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Restore My Faith in America

2004 was the first election in which I voted. Yes, I was first legally eligible to vote in 1994, but took no interest in politics until 9/11/2001. I didn’t vote in 2002, because I still did not know enough about mid-term local candidates to know for whom I was voting.

But by Summer 2004, I was PSYCHED to cast my first ever vote to re-elect President George W. Bush.

In 2008, I was energized by GOP VP-candidate Sarah Palin, but not so much about GOP Presidential candidate John McCain. I was ready to not vote for President in the 2008 election… until I spent 2007 and 2008 researching the radical, despicable history of Barack Hussein Obama. I then spent all of 2008 doing my best to inform people of how radical was Obama and why we needed to vote for McCain/Palin simply to keep this radical and his radical associates from taking power in our government.

I managed to convince some, but, more often than not, I was faced with ignorance, apathy and racism. Not only people saying they were voting for Obama, because he was Black (the ultimate slap in the face to MLK, Jr’s dream), but also people calling ME racist simply because I disagreed with Obama’s policies…. none of which had anything to do with his skin color.

By the time November 2008 came, I was SO UTTERLY PISSED THE FUCK OFF at being called a racist for holding the same views I had held since 9/11/2001, that I was energized more than ever to vote for McCain/Palin and AGAINST Obama.

But, to no avail. I went into work that night (I was working 3rd shift as a CAD designer at the time) and was literally in tears of disbelief that America had voted Obama into office. It was one of the first slaps in the face of reality my naive self had experienced (the Islamic terrorist attacks of 09/11/2001 being the first), seeing bad triumph over good. I could not believe my countrymen could do such a thing. I was utterly heartbroken. And, as I said, I was holding back tears as I was utterly heartbroken, having my positive view of my fellow Americans utterly shattered in one night.

That night was arguably the night that I ‘became’ Rorschach: cynical, pessimistic negative about — and having lost all faith in — my fellow Americans.

The last four years have not gotten much better. Watching the utterly despicable behavior of the mass media serving as the propaganda outlet for the Obama Administration and Democrat Party; watching as every Democrat, every liberal, every media outlet turned every single criticism of Obama into accusations of “RACISM!!!”; watching as the Obama Administration did everything to actually make the American economy WORSE, yet seeing his poll numbers still stay high.

The last four years have been an absolute nightmare of epic proportions. Economy, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, unemployment, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, healthcare, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, demonizing “the rich”, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, promoting redistribution, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, foreign policy, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, religious freedom under attack, Democrats crying “RACISM!”, freedom of expresion under attack, etc RACISM!!! etc.

This is why I am even more psyched here in 2012 to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and to evict the disaster that is SCOAMF Obama, his busy-body wife Michelle “you’ll only eat what I allow you to eat!” Obama, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of his radical czars and incompetent Administration cohorts.

November 6, 2012: the date my faith in America will be restored…

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An America-Hating Liberal Inspires an “American Heart”

Well, at least one good — well, great actually — thing came of dating an America-hating liberal female: a great America-loving song.

First, part of the ‘inspiration’:

I was alone, but not for long. So, I hear you’re a Republican? I turned ironically to my left, and there she was: Caitlib. She was my friend’s roommate which is how I assumed she knew I was a Republican. I confirmed what she already knew. She smirked with all the smug she could muster. You must feel a little out of your element.

I said not really, sometimes I like to poke the bear in the zoo. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t get that….she didn’t. But she was perceptive enough to recognize sarcasm and that was enough to set her in motion. Not surprising. After all, she came over to me looking for a battle.

Her army consisted of a large metaphorical infantry of dunces, armed with so little knowledge that unknowingly their empty rifles were aimed at the very country they should have been defending. The only thing that made them dangerous was that there were a lot of them and they were angry and they were loud.

I want to say that again….there were a lot of them and they were angry and they were loud.

Angry and loud.

That doesn’t leave much room for another point of view. And when I tried to politely make room, she interrupted me and said one of the most astounding things I’ve ever heard: Nothing anyone could ever say could change my position.

And then I realized something: Beneath her pert 26-year-old exterior, she was hiding something…humility…and the priceless gift of her. Because she was in fact the smartest individual in the history of mankind…and the smartest individual who ever will be. I say this because she was apparently equipped with every historical fact of every event that has ever taken place such that she had every possible piece of information necessary to formulate an opinion. Furthermore, she apparently was a master soothsayer who could see everything that could and would possibly ever happen in the future…forever. I’m convinced that if she had not ridiculed so blindly the concept of God, she probably would have embraced it, for she was in fact, God herself.

I decided it best to be quiet in the light of such brilliance. After all, better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt: she, being a prime example. Plus I could learn so much. So I listened and did in fact learn amazing things about our country’s history. For example, apparently despite our victory in World War II, our strategy was flawed and incompetent. Why? She couldn’t say. I figured it was classified. And the lessons continued: apparently Reagan really bungled things up when he bankrupted the Soviets to end the Cold War, and his demand to tear down the wall was preposterous. Why? You guessed it…classified. I learned that the United States was essentially responsible for most, if not all of the world’s problems. And for the majority of these, she felt apologies were not only justified, but any other policy would be inexcusable. My amusement slowly dissolved into sadness because shot after shot, her army of dunces blew hole after hole in Old Glory until my pride forced me to interrupt.

