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Obamacare has Gone from a Mere Political Debacle to a F#cking Outrage

Could not have expressed it any better:

This ObamaCare thing has gone from a mere political debacle to a fucking outrage. This is some shameless shit. I cannot understand why people aren’t standing around the White House this very momemt threatening an uprising if the Democrats pull this shit.

The so-called “Slaughter rule” is the most blatantly unconstitutional (in spirit, if not the letter) congressional act I have ever heard tell of. This is the act of a political party and political philosophy that no longer even gives lip service to constitutional government. It is the act of tyrants.

Now that is has become obvious that Democrats are resolved to take this hill or die trying, the question then becomes: what do we do about it? What do you do when the political process no longer works? Indeed, when the political process has been bent and twisted to such a point that it longer even serves the people for whom it ostensibly exists? It won’t help to send Republicans to Congress this fall because a) I have no confidence that they’ll be able to roll back this health-care calamity even if they wanted to, and b) their demonstrated incompetence and corruption in office is only slightly less blatant than that of the Democrats they are replacing.

There has got to be some point where a citizen can stand up and say, Enough is enough. Fire them all, every single one of them, and start over.

Posted by: Monty at March 14, 2010 02:10 PM

More good analysis from Monty:

Driving around, I still see Obama bumper stickers, and I wonder, who the hell could still possibly be a supporter?

I know some black musicians who are still totally ga-ga over Bammer, and I asked them the same question: looked at objectively, what has this jug-eared douchebag ever done for you? Democratic political philosophy in fact can be seen as incredibly hostile towards males in general, and minority males in particular. Their job prospects are vastly lower, their contributions to society are denigrated; their position in the family is usurped by the government via welfare programs and societal feminization agenda; their votes are taken for granted by a political apparatus that uses them more shamelessly than a john uses a $20 whore. And still they sing his praises.

I have (reluctantly) come to the conclusion that Black americans are still light-years away from joining any conservative/libertarian ethos. There are complicated reasons why this is so, but I think at base it is simply that blacks view big government as a good thing, not a bad thing — not irrationally, given the reality of American history. But in evolutionary terms, this adaptation is no longer healthy but is in fact killing them. Illigitimate births now number around 70% of all live births among blacks, and marriage is almost unheard-of for those under 40. The women are the de facto heads of the family, with the Government filling the role of the father. Meanwhile, black males continue to be marginalized and infantilized.

Unless things change, much the same might become the case for Hispanics. Their demographic shares many of the same characteristics of the black families of the 1920’s and 1930’s: strongly religious, well-estabished families where marriage was encouraged and supported, a strong work-ethic, and a culture of striving and work rather than grievance and victimhood. But that is also changing as the newer generation takes over from the old.

It’s not a race thing any more, I don’t think. Lower-class whites are suffering from the exact same pressures as lower-class blacks and hispanics. The issue now is that of a culture that disdains the very thing that makes families and cultures strong — family life, religious belief, a strong work ethic, and a spirit of self-sufficiency and civic-mindedness. The Democrat party of today stands pretty clearly against all those things — objectively so, given the policies they pursue.

Posted by: Monty at March 14, 2010 02:36 PM

I would add that it is not just the Democrat Party which stands against those things. So too does Hollywood, the “entertainment” industry, the mass media, the Teachers unions (and thus our grammar and high schools) and our nation’s universities and professors. Our nation is getting hit with this despicable mentality from every single direction — from government to mass media to our “entertainment” industry to our school system. America-hating, Capitalism-hating and morals-hating liberals have successfully taken over this nation and are working to destroy it from within. Do we have enough Americans left who are willing to fight to stop this?

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Hey Lefty A$$holes, Your Day of Reckoning is Quickly Approaching

I agree wholeheartedly:

Speaking of Insurrection… I certainly am not advocating it as I’m too lazy and complacent and accustomed to the comforts of my life as I’ve gotten older… but there is something refreshing and ironically healthy in talking about it. And there’s only one reason I say that and the reason is to potentially give pause to the fascist, intolerant tactics of the Left that I’ve observed for most of my life.

The Left has deliberately shut down and pretty much destroyed civil discourse in this country. And they have done this with the aid and support of the media as well as the overall culture. And when you shut down civil discourse, when you shut down the possibility of the other side getting a fair hearing or ability to make their arguments you are playing with fire.

