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Obama to Fellow Left-Wing Radicals: “Brook No Compromise”

Well, gee, who could have guessed that Obama — having his entire political background full of Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Racists, Black Liberation Theologists and left-wing radicals — was not really a moderate and for two years was lying his jugears off and full of bullchit on the campaign trail?  Apparently, for 69+ million Americans, this was simply beyond their brain capacity to figure out.

Via Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: Flashback: At Daily Kos Hate Website, Obama Told Far Left to “Brook No Compromise” On Progressive Agenda

At the Far Left anti-Semitic Daily Kos website, Barack Obama told moonbats to pretend to be less radical to further the progressive cause.

Via Sweetness and Light:

I thought this might be a good opportunity to offer some thoughts about not only judicial confirmations, but how to bring about meaningful change in this country.

Maybe some of you believe I could have made my general point more artfully, but it’s precisely because many of these groups are friends and supporters that I felt it necessary to speak my mind.

There is one way, over the long haul, to guarantee the appointment of judges that are sensitive to issues of social justice, and that is to win the right to appoint them by recapturing the presidency and the Senate. And I don’t believe we get there by vilifying good allies, with a lifetime record of battling for progressive causes, over one vote or position. I am convinced that, our mutual frustrations and strongly-held beliefs notwithstanding, the strategy driving much of Democratic advocacy, and the tone of much of our rhetoric, is an impediment to creating a workable progressive majority in this country.

According to the storyline that drives many advocacy groups and Democratic activists – a storyline often reflected in comments on this blog – we are up against a sharply partisan, radically conservative, take-no-prisoners Republican party. They have beaten us twice by energizing their base with red meat rhetoric and single-minded devotion and discipline to their agenda. In order to beat them, it is necessary for Democrats to get some backbone, give as good as they get, brook no compromise, drive out Democrats who are interested in “appeasing” the right wing, and enforce a more clearly progressive agenda.

The country, finally knowing what we stand for and seeing a sharp contrast, will rally to our side and thereby usher in a new progressive era.

Read the whole thing. Clearly, Obama is no moderate.

And, clearly he told us back then what to expect from his presidency.

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The Left Compares U.S. Military Members to Hamas Suicide Bombers

Yep, you read that correctly. The Left’s most popular website, Daily Kos (yes, that same Daily Kos which is endorsed by the Democrat Party and each of its Presidential Candidates), has stated unequivocally that United States military members who are religious are just as bad as Hamas suicide bombers.

But, hey, don’t question their patriotism and they, of course, “support the troops”.

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters has the whole story: Netroots Equate Religious US Soldiers to Hamas Homicide Bombers

And, as Charles Johnson at LGF notes, this diary entry at Kos was the most recommended there, so this is not just some random posting at Kos. This is something that the Leftists at this site endorse.

The obvious question is whether the Democrat Party and its Presidential candidates also endorse this idea.

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