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My Futile ‘Debate’ with a Liberal Professor of History

Well, if one could even call this a “debate”.

A conservative Facebook friend of mine yesterday had posted a status message regarding the latest health care legislation tragedy. Some liberal jumped to respond to it with the usual nonsense. I checked out his profile and saw that he has a degree in History and was a current “Adjunct Professor” at Oakland Community College. I stupidly thought that meant he could debate logic and facts on issues. Boy was I ever wrong. The following is our back-and-forth, wasted time in my life I shall never get back:

Friend’s Status Message: Prager: “The Left corrodes everything. The Left is toxic. The Left destroys. The Left is useless. But they think they’re wonderful. It is another religion… People don’t understand. The vast majority of people have been destroyed in the 20th century, enslaved, tortured, and murdered by Left-wing regimes. But it doesn’t mean anything to anybody. They’re never called that… The Left is never blamed for this.”

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Utra-right wing = fascism and Nazism. Far-left socialism and marxism. Both have killed their fair share of people. Get it right.

FACEBOOK FRIEND: Get it right…? You might want to check what “Nazi” was shorthand for. Also, don’t forget the communists…

MICHAEL IN MI: Wonderful. Another professor of History calling NAZIs “right wing”. Brilliant.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Nazi were the definition of far right. The name does not define their policies. Many business leaders in the US were admiriers of Hitler and the Nazis (ie Henry Ford) In fact some (conservative) business leaders (ie Rene DuPont) were planning to overthrow FDR in 1933 and establish a Nazi regime. You don’t know that marxists are communists.

MICHAEL IN MI: I didn’t know that “far right” people are socialists. The NAZIs’ policies were socialism. No one on the Right endorses socialism. “Far right” is basically libertarian, which is small government. NAZIs were about big government control of industry. No one on the Right wants government control of industry.

So, again, NAZIs were not “far right”.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Really, then WHY are they so popular with the business leaders in the US in 1930s?

MICHAEL IN MI: The same reason the current crop of Communists in government are so popular with many business leaders today (ie, GE, Microsoft, Google, which all are HUGE supporters of the current crop of far left radical Democrats)… because some business leaders of the 1930s were NAZIs themselves. The common theme is consolidated control and power. They wanted it back in the 1930s and they want it again here in 2010. But government control is a NAZI/Communist ideology, not a conservative/libertarian ideology. Conservatives and libertarians want small government and as much free market as possible. NAZIs and Communists want the opposite… they want large government and as little free market and as much government control of industry as they can get.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Interesting arguement with one flaw, Communists and Nazis hated each other. Why were the Nazis rounding up the communists and putting in concentration camps, if they had so much in common? Where do you get your information from? Conservatives only want a government who supports them. Its only socialism when the government helps the people.

MICHAEL IN MI: Every government which has had socialism has not been to “help the people”, but to keep the people down. Socialism helps government control the people. It spreads the misery around, it does not help the people achieve or provide them opportunity to achieve.

And just because NAZIs did not like Communists does not mean they were opposites. I’m a conservative and I don’t necessarily like or agree with the policies put forth by libertarians. But that does not make a libertarian the opposite of a conservative. Socialism and Communism have much in common, similar to conservatism and libertarianism having much in common.

Socialism (NAZIs) and Communism are both about government control of industry. The only way they differ is in the magnitude of control.

The fact remains that government control of industry is not a conservative principle, it is a principle of Communist and Socialist ideology.

And conservatives want a government which gets out of our way and allows us the opportunity to succeed on our own. Conservatives want small government, with limited regulations. Conservatives believe in the free market to be more successful than government control. And history proves that free market systems work better than government-controlled systems. That’s why China has risen over the last couple decades as they have worked in more Capitalism into their Communist society.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: That’s a lot of Glenn Beck propaganda.

MICHAEL IN MI: Okay, if you’re not going to actually address anything I stated, I’m done with you. You’re supposedly a History professor, yet when you’re challenged on something, the best rebuttal you have is to bring up Glenn Beck? Brilliant.