Because the other side doesn’t just go away. Any more than a parent will just go away when a 5 year old is having a tantrum. Even a pateint parent will tolerate only so much and then smack the shit out of the little bastard.

And in similar fashion, conservatives won’t just shut up and go quietly into the night. They are seething. They are boiling. And a reckoning is coming. The Left needs to understand this.

And getting back to my being lazy and complacent – while that is true and I dread unpleasantness, I dread more the loss of my country to a bunch of totalitarian, collectivist control freaks. And I remember the oath I took long ago to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Like anyone I have limits and they are getting pushed pretty fucking hard.

Posted by: LGoPs at February 17, 2010 06:59 PM

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Liberal Tool Sportswriter Gets in Cheap Dig at Sarah Palin

These idiots just can’t help themselves. In an article discussing Danica Patrick’s popularity, CBS Sports sportstool Mike Freeman just couldn’t help but get in a dig at Sarah Palin:

This week, the host of a racing show on Showtime called Patrick “the Sarah Palin of NASCAR.” I’m not sure what that means. It may be a compliment, but since Palin is all hat and no cattle, it doesn’t sound like one. You betcha.

The hypocrisy of men is astounding. That’s all the dislike of Patrick is about. It’s big, fat hypocrisy.

Plus, Patrick can race. If you haven’t seen that, then you haven’t been paying attention. She performed well at the crash-filled ARCA race at Daytona, finishing sixth. If a guy had pulled some of the masterful saves she did in that race, he’d be hailed as heroic.

Talk about astounding hypocrisy. Sarah Palin is “all hat and no cattle”? Really, bud? That’s a better description of our current Teleprompter-in-Chief, Barack Obama. You sit here and write about men disliking Danica Patrick based on hypocrisy and people not paying attention, yet don’t even realize that that is exactly how Danica is like Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has an accomplished political background and career in Alaska with many successes under her belt, including defeating an incumbent Governor in her own Party, successfully fighting corruption within her own Party and renegotiating leases with the largest oil company in the world for the benefit of her State’s residents. All the while raising a family of 5, including a son who is currently serving in Iraq and one who was recently born with Down Syndrome.

But, of course, to the astute mind of this brilliantly obscure sportswriter no one has heard of, that amounts to “all hat and no cattle”. Brilliant analysis, jackass. If you wanted to know if your analysis makes you come across as an ignorant tool, I have two words for you: you betcha.

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Obama’s Media Sycophants Turn Him into Mr. Baseball

When I read how the mass media is spinning Obama’s latest poor poll numbers (HERE & HERE), this scene from Mr. Baseball came to mind:

Jack Eliot: I’m a World Series MVP!
Skip: That was four years ago, Jack. Last season, you hit .235.
Jack Eliot: LAST SEASON, I led this team in ninth-inning doubles in the month of August!

While Skip notes the statistic that best represents his overall performance, Jack Eliot, a washed up baseball player, had to find some ridiculously obscure statistic to defend himself. The mass media is doing the same thing with Obama. They are disregarding all the relevant poll numbers which show the nation has soured on Obama, to put forth some ridiculously obscure poll number to claim that Obama is still doing good.

As such, they show themselves to be just as washed up as Mr. Baseball was in the movie. No matter how much they try to ‘hide the decline’ in Obama’s support, the facts are getting out there.

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Rush Correctly Predicts Media Politicizing Haiti Earthquake Recovery Efforts to Help Obama

The man is good. As he says, he knows liberals like every inch of his glorious naked body. heh

Yesterday, during his smackdown response to the arrogant, condescending, liberal twit caller April, he predicted the mass media would politicize the US government response to the Haiti earthquake and bring up Hurricane Katrina in their analysis and coverage of the earthquake in Haiti:

RUSH: [ … ] I did not say don’t donate. I did say Obama will use this to help burnish his credentials, ’cause there’s no question he will. I’ll tell you something else I said, April: It took him three days to go out and talk about the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber. It took him less than 18 hours to get out there and start rallying people about this earthquake.

I’ll tell you something else, April. I’m going to make prediction to you, and I’m gonna be right about this. Before the week is out we’re going to have to be stories in the Huffington Post and other places that you read pointing out how fast Obama moved into action versus Bush during Hurricane Katrina. To accuse me of politicizing everything is to be ignorant about what I do on this program. I simply react to the left. They’re the ones that politicize virtually everything that’s happening from health care to terrorism, and I love illustrating absurdity by being absurd. And if you had listened to this program for a modicum of time you would know it. [ … ]

Sure enough, today I see this as a highlighted article on Analysis: Obama heeding lessons of Katrina

One thing I’d like to know: how is the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina, a domestic natural disaster relief effort, even remotely related to helping send aid to a foreign country? Wouldn’t a better analysis be to compare the Bush Administration’s relief efforts to the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004? Oh, no, but that would make too much sense and would not allow the mass media to politicize this and once again bash the Bush Administration and praise Obama. Idiots.

