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Operation Send-a-Box

Send a care package box to a deployed soldier, that is.

Go here to read the details of sending “care packages to soldiers serving in a key unit in Iraq”:  Operation Send-a-Box

Found via NRO The Corner.

Here’s how you can help the effort:

How you can help:

Operation Send-a-Box aspires to send a care package to every soldier in the Sabre squadron over a one month period — ambitious since there are over a thousand soldiers serving in this strategic location. The squadron’s chaplain has agreed to distribute packages to soldiers who have not yet received mail from home, beginning with the lowest ranked soldiers.

If you’d like to send a care package to a soldier on the front line, please go to the post office to get a “flat rate” box, which ships to APO addresses for $8.95 per package. (The postage is the same regardless of weight or destination, but only USPS-produced flat-rate boxes are eligible for the rate.)

Every package must include:

1. Twin size sheet set.
2. At least one new DVD (movie or TV series released since November 1, 2007)
3. Personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrush)
4. Reading material (car and motorcycle magazines, Sports Illustrated, paperback book)
5. Gum, beef jerky, energy bars, Pringles, Powerbars, etc. (nothing that could melt in the desert)

You’ll find the box fills up quite quickly, but please stuff it up with whatever else you think might be fun to receive.

Mail to:

CPT Benjamin Ellington, Chaplain
ATTN: Operation Send-a-Box
Forward Operating Base Caldwell
APO AE 09324

All packages should be sent between January 1st and February 15th.

They have this update on the page:

UPDATE: As of Day 2 of Operation Send-A-Box, we’ve already had 575 commitments! Still half the Squadron to go – keep those boxes surging!

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