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*UPDATE* – Why “Peace” Thugs Attack

In my last update post on the so-called peace activists’ attack of the OIF veteran and his wife and teenage son, Paula asked the following in the comments:

“…what have we become as a nation? What is wrong with people??????”

I do not have a good answer to this, but I do know why we have become what we have as a nation: because those who commit these acts against their fellow Americans are not forced to deal with the consequences of their actions. Thus, we embolden these assholes to go even further.

First they protested. Then they called them ‘babykillers’. Then they spit on them. And Americans did not bat an eye. We, as a society, considered this acceptable behavior for American citizens to have towards its military members.

So now these people are emboldened to go even further. Now, they are attacking not only military members, but their wives and children as well. And, once again, our society is considering this acceptable behavior.

CJ at A Soldier’s Perspective has posted an update from Gathering of Eagles-NY: [Update] Swartout Update

You want to know why the “peace” movement is emboldened to attack America’s military members and their families? Because our society deems it acceptable and because we do not punish them for their actions. In a better time in this nation, this kind of behavior was considered treason and punished with either prison time or death. Now, it is praised. Now, it is encouraged. Now, it is deemed ‘free speech’ and ‘dissent’ and… “harrassment”.

Update – 3 May 08:

EDINBORO – A peace group that meets in Edinboro will receive training in nonviolent conflict resolution — a result of two members being charged for their parts in an April 22 brawl.

Two members of the group — Alyssa Stelmack, 21, and her sister, Andria Stelmack, 23, both of Erie — were charged with harassment after they fought with a Townville couple that crossed the street to challenge their anti-war rhetoric.

The Townville couple — Jason Swartout, 33, and his wife, Carrie Swartout, 30 — also were charged with harassment, a summary offense. They have not responded to requests for comment.

Interestingly, no one was charged with assault. It’s good to know that in Pennsylvania I can walk up to someone I don’t agree with, commence to beating and kicking them, and only be charged with “harrassment”. As you can see in BOTH videos above, the first blows were dealt by the “peace thugs” and they should be charged with assault accordingly. Hopefully, these people will learn something from their conflict resolution classes.

Naturally, the article makes it look as if the peaceniks were simply victims in all this and that it all started with Jason Swartout intimidating a man in a wheelchair. One could easily question that if not for the overwhelming evidence above.

“They were wrong,” said Richard McVay, a Penn Action activist who met with the sisters after the fight. “They were wrong to react violently to a violent provocation. But I can see how it could happen.”

There was nothing violent about a 14-year old filming the displays the “peace thugs” obviously wanted people to see. However, THEY turned it into a violent confrontation. It doesn’t surprise me that Richard McVay, socialist moron, would be quoted that way.

This is absolutely despicable. There are no words to describe my anger.

Also, you notice the tone of the article, as CJ mentions. There was no “violent provocation” done by the military veteran and his family. The sole action of the family was the son crossing the street to capture the “anti-war” protest on video. They consider *that* to be “violent provocation”.

Not to mention that these assholes were supposed to be protesting for “peace”, yet when a teenage boy video tapes them, to them, that justifies violence. Not Saddam killing and oppressing his own people. Not Islamic terrorists mass murdering people around the world. That does not stir up the ire of the “peace” movement. No, a teenage boy video taping them, *that* is what justifies violence in their demented world.

I can’t even find the words to express my anger and disgust with this situation and with the “peace” movement in general.

Also, here is a comment left at A Soldier’s Perspective that angers me even more:

From what I saw on O’Reilly, it looks like the DA in Edinboro is anti-military and wants to hang the pro-troop people. He strongly suggested that Carrie [wife of OIF veteran Jason Swartout] get a good attorney.

I did not see the O’Reilly segment on this, since I don’t watch any mass media news, but, if this is true, this is even more angering. There is absolutely NO equivalence between what the “peace” thugs did and what this military member and his family did. None whatsoever. Video taping a protest is not a “violent provocation”. Yet, what did the law enforcement do in this case? Charged both groups with the same offense. It is now considered “harassment” to beat the shit out of people. It is also considered “harrassment” to video tape a protest and defend oneself from assholes who beat on your family.