By BEN FELLER, Associated Press Writer – 30 mins ago

WASHINGTON – This is what President Barack Obama wants people to think about the U.S. reaction to the catastrophe in Haiti: “swift, coordinated and aggressive.” He promised that stellar response in his first comments about the earthquake on Wednesday, then repeated it twice on Thursday.

In other words, this will not be Hurricane Katrina.

Obama is determined to show that the United States, even consumed with its own troubles, can get this right. And that he can, too.

The world is watching because of the expectations that come with being a rich, powerful democracy that is supposed to look out for its neighbors.

And because the stain of Katrina is not gone.

“This is one of those moments that calls out for American leadership,” said Obama, who can add a humanitarian crisis to his first-year tests in office.

There are huge contrasts between Katrina, the most destructive natural disaster in U.S. history, and the sorrowful scene unfolding in Haiti. One was a hurricane on U.S. soil that killed 1,800 people across the Gulf Coast; the other was an earthquake hundreds of miles away that may have killed 50,000 people. [ed by Michael in MI: Exactly, which is why it is a completely idiotic comparison. Why not just remind people of the “swift, coordinated and aggressive” manner in which the United States came to the aid of Indonesia after their tsunami? Oh yeah, one can’t bash the Bush Administration that way. Just as Rush said, instead of doing proper reporting, they have to politicize it.]

Yet as the wrenching images come in of people clinging to wreckage, of bodies piling up on the street, the comparisons are inevitable.

The botched federal response to Katrina in 2005 became the standard by which emergency responses are measured, and presidents are held accountable. [ed by Michael in MI: A made up mass media standard by which DOMESTIC emergency responses are measured. Last I checked, Haiti is a FOREIGN emergency. Akin to say… the tsunami in Indonesia.]

“The United States is seen in the world as the first responder to this kind of humanitarian crisis, and it has echoes — inappropriate echoes, to be sure — of Hurricane Katrina,” said Paul Light, a professor of public service at New York University. “Can we get there fast enough? There’s a risk there for the president.” [ed by Michael in MI: No, you jackass professor, it has echoes of the tsunami in Indonesia. Once again, this is a response to a FOREIGN emergency.]

Obama has responded with urgency, and the White House has tried to make sure that people know it.

The president has dispatched ships, soldiers, Marines and loads of other assets to the reeling Caribbean nation. He has pledged $100 million for relief efforts now and promised that that number will grow. He has positioned the United States as a coalition-building leader — the United Nations itself has been rocked by the collapse of its headquarters in Haiti. He has pleaded for donations from his old campaign list of supporters, more than 13 million strong. [ed by Michael in MI: Wow, so not any different than the Bush Administration’s response after the tsunami in Indonesia.]

And he told his team: “I will not put up with any excuses” for an inadequate response, another allusion to past government failures. A senior White House official, national security staff chief Denis McDonough, arrived in Haiti to help make sure U.S. agencies were coordinating as promised.

What the White House is not ready to do is trumpet any results — not yet. Another lesson learned. No “heckuva job” here.

When Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked whether Obama was pleased with the pace of the U.S. response so far, he said: “He is, but …”

Gibbs followed by telling reporters that Obama had sternly told his team in the White House Situation Room that they must work day and night to get help fast into Haiti.

The human cost of disasters is the toll that matters. But the political one cannot be ignored.

“Presidents have a very limited time to prove their effectiveness in managing a crisis,” said Light, who praised Obama for the way he has spelled out the U.S. response and rallied his own country to help. Still, Light added: “The clock is ticking.” [ed by Michael in MI: Hmmm, did this Light fellow praise President Bush regarding the United States’ “swift, coordinated and aggressive” response to the tsunami in Indonesia?]

George W. Bush paid a huge price when America watched, in horror, as New Orleans was drowning and governments at all levels were slow to respond.

Now Obama has tasked Bush, along with fellow former President Bill Clinton, to lead the private fundraising efforts to help Haiti and its people recover.

