a still-racist society need to be dismantled, Cone is impatient with claims that the race situation in America has improved. In a 2004 essay he wrote, “Black suffering is getting worse, not better. . . . White supremacy is so clever and evasive that we can hardly name it. It claims not to exist, even though black people are dying daily from its poison” (in Living Stones in the Household of God).”

On the internet you can hear Professor Cone deliver an October 2006 lecture at Harvard Theological Seminary entitled “Strange Fruit: The Cross and the Lynching Tree.”  Cone’s stated goal is to “make sense of the Christian Gospel in the face of the horrific suffering of Black people in the U.S.”  To do that he links the cross with the lynching tree — for him, they interpret each other.   Today, Cone’s 2006 language lacks the initial shock effect he delivered in 1969 by labeling white society as the Antichrist, and the white church as uniformly racist.  But, what he wrote in 1969 seems to remain at the core of his theology:

“There is, then, a desperate need for a black theology, a theology whose sole purpose is to apply the freeing power of the gospel to black people under white oppression.”
So where might we discern the influence of Cone’s black liberation theology in the behaviors of Barack and Michelle Obama?

Barack’s life of social activism, coupled with an emphasis in his speeches on government social action to eradicate unjust suffering, aligns with Cone’s words, albeit in a context that extends beyond the black community to the nation, and then to the world.  Cone wrote:

“Therefore, whoever fights for the poor, fights for God; whoever risks his life for the helpless and unwanted, risks his life for God. God is active now in the lives of those men who feel an absolute identification with all who suffer because there is no justice in the land.”  (p. 47, Black Theology & Black Power)

Michelle Obama’s recent statement about pride-in-country is thoroughly consistent with both the Africentric theology of Trinity UCC and with the black theology of their spiritual mentor’s (Wright‘s) mentor (Cone).  Her efforts to explain what she meant by her statement have, so far, been vague.  The less she says, the better it will be for her husband’s campaign.  The more she elaborates on what she meant, the more damage she could do to his candidacy.

In the wake of her statement, some commentators were quick to respond with wonderment that she wasn’t proud of such geo-political milestone events like the fall of the Berlin wall, the collapse of the USSR, the liberation of Kuwait, as well as, on a personal level, her elite education and the election of her husband to the U.S. Senate.

What they don’t understand is that, while Barack is the softer, social justice side of black liberation theology, Michelle is the harder anti-white-supremacy side:

– The fall of the Berlin Wall was a seminal event in the battle between two white racist, oppressive political-economic systems. What’s to be proud of there?

– The fall of the USSR was merely the victory of one racist system that has long exploited poor, non-white, Third World countries with economic colonialism over another system similarly guilty.  What’s to be proud of in that victory?  Both brought havoc and death upon the surrogate countries when their Cold War battles turned hot.

 – The liberation of Kuwait, too, falls into the category of white supremacist politicians exercising U.S. military power over an oil-rich region of the world.  What’s to be proud of there?

– And, the idea that her education should be a matter of pride could be heard as having a condescending tone that suggests she should be proud because she, a black woman, earned degrees generally reserved for whites.

These responses would be thoroughly consistent with Cone’s theology — the mentor of the Obamas’ spiritual mentor.  Cone’s myopic theological worldview looks solely through the prism of his understanding of the experience of Blacks in America as victims of white oppression.   

Ironically, while the media has occasionally focused on the religious beliefs of Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, a much more substantive faith element has been at work in Obama’s campaign, and the media mostly hasn’t noticed, or if it has, hasn’t commented.

None of this, if accurate, makes Barack Obama a man necessarily unsuitable for the Presidency of the United States, nor his wife for the role of First Lady.  But, it may give us cause to further explore their worldviews, and the perspectives of those who, like Dr. Cone, have influenced the formation of those views.

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Barack Obama’s Current Ties to Radical Islamist Group Nation of Islam

I have posted on Barack Obama’s racist, afro-centric so-called “Christian” Church and its ties to radical Islamist group Nation of Islam and radical racist Louis Farrakhan extensively HERE. Now, from Debbie Schlussel comes this expose about the fact that Barack Obama has many other ties to the Nation of Islam on his Presidential campaign.