It is because of this that the “peace” movement is no longer about peace, but about fascism and suppressing and attacking anyone who opposes them. And this is why I have nothing but contempt for the so-called peace movement. I despise the whole lot of them. Go join the Peace Corps and protest in Communist and oppressed countries and then you will earn my respect and I will honor you. Until then, FUCK YOU all.

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The Real Agenda of the Imus Controversy – Democrats to Silence Conservatives

Steve Gilbert at the Conservative blog Sweetness and Light highlights in great detail the fascist agenda of the Democrats in the whole Don Imus situation. The hidden agenda in all of this is to shut down Conservative speech. In other words, the American Left is finally showing their true fascist colors.

They gave us a sneak peek when they threatened to revoke ABC’s broadcast license over “The Path to 9/11” mini-series which aired last year. They also give us sneak peeks periodically every time they shout down or throw things at Conservative speakers or rush the stage to shut down Conservative speeches held across the country. The most infamous example is when Leftists at Columbia University rushed the stage when the Minutemen were giving a speech about illegal immigration and shut down the speech. They also are giving us a sneak peek in their efforts to shut down debate about apocalyptic “man caused Global Warming”. Any scientific facts that are presented which counter their theory, they discard and disregard. Any scientist who presents facts and data which counter their theory, they threaten with taking away their funding or they smear them by saying they are paid by oil companies or call them the equivalent of Holocaust deniers. And let us not forget the push for the Democrats to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine”, which they are doing specifically to shut down popular and successful Conservative talk radio. (Thanks to Cory in the comments for the reminder)

And now, taking advantage of the mountain the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made out of the molehill of the comments by Don Imus, the Democratic National Committee’s Media Arm is working to censor Conservative voices. This, ladies and gentlemen, is fascism. And it is coming from the Democrat Party. Also, of note, is that David Brock is connected to Hillary Clinton. This is just one more example of what would happen if we allow Democrats to take power in the White House. We will officially become a fascist state.

You will notice that the only people Media Matters calls out for censorship are personalities who are Conservatives. Apparently the racist, sexist, bigoted humor of such Left-wing outlets as Air America, Bill Maher and ABC’s The View are just fine and dandy.

This is not about censorship of racist, sexist and/or bigoted things said on the public airwaves. This is about shutting down thoughts and ideas of those opposed to Liberalism, Socialiasm and Communism. In other words, shutting down Conservatives. Liberals cannot defend their positions with logic and facts, so they have to use fascist tactics to win the debate.

We are heading towards dangerous, Orwellian times ahead if people do not wake up and fight the Left’s plans.

Via Steve Gilbert at Sweetness and Light: DNC’s Media Matters Wants Censorship of Airwaves

Have no fear fellow citizens, Media Matters For America is going to protect you from hearing “hate speech” on your radio.

As many here know, Media Matters is run by the professional propaganda hack David Brock.

Mr. Brock jumps on any chance to try to control free speech in this country. And the “nappy-headed” Imus incident is proving to be no exception.

From Media Matters:

It’s not just Imus

Thu, Apr 12, 2007 6:55pm EST

On April 11, NBC News announced that it was dropping MSNBC’s simulcast of Imus in the Morning in the wake of the controversy that erupted over host Don Imus’ reference to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” The following day, CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves announced that CBS — which owns both the radio station that broadcast Imus’ program and Westwood One, which syndicated the program — has fired Imus and would cease broadcasting his radio show.

But as Media Matters for America has extensively documented, bigotry and hate speech targeting, among other characteristics, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ethnicity continue to permeate the airwaves through personalities such as Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Michael Smerconish, and John Gibson…

[ . . . ]

And by “a higher standard” and “the fundamentals of journalism” Mr. Brock means barring the expression of any opinion that differs from his own — or more precisely, from the Democrat National Committee’s doctrine.

For while most people around here know that Media Matters is largely bankrolled by the self-confessed Nazi helper, convicted insider trader and fugitive from justice George Soros, it is also backed and run by top Democrats.

Go read the whole thing. It should anger you and make you sick to your stomach to know just how fascist is the Left in this country and their true evil plans they have in the works for America.

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