Never mind that Obama blasted Bush’s government for “unconscionable ineptitude” after Hurricane Katrina hit. [ed by Michael in MI: Well, Obama and his Administration would know all about “unconscionable ineptitude”, having been inept his entire political career at accomplishing anything of substance and after a year in office of “unconscionable ineptitude”.]

Time for some common humanity, as Obama put it.

The balance for the president is to not be seen as heavy-handed or as the world’s problem-solver. He has emphasized that his chief priority is Americans, from getting injured U.S. citizens airlifted out of Haiti to helping Haitian-Americans try to get answers about their families.

Yet Obama says a robust response to another nation in need is also an American imperative.

“This is a time when the world looks to us,” Obama told House Democrats on Thursday. “And they say, given our capacity, given our unique capacity to project power around the world, that we have to project that not just for our own interests but for the interests of the world.”

The next few days will determine whether there is a gap between intentions and actions.

Haiti is in chaos. Patience is waning already. Obama’s relief point person, Rajiv Shah, is new on the job and not yet tested.

At home, Obama is still grappling with a nearly disastrous security breach from a failed terrorist attack on Christmas Day [which he ignored for 3 days while living it up in Hawai’i], trying to pull together a health care deal [that the vast majority of the American people do NOT want], working daily to shrink double-digit unemployment [that he deliberately caused over the past year], and is hemmed in by budget deficits [again, that he deliberately caused and is working to make them even larger]. He’s also managing two wars that have drained a military now called on for new duty in Haiti.

The United Nations humanitarian chief, John Holmes, said the U.N. is leading the humanitarian relief but the U.S. will have a dominant presence in Haiti. Describing the coordination of the operation, he told The Associated Press: “So far, it’s very good.”

That’s what Obama wants to hear.

By the way, here’s an inconvenient truth for the mass media and all the brain-dead, Bush-hating liberals out there: “…the response to Hurricane Katrina was by far the largest — and fastest — rescue effort in U.S. history, with nearly 100,000 emergency personnel arriving on the scene within three days of the storm’s landfall.”

Stick that in your crack pipes and smoke it, you ignorant, Obama-fellating BDSers.

Here is Rush talking about this on his show today (01/15/2009):

RUSH: I predicted it yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, that it wouldn’t be long before the Drive-By Media, the State-Controlled Media started praising Obama for doing a much better job responding to Haiti and the earthquake than Bush did in Katrina and right here it is, by Ben Feller at the AP, very deep analysis here, “Obama Heeding Lessons of Katrina — This is what President Barack Obama wants people to think about the U.S. reaction to the catastrophe in Haiti: ‘swift, coordinated and aggressive.’ He promised that stellar response in his first comments about the earthquake on Wednesday, then repeated it twice on Thursday. In other words, this will not be Hurricane Katrina.” Sorry, folks, it already is. It’s worse. The aid hasn’t yet been distributed. Seventy-two hours they said, by the way, they’re lying.

Seventy-two hours Bush dithered, didn’t do anything, it’s been 72 hours. If you were watching Sky News, I was watching Sky News streaming video, it is an utter catastrophe. Sky News is discussing Haiti as utter pandemonium. Sky News is showing people screaming at the top of the hour: “We need help! We’re getting nothing! We’re going to die.” People were not even buried under concrete in New Orleans. Seventy-two hours is the benchmark. If they’re going to say Bush dithered for 72 hours, Obama certainly has made a lot of speeches, he’s made a lot of comments and we’ve seen pictures of airplanes landing and so forth. We’ve seen a lot of pictures of the media standing around down there but in terms of the aid being distributed, you can’t tell that it’s happened yet, not that it won’t, but I’m just saying keep this in context here. They’re building a case that Bush screwed around and dithered, and Obama is on the case. [ … ]

I predicted this. Well, the lie that the federal response to Katrina was botched has certainly become the standard, and it is a lie. The federal response to Katrina was not botched. In fact, the federal response, especially from the military, was spectacular, and this is the key, once the local Democrats let them in. Once Kathleen Blanco and once School Bus Nagin let them in, the federal response was great. “‘The United States is seen in the world as the first responder to this kind of humanitarian crisis, and it has echoes – inappropriate echoes, to be sure – of Hurricane Katrina,’ said Paul Light, a professor of public service at New York University. ‘Can we get there fast enough? There’s a risk there for the president.'” Oh. World’s policeman is bad but the world’s EMT, that’s good. Yeah, we can be the world’s first responders. Oh, yeah, it’s great to be the world’s EMT. It’s bad to be the world’s cop.