Here’s an exerpt:

[ … ] But a former Obama insider says that Obama’s sudden aversion to NOI and Farrakhan is belied by the fact that Obama employed and continues to employ several Farrakhan acolytes in high positions on his Illinois and U.S. Senate campaign and office staffs. I have verified that this person–who agreed to talk on the condition of anonymity–held a key position in the Obama campaign. The insider was so close to Senator Obama that they frequently personally discussed and exchanged direct e-mail messages on campaign and policy matters. This person is not connected with the Clintons and is not a disgruntled employee.

The insider says he frequently objected to Mr. Obama’s placement of Cynthia K. Miller, a member of the Nation of Islam, as the Treasurer of his U.S. Senate campaign. When I contacted Miller, now a Chicago real estate agent, to verify whether she was a member of the Nation of Islam and whether she shared Louis Farrakhan’s bigoted views about Jews, she responded, “None of your business! Where are you going with this?” She said her resignation as Obama’s treasurer had nothing to do with her Nation of Islam ties. Then, she hung up.

The Obama insider says he also objected to Obama’s involvement with Jennifer Mason, whom he says is also a member of the Nation of Islam. Mason is Obama’s Director of Constituent Services in his U.S. Senate office and is also in charge of selecting Obama’s Senate interns. She did not respond to repeated calls for comment.

But it’s not just that he employed these individuals in positions of power in his office, it’s that when the former associate raised objections, he says Mr. Obama’s position was that he saw nothing wrong with the Nation of Islam and didn’t think it was a problem. If true–and the fact that Ms. Mason still holds her prominent Obama Senate staff position bears that out–Obama’s condemnation of Farrakhan, this month, is phony.

But the insider says there is more to it than that. Obama’s Illinois State Senate district consisted of prime Nation of Islam territory, including Hyde Park, home to Farrakhan’s mansion. It is not possible, Illinois politicos say, to win that district without the blessing of the NOI leader. NOI members, including consultant Shakir Muhammad, held important roles in the Obama state senate campaign.

How many Nation of Islam members will work in an Obama White House?

Then, there is the issue of Israel. When Obama first ran for the U.S. Senate, he gave militant responses to the Chicago Jewish News about Israel. Obama denounced Israel’s fence — which he called a “wall” and “barrier to peace” — to keep out terrorists and favored working with Yasser Arafat. When members of the Chicago Jewish community circulated his responses, Obama said that the answers were not his positions, but the work of a low-level intern. He submitted new answers. But that was a lie, the insider says. In fact, they were the work of Obama’s Policy Director, Audra Wilson. Moreover, Obama told the insider that he blamed the Mideast conflict on the Jews:

Barack told me that he felt that Jewish community was too inflexible, and that was why the situation in the Mideast could not be resolved.

This is the man who says in a new campaign ad that Hillary Clinton will say anything but change nothing. Barack Obama will say anything, but change his answers. Palestinian activist and Islamist Ali Abunimah, who was a close friend of Obama’s, attended an Arab fundraiser at which the late Edward Said — plagiarist, fabricator, and prominent PLO/Arafat advisor — was the keynote speaker, and at which the Obamas were notably in attendance. Pictures on Abunimah’s site, posted above, show Obama and wife, Michelle, sitting next to Said and engaging in conversation. Abunimah, in a must-read article, says the Senator has since “changed” his proclaimed views from those he expressed privately, in order to get Jewish donors and votes.

And he has succeeded in spades. Lee Rosenberg a top Illinois official of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the pro-Israel lobby is a big Obama donor. Ditto for former national AIPAC official Bob Asher. And Penny Pritzker of the pro-Israel family that owns Hyatt hotels. And there are so many others who have bought in to Obama’s newly pro-Israel views. The insider says Obama pulled the wool over their eyes. [ … ]

Ms. Schlussel has much more. Go read it all HERE. This guy is an utter fraud who is getting a complete pass by the mass media. It is despicable. The man holds radical views and associates with racists and radical Islamists. He needs to be exposed. Hopefully Hillary Clinton and her campaign are reading about this stuff and attack him with it. He needs to answer for this.

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Barack Obama – Ties to Hate Groups & Bigots?

This is quite interesting and I have not gotten through it all yet, but I wanted to pass it along. I found this at Velvet Hammer’s blog Ironic Surrealism II, in a comment by Winged Hussar 1683.