Take care. I pity anyone who expects to learn history from you at Oakland Community College.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Because I know his propaganda when I see it. How typical that you end it by insulting me. I teach my students to think for themselves. Something that you seem unable to do. That’s sad.

FACEBOOK FRIEND: PROFESSOR, how do you see Nazis as the “definition of far right”? I also am unclear how you make the argument that business=far right and some business leaders supported the Nazis, therefore Nazis=far right. Michael points out numerous examples of businesses supporting the far left today. How then do you account for that?

Socialism is “government helping the people”? Like the government helps the people in Cuba? China? Venezuela? As it helped the people in the Soviet Union? Come on. You’re not Sean Penn, for Pete’s sake.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Majority did. Site some examples of them supporting the left. What I said was if a govt helps the people that its called socialism. Helping businesses is deemed as good for everyone. Perhaps bussiness support who. Ever is in office because they help put them there. Don’t like the fact that your buddy got personal. How did he know I taught at occ?

MICHAEL IN MI: “Because I know his propaganda when I see it. How typical that you end it by insulting me. I teach my students to think for themselves. Something that you seem unable to do. That’s sad.”

Yeah, I’m gonna bet you don’t even watch Glenn Beck and have no idea about his “propaganda”. You just don’t have a response to any of the points I brought up, so instead you decide to throw out a worthless ad hominem, in order to avoid answering me. Then whine that I “insulted” you. Typical liberal. Get challenged, can’t respond, pull out the good ol’ “that’s just right-wing propaganda from FNC/Beck/Rush/etc” and then whine about insults.

What is sad is that I know how to defend my facts about history better than someone who actually teaches the subject. In case you missed the fact, I responded to all your comments with rebuttals, while you responded with blaming Glenn Beck.

MICHAEL IN MI: “How did he know I taught at occ?”

I took 5 seconds to click on your name and saw the info on your profile, that’s how. I was curious as to your background. I do that with everyone with whom I ‘debate’ on here to get an idea of the ideology I am facing. I check people’s ‘groups’ and ‘fan of’ pages to see if they are fans of say Barack Obama or Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, etc. It gives me an idea of whether or not I should waste my time discussing politics with them.

“What I said was if a govt helps the people that its called socialism.”

Socialism is not “government helping the people”. Socialism actually has a definition, you don’t just get to define it yourself to suit your own purposes, professor. Socialism is about government control of industry and taking wealth from those who produce and spreading it around to those who do not produce. And, as the saying goes, socialism fails because eventually you run out of other people’s money. Socialism is not about “helping the people”, it is about making people dependent upon the government for their livelihood. It is about encouraging people to remain at their status in life and mooch off those of higher status. This then discourages people from working hard to achieve higher status, because they won’t get to keep the fruits of their labor, as, instead, the fruits of their labor are redistributed to those who are not working as hard as they are.

MICHAEL IN MI: “Site some examples of them supporting the left.”

I already did, professor. GE (and all its subsidiaries), Google, Microsoft all fund Democrats and left-wing issues and organizations.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR: There were no facts! Since I realized where all your information came from, you got very defensive. If you presented that as a paper in my class, it would have gotten a c at best. I’ve read beck and he’s full of shit. I read evey side of an issue, unlike you

MICHAEL IN MI: I didn’t get “defensive”, I got annoyed, because I was wrong about you. I assumed you were an intelligent person who could debate facts and logic, but turns out you’re just an ignorant jackass who can’t debate, so you just throw out stupid accusations. I stopped watching TV news in 2004, professor. I don’t watch Beck, nor Fox News, nor any other mass media outlet. I do my own research.

I’m sorry I wasted my time with you, professor, and sorry that I actually thought you had the intelligence to have an actual debate of ideology and ideas, instead of taking the cowardly liberal way out of a debate and smearing your opponent.

And you may read every side of an issue, but you obviously lack the capacity to actually UNDERSTAND every side of an issue. Reading does not = comprehension.

As I said before, I pity your students.