“Obama has responded with urgency, and the White House has tried to make sure that people know it.” That sounds like politicizing this to me. “The president has dispatched ships, soldiers, Marines and loads of other assets to the reeling Caribbean nation. He has pledged $100 million for relief efforts now and promised that that number will grow.” One hundred million of tax money. We don’t have the money so we’re borrowing it or printing it. You’re going to pay for it, your kids or grandkids someday down the line are going to pay for it. So you’re donating to the government. Here, folks, let me expand on this. You may have forgotten that President Obama eventually — he said this — wants to eliminate all tax deductions for charitable contributions. Do you remember this? Do you know why? He wants the government to be the sole provider of charity. He wants the government to be seen by people as their lifeline, their primary means of existence. If you eliminate the tax deductibility of donations to charity you’re not gonna give to charity as much. You’ll have your pet causes, the ones you really care about, and you’ll give, but charitable giving will decline precipitously. The government will take over.

And in this context is why I suggested many days ago that if you’re going to give, you already have in the form of income tax. You want to make additional donations, do it with other charities already on the ground. Even David Brooks today has a piece in the New York Times essentially saying the same thing I said, and also pointing out that we’ve given more aid to Haiti over the years than any other country in our hemisphere and it hasn’t mattered. Just as I said about Africa, the local African leaders say stop the aid, it’s retarding our progress. So President Obama was quick to claim that it cost US taxpayers a billion dollars for every thousand soldiers sent to Afghanistan. Remember that? And he has yet to mention how much it cost to send a soldier to Haiti. In fact, it didn’t even matter to him. But it was a factor in sending soldiers to Afghanistan. That’s about US national security. This is about domestic US politics. Haiti is about domestic US politics in addition to the humanitarian effort that is behind this.

Of course we are not suggesting that we shouldn’t send soldiers to Haiti. Do not misunderstand. But why is there no concern about the cost from the White House when there was so much concern about Afghanistan? After all, isn’t the job of the US military first and foremost to protect the national security interests of the United States? No, it’s not. The US military is now Meals on Wheels. It always is with Democrat presidents. Back to the AP story: “He has positioned the United States as a coalition-building leader – the United Nations itself has been rocked by the collapse of its headquarters in Haiti. He has pleaded for donations from his old campaign list of supporters, more than 13 million strong.” They really got mad at me in the Drive-Bys for suggesting that if you donate to you’re going to end up on a mailing list. Well, they’re already sending out requests to an existing mailing list that you’ll be added to.

Like most Americans, we have somehow ended up on several of Obama’s e-mail lists. I’m on a bunch of them as show prep and I haven’t received anything from him or any of his myriad organizations about Haiti, yet. At any rate, I want to go through a list of headlines about Haiti and ask, “Is this really different than Hurricane Katrina?”


RUSH: So the AP has its big story out saying presidents can’t avoid making things like this political. But of course if I say something about it that Obama’s making it political, I get ripped to shreds. Every excuse in the world is being offered, every comparison: “Bush horrible. Bush dithering. Obama right in the mix, right on time! Obama knows how to do it. He’s not going to be stay…” Well, let’s just go through some of these headlines:

“Despair, Panic Set in as Food, Water, and Medical Supplies are Delayed.”
“Death toll estimate at 50,000 to 100,000.”
“UN to Launch Haiti Emergency Appeal for $550 Million.”
“Anarchy! Who’s Running the Country?”
“Aristide Offers to Return.”

I predicted that, too.

“US Military Mobilizes Thousands.”
“War zone: Gangs Do Battle in Streets with Machetes Over Food.”
“Rescuers Race Against Time.”
“Wire: Angry Haitians Block Roads with Corpses”
“Horror: Corpses Impede Traffic, Pyres of Burning Tires Incinerate Cadavers.”
“Growing Desperation.”
“Survivors Face Diarrhea, Malaria Outbreaks Amid Lack of Clean Water.”
“Earthquake in Pictures.” Satellite Photos Before and After.”
“Actor Danny Glover Says Quake ‘Response’ For Screwing Up Climate Summit In Copenhagen.”

