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Prison Does Not Rehabilitate. Very Often, the Marine Corps Does.

The American Left and the mass media like to use the issue of waivers granted by the military as a club with which to beat down the war effort. They do this by saying that the military is having such trouble recruiting members to fight in the war (supposedly, by their logic, because the vast majority of Americans are against the war and the military), that they have to lower their standards.

Well, GRIM at Blackfive and Armed Liberal at Winds of Change give the details about the military waivers that the mass media and the dishonest demagoguing hacks on the Left and in the media fail to give when they speak on the issue: On Waivers

The vast majority of the conduct waivers are misdemeanors and a litany of three-or-more traffic offenses. And with that, there are some felony arrests and a few felony convictions. Together they total to about a half of one percent of the intake.

In the past year, the Army increased its numbers, almost doubled them. But they are so small that it equates just for scale to fewer than one per congressional district, insofar as felons that were waivered in.

The kind of person that we’re talking about is someone who doesn’t appear to be morally corrupt. Rather it was perhaps a prank gone terribly wrong, a grotesque error in judgment.

But in every case, if their community has joined behind them and said, this is really a good kid, and offered their support, then the recruiter might, if we’ve got a strong candidate in terms of their other attributes, send it up for a waiver.

A two-star will look at it. And let me say a general officer. I’m not sure if it’s always two-star. But a general officer or flag officer will look at it, look at what they read about this person, what their parents, teachers, coaches have to say, and then make a judgment.

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