I said can I ask you a question?


Do you like this country?

She didn’t hesitate. No.

I thought about this.

Is there a better country?

Her answer: No.

So… we’re the best country?


At that moment, I discovered two more symptoms of Decompression Sickness: Bewilderment and Disappointment.

You don’t like this country? I asked again.

No. Said this time with a hint of a smile.

I studied her for a beat. It was time for me to go. So I left.

Good call. I would have done the same.

But, as I said, some good came of this lousy encounter. Here’s the most excellent song (which you can also buy on iTunes), written and performed by Jon David of Big Hollywood: “American Heart”

American Heart written by Jon David
c&p: J.David 2009

They say
Our reputation
Needs a new coat of paint and a delicate melody
But I say
I like the bruises
And a melody don’t mean a thing
If we don’t have the strength to sing

I won’t be made to ever feel ashamed…

…that I’m American made
I got American parts
Got American faith
In America’s heart

Go on raise the flag
I got stars in my eyes
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize

They say
That we need changin’
As if all the Founding Fathers seem to get it wrong
But I say
I still believe in
the greatest Liberator, Innovator, Cultivator
Freedom’s ever known

So I suggest you take a look inside
I think you changed already
You went and lost your pride

But I’m American made
I got American parts
Got American faith
In America’s heart

Go on raise the flag
I got stars in my eyes
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize

Dress her up so that you don’t recognize her
She’ll still be there if you wake up in the night
‘Cause a mother can always find her child
Even when that child don’t know he’s lost

I’m American made
I got American parts
Got American faith
In America’s heart

Go on raise the flag
I got stars in my eyes
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize

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Her Passion Speaks for Millions of Americans

This caller on Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday — Susan from Glendale, CA — was simply amazing. Listening to her, I was choked up with emotion and getting teary eyed, as she was expressing the same frustration, anger and disgust with our current Federal government (Obama Administration AND Democrat-controlled Congress) and doing it with such amazing emotion and passion. Her call should be spread far and wide and I hope it goes viral.

Someone needs to put it up on YouTube, but for now, we have Rush posting it on his website, where you can read the transcript and download the audio. I cannot recommend enough to you that you download the audio and listen to this woman. She loves this country so much, is so frustrated, angry and disgusted with the left-wing America-hating radicals who are working to destroy the America she loves and she expresses these things with so much emotion and passion… it’s simply impossible to not get choked up listening to her.

She made me feel so proud to be an American and made me feel great knowing there are others out there who feel the same as me.

Susan in Glendale, CA… you are not alone. As Rush has stated, your passion speaks for MILLIONS of us across the country. Thank you so much, Susan for expressing it so well and giving a voice to what millions of us feel.

Here’s a transcript of the first part of her call. Rush kept her on after the 2:30pm ET break and they spoke more at length. But I urge you to go to the website for the rest and DEFINITELY listen to the audio.

RUSH: All right, Susan in Glendale, California, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s a huge honor for me to speak to you, and I hope I can keep my — my voice level, because I am so passionate. I am as passionate as you are about this country. I’m a conservative. I’ve listened to you for 25 years. I’m married. I have seven kids. And when you were telling me about how all of the shenanigans that they’re going to do in the Senate to pass two different Senate bills then slam ’em together, attach them to some House bill about TARP, and then jam it through and jam it down our throats, I got furious. And then I listened to what you said about the Michigan mom who was watching some kids before they went to school and how the Michigan state came down on her accusing her of running an illegal day care, and you’re right: What they’re going to do is they’re going to threaten our health and they’re going to threaten the health of our children. If I don’t comply with their health care, I’m not going to be able to get my children the medicine they need.

RUSH: No, it’s not — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s not if you don’t comply with their health care. It’s if you’re a good citizen in support of the liberals running the country.

CALLER: Yes, sir. And I’m not. I’m a conservative. You know what? I’m 45. I might fall and break my hip in the next ten years. They’re going to have to give me a shot because they’re not going to want me to be healed and they’re going to do this to my children. It’s like you said. They are the party of abortion. They are the party of euthanasia. They are trying to wipe out senior citizens who are maybe not as useful to the Democrat National Committee as they should be, we’re not contributing enough to them. And I am outraged and furious. And my question to you — because I’m a political nobody; I’m just out here on the Left Coast in la-la land watching all the liberals run our California state bankrupt — is: “What can we do, legally, morally, to take this country back?” I want people to stand up, and I want them to vote these criminals, these pedophiles out of office.