And at the top of the hour Sky News showed people screaming, “We need help! We’re getting nothing. We’re going to die, we’re going to die!” Aren’t these the same sort of hysterical headlines we saw after Katrina? Are they not? And the Katrina numbers were not nearly 50,000 to 100,000 dead. The US military did a marvelous job. We have a giant lie that has stuck about Bush and Hurricane Katrina, and Mr. Obama need not ever worry that such thing will happen to him because, as this AP story so clearly illustrates, the State-Controlled Media will be there every step of the way to make sure their readers and viewers understand that Obama’s doing far better — far, far, far better — than Bush, who didn’t care. Remember, they said Bush didn’t care because there are a lot of black people in New Orleans. Obama himself even implied that at the time. Oh, yeah, folks. My memory is long on these matters. Now, here we are in the middle of a horrible disaster, and CNN is reporting that Colin Powell — he finally speaks! — is very impressed with the Obama initial response to Haiti earthquake.

Why do we care if Colin Powell is impressed or not? What’s newsworthy about that? But he’s there. We’ve been waiting for him to speak up, and he’s impressed. Colin Powell is really impressed by Obama’s initial response. The fact that the same military and charities and alike are working like hell to help these poor people down there, just as they did in Katrina, is ignored. It’s all about Obama. There are charities on the ground year ’round in Haiti trying to help. But now it’s all about Obama. Yet we have report after report about how the aid can’t get to where it’s needed and how it will be days before it does, and it’s right here in these headlines that I just shared with you: “Despair, Panic Set in as Food, Water, and Medical Supplies are Delayed.” “Death toll estimate at 50,000 to 100,000.” The aid can’t get where it’s needed because of issues like the gangs, piling up corpses, blocking travel on roads. It’s not because of a lack of effort on the part of the first responders — and there were lots of obstacles to getting the aid to New Orleans, too. I’m not trying to be controversial at all. I am simply making this point to highlight how the reporting is so, so different.

Wow, I missed this when I was listening to the show this afternoon. I’m glad I am not the only one who realized that a more apt comparison would be to the United States response to the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004:

CALLER: I’d like to know why the press isn’t comparing this to the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 where Bush — I think he had a hospital ship there within about 48 hours, he had P-3s flying search-and-rescue missions immediately. We got $35 million pledged, committed almost immediately, another $350 million within five days. And we eventually I think committed almost $950 million to the damage in —

RUSH: Well, it’s an excellent point. The answer is the same answer, why didn’t we get any good news coming out of Afghanistan in the early years, because it was working?

CALLER: Exactly. Yeah. And the other thing, I think the Red Cross had been kind of depleted by the time Hurricane Katrina hit, and plus he didn’t have Democrats blocking his way trying to get into Indonesia.

RUSH: Exactly. Exactly right. That is my point, Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco blocked entry into New Orleans. It wasn’t the hurricane, by the way, that did the damage, it was the levees bursting after the hurricane was gone that caused the floods and the levees, it was a combination of problems of local corruption and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The money was allocated; it was just not used for the levees.

Heh, couldn’t pass on including this:

RUSH: Sad news out of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. This is Fox News: “Desperation in Haiti as Aid Is Snarled, Looters Roam — Hundreds of U.S. troops touched down in earthquake-shattered Port-au-Prince overnight and were soon handing out food and water to stricken survivors, as relief groups struggled to deliver aid Friday and fears spread of unrest in Haiti’s fourth day of desperation.” But wait! But wait! But wait! The AP has a story today saying that Obama has brilliantly got aid in there much faster than Bush did after Katrina. The facts on the ground don’t back it up.

Yeah, we all know what liberals, BDSers and Obama’s knob-gobblers in the mass media think about facts.

Heck, even Bill Clinton agreed Rush is right about donating to private charities:

CLINTON: Let’s take a serious point that Mr. Limbaugh was making is that the Americans pay for the government and the military is down there doing their part. But in a disaster of this magnitude, there is no way that the government, which has other responsibilities as well, national security and other responsibilities, you just can’t deal with this just with government money. That’s what all these faith-based groups are doing down there. That’s what all these other nongovernmental groups are doing. And we think Americans know that and want to help.

RUSH: Exactly! Which is my point from the get-go, which was distorted by the media watchdogs that watch and misreport this program and people like Bob Schieffer who don’t listen to this program then get an idea, a distorted idea of what I said. The government can’t do it all! I can’t believe he actually admitted it. These guys are having you believe government can do everything, government can fix your health care, government can solve war, government can solve pestilence, government can do everything. Now it can’t. Did you ever hear them say this during Katrina? “Government can’t do everything.” You never heard them say this during Katrina. So vindication for me is all over the place. It’s out there for one and all to see and hear.

