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GEN David Petraeus, Ambassador Crocker & Vets for Freedom in D.C.

First, here is a link to a great series at the military blog The Long War Journal about the political progress in Iraq that is not being reported by the mass media: Inside Iraqi Politics

“Inside Iraqi Politics” is a special series dedicated to examining political progress in Iraq, with a focus on issues that affect the country’s stability and the reconciliation between ethnic and religious sects. The product of more than a dozen interviews with American and Iraqi officials and months of research, the series presents a more comprehensive view of factors that slow progress beyond sectarian interest, including the rapid growth of the government, administrative inexperience, corruption, and the structure of the executive and legislative branches outlined in the Iraqi Constitution.

Part 1: Examining the Iraqi executive branch
The first installment overviews broad political goals and various influences on progress by the executive branch, including the design of the government under the Iraqi Constitution, Iraqi administrative experience, rapid growth, and corruption.

Part 2: A look at executive branch progress
The second installment examines the efforts by Iraq’s executive branch to improve services and achieve reconciliation, including an in-depth profile of the Iraqi Implementation and Follow-Up Committee for National Reconciliation and the Baghdad Services Committee, special bodies appointed by Prime Minister Maliki.

Part 3: Examining the Iraqi legislative branch
The third installment examines the structure and political composition of the Iraqi legislative branch, including a review of sectarian distribution and major political blocs within the Council of Representatives.

Part 4. A look at legislative progress: Reconciliation via wealth distribution
The fourth installment begins examination of legislative progress, specifically the status of key legislation that distributes the country’s wealth, including the 2008 budget and the oil law.

Part 5. A look at legislative progress: Sunnis’ and states’ rights
The fifth installment reviews further pieces of legislation considered important for stability and reconciliation: the Unified Retirement Law, de-Baathification reform, the General Amnesty Law, the referendum on Kirkuk, the Provincial Powers Act and the Provincial Elections Law.

Anti-Idiotarian Blogs covering the Iraq Testimony:

Michelle Malkin: Petraeus on the Hill; Dems can’t control Code Pinkos; Idiot Sen. Levin calls Petraeus “Admiral;” Update: Petraeus recommends 45-day pause on troop reductions in July; Update: Aggressive Levin heckles Petraeus, allows outside heckler to pile on; Update: Sen. Lieberman lashes back at “See no progress” Democrats; Update: Another McCain Shia/Sunni flub?; Update: Petraeus slides added

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: Petraeus Reports Great News From Iraq… Dems Stumble

Kevin Mooney at Newsbusters interview with Vets for Freedom’s Pete Hegseth: Vets for Freedom Hope to Impact Media and Political Class

Military Blogs covering the Iraq Testimony:

John Lilyea at This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See it From Here (Lots of pictures and FIVE YouTube video accounts of speeches and interviews): Vets for Freedom Rally for troops

Curt at Flopping Aces: Iraq Testimony On The Hill

Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive: National Heroes Tour- Vets on the Hill

Uncle Jimbo’s YouTube video coverage (8 minutes): National Heroes Tour- Vets on the Hill

Vets for Freedom brought 450+ of it’s Iraq and Afghanistam vets to DC to talk to their Congressional Reps and Senators. They are asking that our troops be allowed to win. John McCain and Lindsey Graham as well as about 10 other Congress people spoke as well as Dave Bellavia and Steve Russell.

Herschel Smith at The Captain’s Journal: Of Swine, Hyenas and Generals: The Petraeus Testimony

Deebow at Blackfive: My Dad Always Told me…

[ … ] For those that were in Civics class and not in Study Hall, you may remember that starting long about 1775, we declared our independence, fought a war, won it, and still had to form a government afterward. The fact that Nancy can pay zero attention to even our own history and can run her neck on and on about how the consecrated, hallowed ground in Iraq is unworthy of our sacrifice in the name of the freedom of others (something I thought the Dems were for) and not be dragged into the street and beaten is beyond me.

OK, minus the history lesson, the reason I am so pissed is because I was able to find Speaker Pelosi’s traitorous remarks without any real effort, but I had to work hard to find any good stories about General Petraeus and his testimony, or any story about Mike Monsoor today. Two men whose stories deserve to be seen and heard by as many Americans as possible.

Dadmanly: Vets on the Hill, Part I

Meanwhile, since they cannot debate the military issues on the facts and merits, the Left does what it always does and uses petty, immature personal attacks. No surprise: Now The Left Complains About The Number Of Medals Worn By Our Military Leaders

And of course anything to do with the military cannot be complete without an appearance from the Commie Pinko hags of CODE PINK.

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Vets for Freedom – National Heroes Tour at Fort Bragg

Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive posts the full event with all the speeches of the Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour at Fort Bragg. Be sure to sit down and take the 45 minutes to watch and listen to these men and women of our United States military. These men and women are the true role models and should be seen and heard by every young man and woman in America and across the world. They have great messages, great perspectives and great experiences to share with us all, based on their experience in doing their part in the war effort.

You can watch all of Uncle Jimbo’s videos from the Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour HERE.

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Vets for Freedom – The Heros the Left Does Not Want You to See (VIDEOS)

If you don’t know about Vets for Freedom by now, be sure to check out their website:

Below, find links to reports from milbloggers and video of the speeches.Vets for Freedom: Report from the Minnesota front

The National Heroes Tour Comes to Minnesota

The Show Too Dangerous for High SchoolersThe Left Has No Heroes

Vets for Freedom: John Kline Address

Vets for Freedom: Pete Hegseth

Vets for Freedom: David Bellavia

As I promised, I saved this clip for last. David Bellavia is best known for his book House to House, which is his personal account of the war in Anbar. I could not include Pete Hegseth’s introduction of Bellavia, but [] Bellavia contributed much, much more than just a memoir to the war effort. The Army awarded him the Bronze Star and Silver Star, and Hegseth warned us that these were just temporary; he’s under consideration for the Medal of Honor for his bravery, which would make him the first living MoH recipient from this war. He went into a house alone where at least six insurgents had his unit pinned down, and the only one to come out alive was Bellavia.

Bellavia continues his efforts to defeat the enemy in Iraq with a stirring presentation, one that at turns was funny, heartwrenching, inspirational, and defiant.

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