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New War Movie – When the Smoke Clears, Heroes Emerge


Dirty Harry at Liberty Film Festival’s blog LIBERTAS has details of a new war movie/documentary called Brothers at War by Jake Rademacher, sponsored by Gary Sinise and Jon Voight. Dirty Harry went to see a private screening and came away very impressed with the film:

Last night was an industry event, not a political one, with the goal of finding Brothers At War domestic distribution. After the standing ovation it received, there’s hope, but I’m not holding my breath. This is a not a look at the United States military anti-war Hollywood will be eager to rally around. Though it’s a warts-and-all documentary, when it’s over you can’t help but admire these professional, fiercely intelligent warriors who believe in their mission.

What makes the film so effective is its honesty. Unlike these anti-war documentaries and narratives where you feel manipulated by the narrow context of what the filmmaker is choosing to show you, Brothers at War feels fully fleshed out. There are plenty of horrific moments to bolster the anti-war argument and many hopeful moments to arm the other side, but what rises from all of this are those magnificent men and women who serve their country by leaving their loved ones behind to run towards danger.

The anti-troop propagandist would choose only to show our guys cussing, annoyed with slow-moving Iraqi soldiers, and strutting their machismo. The pro-troop propagandist would choose only to show the brave, heroic, and vulnerable moments. Rademacher shows it all, and when the smoke clears heroes emerge.

You can go to the official site and watch a 7-minute trailer.

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