And, here today (01/18/2010) we have even more examples of Rush being right about both the mass media and Obama politicizing the Haiti relief efforts:

RUSH: Is Wyclef Jean a rap star or is he just reggae kind of music? Do you know? Well, Wyclef Jean is running a relief mission in Haiti. I think he’s Haitian, but I’m not sure. Okay, he’s Haitian. Well, he’s being ripped apart by people for suggesting that people donate to his charity. Some in the media are suggesting that the administrative costs of charity going through Wyclef Jean’s company or outfit may be a little bit high and the net sum that will end up getting to the recipients is not what it should be, and I’m stunned at this. What about the administrative costs of donating through, for crying out loud? Do you know that one of the reasons the welfare budget is as high as it is — and these numbers are I guess ten years old, but in 1999, maybe earlier than that, for every dollar that was budgeted for welfare or food stamps, AFDC, whatever it is, 28 cents of it was spent on administering it, so 72 cents out of every dollar got there. I mean the high administrative costs are actually when you donate through the government. I don’t know of a president ever who has asked people to donate to a relief effort through a White House website. It’s never happened before.

By definition, everything the president of the United States does is political. They even put out from the White House over the weekend, Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times, I printed it out, it’s three-and-a-half pages: “Obama on the Haiti Earthquake Crisis: Behind-the-Scenes — The Obama White House is taking the unusual step of pro-actively providing a heavy amount of on-the-record details of how President Obama is handling the aftermath of the horrific earthquake in Haiti. On Friday, the White House released a minute-by-minute account of events.” From Tuesday, January 12th, all the way through Friday, January 15th, it takes two-and-a-half pages and the tiniest font size I’ve ever seen to go through it.

“Tuesday, January 12th, 5:52 p.m.: The President is informed of the earthquake at 5:52 p.m. The President asks his staff to make sure that embassy personnel are safe, and to begin preparations in the event that humanitarian assistance is needed. The Department of State, USAID and the United States Southern Command begin working to coordinate an assessment and any such assistance. 8:30 p.m.: The President receives another update on the situation…” It goes on and on like this for four days. The whole point of this is to show exactly how on the money here and paying attention Obama is, as contrasted to President Bush in Katrina. Now, this disaster in Haiti is worse than anything that ever happened in New Orleans. It’s just an absolute disaster. The aid finally starting to trickle in now after about six days, but it’s still very, very slow. The situation on the ground is unimaginable. I don’t even want to describe to you the things that I have read with the vermin, the rats, I don’t even want to go there. This is just unbelievable. It’s unimaginable and for anybody to report that I said don’t donate is absurd, and these people know it. The people who are making a big deal out of this, are themselves politicizing this for the express purpose of discrediting me, somebody they feel is a top-line conservative spokesman.

They are constantly trying to discredit people like me, rather than debate us on issues. Nobody here ever said don’t donate. We just pointed out you already contribute to the government with your income taxes. If you want to donate above and beyond that, go through a charity that’s constantly on the ground in Haiti, or the Red Cross, if you want to go that route or whatever. Nobody said do not donate, which is what is being reported. I’ve had so many e-mails over the weekend: “Rush, the press is castigating you unfairly. You know what you ought to do Rush? You ought to donate a million-dollars, make it public or you ought to ask all the liberal media to ask what they individually have donated and then promise to double it. It would probably cost you 20 bucks.” That was the funniest one I’ve seen.

You know, how is it that the White House can put out minute-by-minute play-by-play on Obama’s actions with regards to our nation’s response to a foreign natural disaster, but they refuse to show us minute-by-minute play-by-play regarding Congressional debate over health care bills, cap-and-trade bills, “stimulus” bills, etc? The answer is obvious, of course. The Obama Administration and the Democrat Party do not want the American people to know about all their corruption behind closed doors regarding running up multi-Trillion dollar deficits on legislation the majority of the American people do NOT want, because that would be politically bad for them, but they DO want to let people know about the actions regarding the response to the Haiti earthquake, because they feel that will be politically good for them.

And of course Obama’s knob-gobblers in the mass media are more than happy to propagandize for him for political purposes. Typical. And Rush predicted it all, as he always does. Which is why the Left hates him. He exposes their nonsense, and they hate that.

