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No Surprise: Stop-Loss Movie Gets Stop-Loss Policy WRONG

Great comment left at LIBERTAS by Outlaw 13, explaining how the next release in the unending anti-military, “anti-war” movies, Stop-Loss, can’t even portray the policy of Stop Loss correct. Not that this is surprising. The purpose of Hollywood’s military movies is not to inform, but to spread ignorant propaganda to the ignorant masses.

Oh yeah, side note: At last count, Hollywood has put out a total of ZIP.ZERO.NADA. films about the heroism, humanatarian efforts and positive stories of The Long War on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fuckers.

After reading the review the thought crosses my mind, would it be too much to ask that someone actually sit down and actually find out what “Stop Loss” is?

It isn’t what the reviewer says it is. It isn’t what I’ve heard in everything that has ever been put out about this film.

“Stop Loss” is the Army exercising its option to retain someone on active duty, according to the contract everyone signed when they joined the Army. There is a novel concept, read and understand what you are signing…especailly if you are doing something like joining the ARMY.

Secondly, “Stop Loss” is activated at a certain time BEFORE a unit deploys to insure that the complete unit that has trained together, will deploy with everyone. “Stop Loss” is not activated upon someones return from Iraq, to keep you from getting away…”Stop Loss” is lifted when a unit returns from deployment.

Yeah, it sucks if it happens to you, but “Stop Loss” is not a surprise, they don’t spring it on you when you are trying to walk out the door and if you are in a unit that is deploying you have a pretty good idea when it will be started…in fact they try and warn people who they know are getting out. We don’t want people hanging around that don’t want to be there, just as much as they don’t want to be there. But that doesn’t play into the evil Army scenario.

This stuff is just too much.

There are so many stories out there about real heroes. Whose stories would make an excellent drama that people would pay to see…but instead we get stories about murderers and rapists and all other assorted vermin as soldiers in service of this nation. Sickening.

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