I want them to take back the state of California and make it a Golden State, and I want them to take back Washington. But we’re little people, and we marched two million of us down to Washington and the press — ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC — not one of them shows pictures on the news, not one of them will report anything. In fact, they cover it up! I’ve talked to so many people on the phone, just neighbors who are liberal and some of them are conservative, both sides, and I tell them these things. “Go to Fox News. Look at this.” No one sees the truth. But the travesty of all of this — part of this is politics as normal, independent, it’s two party. We’re going to fight and tussle over what’s right and wrong and, you know, we’re going to win some, lose some. But the damning thing today is that the press, the press is betraying us and we have no way — us, we be the little political moms, nobodies. I’m a mother, and I have no one to listen to, to go to on the news, except for you and Fox.

Tell us what we can do in 2010, other than voting for Sarah Palin. Which I will do. But I need to know because I don’t have much hope. I sure don’t have hope from Obama. I need hope from Rush and I want you to please tell us what we can do, because this is the life of my children. They’re on the line. They can put me out to pasture, but, yes, they’ve got me over a barrel. Because I will do anything to save the lives of my children, even if it means I’ve gotta kiss some big Democrat’s rear end to get the health care for my baby, I’ll have to do it, and that sickens me because they’re my employees. I’m paying their salaries. I’m paying for their fancy office of doctors down where you were talking about at the House of Representatives and the Senate. They just get to walk in and pay $503 and they get all the health care that they need for $503, specialists flown in.

The pharmacy right there on their hour! Probably open 24 hours a day. Nobody has to wait. They get that because I’m paying for it. I’m paying for it! It’s coming out of my children’s allowances, my grocery money. They are getting it, and they’re taking it without listening, without representing us — like you said, the small R. I’m not being represented. I’ve called Boxer’s office. I’ve called Adam Schiff who is my so-called representative. They are very polite to little people on the phone but the people who are running this country don’t listen to us. There are millions of us and we are all furious. And no one, no one is even reporting what is being said! And I’m watching my country that I love, that my father fought for in World War II, that my father-in-law was wounded and got the Purple Heart for — and I’m watching it just being taken, just like candy from a baby.

“Oh, we’ll help you. We’ll give you health care. Here’s a lollipop. Go away,” and nobody’s doing anything. I’m sorry to be so angry, but I need hope, and I need to know how to counteract these shenanigans. This is not what we put people in government for is to run little-bitty side bills, smash ’em together, and then vote ’em under the carpet into a different health care bill that is languishing in some committee that they haven’t voted on. That’s dirty politics and it shouldn’t be happening. It should up-and-down votes. And you’re right. The 63 new judges coming on, that’s going to cement — that’s going to absolutely cement — their ability to write law instead of legislate. They can just send it to the judges. The judges will rubber stamp it. We’ll have liberal judges, we’ll just write the law. Never mind conservatism. Never mind reading what the law actually says. I look at this, and I see this happening every day.

I’m listening to you, and I’m to the point where I don’t even know if I should listen anymore because I’m so passionate and I’m so furious to watch all this and to hear it all happening, and I feel so powerless for the first time in my life. I’m glad Mrs. Obama is proud of her country for the first time in her life. I, as a mother, as a nobody I am ashamed of my government for the first time in my life — and I need to know how to combat this, especially in 2010. What can I do today, now, to help, to revitalize these namby-pamby liberal Republican RINOs in our Senate and in our government who are just voting to get along and “I want to get reelected.” That’s nonsense. They’re not standing up for what is good and clean and right. They’re not standing up for our Constitution. They should be all thrown out, every last one of them — and I don’t know how to mobilize people, but you do, Rush. You do! You have the power. And with great gifts, God gives great responsibility. And I beg you please, please give us hope and lead us. Because this cannot stand. They cannot keep doing this. This is wrong.

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Never Forget…

They will remember you. Will you remember them?

Take the time to watch this:  The Falling Man

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Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Demanding Players Show Respect for the Country

I’m a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, but I have nothing but respect for any athlete or coach who understands what it means to respect the country and show that respect properly. Major kudos to Detroit Lions’ new head coach Jim Schwartz: Jim Schwartz building from the ground up

Doing it my way

And more, as his new team has discovered the past nine months. Schwartz, a 43-year-old son of a Baltimore policeman, quotes freely from Shakespeare and “Pulp Fiction.” He’s an avid chess player who listens to Judas Priest. But this is no cult of personality: Schwartz’s full-team address in March at the start of offseason workouts was the first sign changes would be wholesale.

“He had a looong list,” running back Kevin Smith said. “He laid down the law. He’s very clear on how he wants this program to be run.”

That even includes the pregame national anthem, as fans will soon notice at Ford Field. It’s not by accident the players are lining up shoulder-to-shoulder on the white sideline boundary. The Monday after the first exhibition, that performance was reviewed right along with the actual game.

“He actually filmed it,” said cornerback Eric King, a free-agent acquisition who followed Schwartz to Detroit from Tennessee. “And it’s a pretty serious thing to him, as far as the respect that he wants the team to have for the country and just to be united as a team.

“He showed us how it should be and everybody took note. Helmets in your right hand or on the bench. Hand across your chest or arms straight. Just little things like that. It’s all about becoming a winning organization, and that’s how you do it: You take care of the little things.”

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