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RUSH: Here it is. It’s in the DC Examiner: “Clinton: Haiti Relief, Dem Politicking Are ‘Two Sides of the Same Coin’ — ‘Somebody asked me today,'” Clinton said, “‘Well, why are you going to this political rally?’ he began. “And I said to them, this is just two sides of the same coin. You have to bear with me. I have friends killed there. I’ve worked with this country for 35 years. Hillary and I had a good cry on the phone because the cathedral that we sat in the pews 35 years ago was totally destroyed.” Clinton said that they used frequent flier miles in 1975 to go to Hawaii. There’s only one problem with that. The frequent flier mileage program didn’t go into effect until 1981, until after airline deregulation in 1978. There was no such thing as frequent flier miles in 1975. You can look it up. It doesn’t matter. Two sides of the same coin and they get mad at me for accusing these guys of politicizing things. They had a good cry. He and Hillary had a good cry because the cathedral where they prayed in 35 years ago went down, is what he said. He and Hillary had a good cry on the phone. Now, you can process that however you wish.

One more thing here about this, from The Politico, this is about a year ago, January 20th of 2009: “The new White House website unveiled by President Barack Obama’s team Tuesday includes a shot at former President Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Under the ‘agenda’ portion of the site regarding Katrina, it reads: ‘President Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. He and Vice President Biden will take steps to ensure that the federal government will never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur.'” And it goes on. So don’t tell me, you people in the press, don’t tell me, and don’t tell anybody else, that I’m off track when I say this man politicizes everything, including the Haiti relief effort, by asking people to go to

And don’t ever tell ’em I’m telling people not to donate to Haiti because I’ve not said that. I have said, “You’ve already donated to the government in the form of your taxes.” You already have. And what did they do, authorize a hundred million dollars from the government? That’s been done. You want to donate, go someplace else. Remember, Obama wants to remove the charitable deduction. He wants all charitable contributions or all charitable outlays to come from government in the future.


RUSH: Let me ask you another question here, folks. Would a man who politicizes a man-caused disaster, 9/11, politicize a natural disaster? Let me point this out, Barack Obama has given a terrorist, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, constitutional rights and a show trial in New York City. He did this for political purposes. Don’t tell me this is the best legal way to resolve this. Obama wants the media to help him smear President Bush and Vice President Cheney based upon the rantings of a Muslim extremist. Obama is willing to bankrupt New York City, ignore the Constitution, destroy the CIA, and launch a banana republic style attack on his predecessor to advance his political agenda. It’s one of the most brazen and destructive political ploys in American history, but it’s there for everybody to see who cares to deal with reality. And I am grounded in reality. I am Mr. Literal. So would a man who politicizes 9/11, would a man who politicizes Hurricane Katrina, politicize an earthquake? I think so.

Now, Michael D. Tanner, this is an article that originally appeared in the Christian Science Monitor on September 20th of 2005, and it’s from the Cato Institute, which is a Libertarian think tank: “Katrina: Government Failure, Private Success.” It’s a long article, let me give you some excerpts from it: “As we hear calls for a ‘compassionate’ response to the victims of this tragedy, it is important to remember that you can’t be compassionate with other people’s money.” He’s writing this about Katrina. “This difference is as simple as the difference between my reaching into my pocket for money to help someone in need and my reaching into your pocket for the same purpose. The former is charity — the latter is not.

“Moreover, private charity has long been recognized as more effective and efficient than government welfare programs. Local churches and community groups are the best positioned to understand the needs in their respective areas, and can direct money or services to where they are most useful. Private charities are generally far more flexible than government agencies, which are frequently bogged down in red tape and regulations. Just ask yourself, who has done a better job at timely and effective response, FEMA or the American Red Cross? This is not to say that government has no role in dealing with a disaster like Katrina. From policing to search and rescue to infrastructure repair, the government has and will continue to be active. But there is a danger in turning to the government too quickly or too often. If people come to believe that government will provide the funding, they may decide that there is less need for their own contributions. This will result in a loss not only of money, but of the human quality of charity.” And this is all that I was saying.

That was all that I was saying when I said, “Don’t go to this business. That’s a politicized entity. There are countless private charities to donate to. Find them, Red Cross and so forth and do it that way.” Nobody here, including me, ever said don’t donate, which is what they’re trying to distract you with. More importantly, they’re trying to distract me. They were hoping I would lead off my show with this today and ignore what’s going on in Massachusetts and what’s going on with health care, but I’m not going to let them distract me.

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