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US Marines Speak Out About Congress and the Media

Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal has posted his second installment of his interviews with US Marines in Iraq: Embed Video (UPDATED 4/12, 4/13)

Click here to go directly to the video at HotAir: Vent – Letting the Troops Speak for Themselves

4/13 UPDATE: Part Two is up at Hot Air.

CAPT Lizarraga, a corrections officer on loan to the Fallujah Police Transition Team, and Captain Scott, Executive Officer of the Fallujah Police Transition Team, gave me very long but very interesting comments that I’ll feature in an extended video version here at INDC.

LCPL Yeager was previously interviewed here.

The last speaker, Lt COL Fisher, was the MiTT officer who commented about the chlorine gas attack on the Fallujah Government Center in this post.

Also, go here to donate to Bill Ardolino, so he may continue to bring us these great reports and videos during his embeds in Iraq.

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