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Montell Williams Exploiting the Military Again?

That is my opinion of this nonsense of him on FOX News Channel discussing Heath Ledger’s death. I see some military people posting this and praising Montell. Apparently there are some military people who are ignorant of this jackass’ use and abuse of military families on his show. This guy is a hack and deserves nothing but your comtempt.

Also, here is what I added in an e-mail note to the person who posted this:

Yeah, this is the same Montell Williams who used and abused military families for his own anti-military agenda. He is now using the military to make himself look good. The guy is a jerk.

That said, I have been sick of the Heath Ledger news coverage. It should have been a 5 minute blurb about his death and then move on. He was no different than any other tragic death of a 20-something male. But I guess he gets more admiration than most, because he knocks up his girlfriend and has a baby with her and then breaks up with her, we are supposed to feel more sorry for him? Whatever. It’s pathetic. This guy does nothing but pretend to be other people as a career and get paid millions for it. Meanwhile, we have young men and women sacrificing for the cause of liberty and freedom across the world who get a blurb in the news and then are used to push an anti-military and anti-war agenda. But this putz gets praised as if he found the cure for cancer. Pathetic.

But again, save the praise for Montell Williams as well. He is a scumbag. He cares nothing for the military, he is just using them to make himself look good.

UPDATE at 12:26 EST on 29 JAN 2008:

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