Winged Hussar 1683 commented on Barack Obama’s ties to the race baiting bigot, Reverend Al Sharpton. And he included this website which details these ties: Obama’s Extensive Ties to Hate Groups and Bigots

Here is an exerpt:

It is a basic tenet of common sense, not to mention common decency, that public figures like celebrities and politicians do not consort with, promote, endorse, or otherwise empower racists and/or anti-Semites. Endorsement of hate mongers or hate groups, or proven hate speech, can easily derail or even end a career. We fail to understand why Barack Obama is getting a pass from the media on his open association with and promotion of the country’s most vicious racist and anti-Semitic hate mongers, who now include the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan. First, however, let’s take a look at the standard consequences of hate speech by public figures, so our readers can apply these standards to Mr. Obama.

(1) James G Watt, US Secretary of the Interior. “I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple.” Forced to resign.
(2) Trent Lott, U.S. Senator. “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.” When Strom Thurmond ran for President, he was a segregationist, although he had long repudiated segregationism when Lott praised him. Lott resigned as the Senate’s Republican leader.
(3) Don Imus, radio personality. Made a poor-taste joke about “nappy headed hos.” Dismissed from his job.
(4) Mel Gibson, actor. While drunk, made demeaning remarks about Jews. Apologized publicly.
(5) Mitt Romney, Presidential candidate. Made a speech at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan. Henry Ford published anti-Semitic material but later repudiated it. The National Jewish Democratic Council suggests that making a speech at the museum of a long-dead EX-antisemite disqualifies Romney.

Barack Obama: Posed for numerous photos with, and praised extensively, a prominent and unrepentant racist and anti-Semite who at least indirectly incited two fatal anti-Semitic and racist pogroms (Crown Heights, Freddy’s Fashion Mart) and played a major role in the racist Tawana Brawley scam. His pastor Jeremiah Wright has made racist remarks about “white America” getting its “wake up call” on 9/11, and the Trinity United Church of Christ awarded the “Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet” Award to Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan is on record as calling Judaism a “gutter religion” while saying that “white people are potential humans,” but they “haven’t evolved yet.” Consequences: none. It is therefore up to us, and our readers, to expose this phony smile and empty suit for exactly what he is through the Internet, letters to the editor, and other media.

There is a lot more there that I have to read through and verify, but none of it is good. And… none of it is being reported by the mass media. You know that were Barack Obama a Republican, this would be reported all over… in detail… 24/7.

This is also quite interesting as Barack Obama is a main member of what looks to be an Islamic charity or civil rights organization of some such, Project Islamic HOPE, which describes itself thusly:

Project Islamic H.O.P.E. is a national civil rights organization that advocates for the human rights of oppressed People regardless of race, gender or religion.

Project Islamic H.O.P.E. follows the teachings of the Holy Quran and the example of Prophet Muhammad. (Peace Be Upon Him)

We support and follow the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, one of the world’s foremost Islamic leaders.

First of all, anyone following the example of Mohammad is to be questioned as to what example he is following. As we all know by now, Mohammad was no Jesus. Secondly, what teachings of the Koran are they following? The teachings that call for killing infidels? The teachings that say Jews and Christians are infidels and the equivalent of rats? And who is this Imam W. Deen Mohammad. For being “one of the world’s foremost Islamic leaders”, I haven’t heard of him. Of course, maybe that is a good thing. Usually the Islamic leaders who are well known are the radical ones calling women “uncovered meat” and calling for the stoning and hanging of women who get raped or incite their followers to violence over cartoons.

Also, I would be interested to find out if Barack Obama is also involved in some Christian charity groups, since he is, supposedly, a Christian, belonging to the ethno-centric, racist Trinity Church of Christ.

More to come after I research some of this stuff, but I encourage you all to do the same.

UPDATE at 00:42 EST on 13 JAN 2008: Verrrrry interesting. The Imam for the Project Islamic H.O.P.E., W. Deen Mohammad, is a member of the radical Islamist group Nation of Islam. So here we have yet another tie of Barack Obama to a radical Islamist group.

Wallace Deen Muhammad (b. Chicago 1933) is the son of Elijah Muhammad, who was the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI) until his death in 1975. Wallace Deen Muhammad (also known as Warith Deen Muhammad, Wallace Delaney Muhammad, and Warithuddin Muhammad) began working for NOI after his graduation from high school. In 1961, like his father, he was convicted of dodging the draft and sentenced to three years in prison. While in prison, he became a student of orthodox Islam; his general acceptance of Islamic tenets and his support of Malcolm X, after Malcolm’s acceptance of mainstream Islam and his renunciation of NOI’s racism, led to a break with his father. Wallace Deen Muhammad returned to NOI after Malcolm X’s murder in 1965, but was again suspended in 1969 and 1971 for holding “unorthodox” beliefs.After Elijah Muhammad’s death in 1975, Wallace Deen Muhammad received support as Elijah’s successor from a broad spectrum of NOI’s followers. Supposedly, Wallace Fard, the founder of NOI, had told Elijah that his seventh son should take over NOI upon Elijah’s death, and Wallace Deen was the seventh son of Elijah. In 1977, however, Wallace Deen’s efforts to bring NOI in step with Sunni Islam met with sharp resistance, when he retreated from the racist, black supremacist, positions of his father. A group under Louis Farrakhan, who claimed to be the rightful successor to Elijah Muhammad, eventually re-founded the NOI in 1981. Wallace Deen Muhammad, in turn, founded the World Community of al-Islam (later called the American Muslim Mission) and accepted believers of all races. He explained away the racial myths of NOI as a necessary “transitional stage” in order for blacks to overcome their centuries of “slave training,” and abandoned his father’s esoteric cosmogony. Instead, he encouraged close reading of the Koran and practice of the other Pillars of Islam, making the hajj to Mecca several times.

The move to mainstream Islam brought Wallace Deen’s organization considerable material benefit, including millions of dollars of donations from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In 1985, Wallace Deen Muhammad dismantled the council of the American Muslim Mission, allowing for each organization’s mosques to incorporate independently. Most, however, remained affiliated with a successor organization, the Muslim American Society (of Calumet City, Illinois, as opposed to the Muslim American Society of Falls Church, Virginia). In 2002, the group once again changed its name to the American Society of Muslims.

Wallace Deen Muhammad’s efforts to integrate his teachings with mainstream Islam drew fire from both NOI and radical Islamic groups. NOI has portrayed him as a betrayer of the black supremacist movement, while radical Islamic groups believe he is too tame, citing public statements in which he has spoken approvingly of the Pope, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Frederick Douglass. Wallace Deen has responded by restoring alliances with Farrakhan and the NOI, and by radicalizing his Islamic message to please the fundamentalists, particularly the burgeoning immigrant population. His mosques and his movements are backed by a massive amount of Saudi Arabian cash (some experts claim that the Saudis and other oil-rich Arab nations have pumped 76 billion dollars to the West to foster the cause of Islam). He has also been more critical of U.S. support for Israel in recent years.

According to Muhammad, U.S. foreign policy has aroused the wrath of Muslim nations around the world, thereby spawning terrorism aimed at American interests. He said in an interview: “The developments in the world, presently, not to mention the Crusades that are still in the minds of the Muslim world and not to mention 1947 when they were establishing Israel as a state in what was the home of the Jews and the Palestinians, the things happening now like the problem for the Palestinians and Israelis and Kashmir and India, all of these struggles on the minds of Muslims and especially for Muslim leaders, we can’t just look at what happened on the llth of September and isolate it from all these other things. What we have is a damaged psyche of the Muslim world and of most of the Islamic leaders. . . . I mean that these troubles in the world that have been used by them in their thinking to say: ‘This is why we don’t have peace in the world. It is because Christianity fought against us in the Crusades. It is because in colonial days, they imposed their life on us in our countries under a colonial state. And because of what they did in the Middle East to establish Israel over there on us and take Jerusalem as its capital.’ All of those things are on their minds. With these things on their minds, naturally they are becoming more bitter and more bitter. . .” In 2003, Wallace Deen Muhammad stepped down as head of the American Society of Muslims.

Does anyone else find it interesting that Barack Obama is involved with radical, racist Black Churches AND radical Islamist groups? And find it even more interesting that none of this has become mainstream public knowledge yet? Hmmm…

Also, with this kind of background, Barack Obama should be very careful about attacking people based on racism.

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