As you should know, from being a History professor, a proper rebuttal to presented ideas is to respond with “you said X, that is wrong, because of Y”. Unless you run your classes by allowing your students to respond to one another by saying “you’re wrong and it’s obvious you’re just spouting liberal propaganda from Keith Olbermann” and “no, YOU’RE wrong and it’s obvious you’re just spouting conservative propaganda from Rush Limbaugh” and “no, YOU’RE wrong and spouting liberal propaganda from Rachel Maddow”, etc etc ad naseum.

That is how you have ‘debated’ here, so I assume that’s also how you handle your classes. Which is why I said I pity your students, because if that is the kind of education they are getting, god help them.

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Obamacare has Gone from a Mere Political Debacle to a F#cking Outrage

Could not have expressed it any better:

This ObamaCare thing has gone from a mere political debacle to a fucking outrage. This is some shameless shit. I cannot understand why people aren’t standing around the White House this very momemt threatening an uprising if the Democrats pull this shit.

The so-called “Slaughter rule” is the most blatantly unconstitutional (in spirit, if not the letter) congressional act I have ever heard tell of. This is the act of a political party and political philosophy that no longer even gives lip service to constitutional government. It is the act of tyrants.

Now that is has become obvious that Democrats are resolved to take this hill or die trying, the question then becomes: what do we do about it? What do you do when the political process no longer works? Indeed, when the political process has been bent and twisted to such a point that it longer even serves the people for whom it ostensibly exists? It won’t help to send Republicans to Congress this fall because a) I have no confidence that they’ll be able to roll back this health-care calamity even if they wanted to, and b) their demonstrated incompetence and corruption in office is only slightly less blatant than that of the Democrats they are replacing.

There has got to be some point where a citizen can stand up and say, Enough is enough. Fire them all, every single one of them, and start over.

Posted by: Monty at March 14, 2010 02:10 PM

More good analysis from Monty:

Driving around, I still see Obama bumper stickers, and I wonder, who the hell could still possibly be a supporter?

I know some black musicians who are still totally ga-ga over Bammer, and I asked them the same question: looked at objectively, what has this jug-eared douchebag ever done for you? Democratic political philosophy in fact can be seen as incredibly hostile towards males in general, and minority males in particular. Their job prospects are vastly lower, their contributions to society are denigrated; their position in the family is usurped by the government via welfare programs and societal feminization agenda; their votes are taken for granted by a political apparatus that uses them more shamelessly than a john uses a $20 whore. And still they sing his praises.

I have (reluctantly) come to the conclusion that Black americans are still light-years away from joining any conservative/libertarian ethos. There are complicated reasons why this is so, but I think at base it is simply that blacks view big government as a good thing, not a bad thing — not irrationally, given the reality of American history. But in evolutionary terms, this adaptation is no longer healthy but is in fact killing them. Illigitimate births now number around 70% of all live births among blacks, and marriage is almost unheard-of for those under 40. The women are the de facto heads of the family, with the Government filling the role of the father. Meanwhile, black males continue to be marginalized and infantilized.

Unless things change, much the same might become the case for Hispanics. Their demographic shares many of the same characteristics of the black families of the 1920’s and 1930’s: strongly religious, well-estabished families where marriage was encouraged and supported, a strong work-ethic, and a culture of striving and work rather than grievance and victimhood. But that is also changing as the newer generation takes over from the old.

It’s not a race thing any more, I don’t think. Lower-class whites are suffering from the exact same pressures as lower-class blacks and hispanics. The issue now is that of a culture that disdains the very thing that makes families and cultures strong — family life, religious belief, a strong work ethic, and a spirit of self-sufficiency and civic-mindedness. The Democrat party of today stands pretty clearly against all those things — objectively so, given the policies they pursue.

Posted by: Monty at March 14, 2010 02:36 PM

I would add that it is not just the Democrat Party which stands against those things. So too does Hollywood, the “entertainment” industry, the mass media, the Teachers unions (and thus our grammar and high schools) and our nation’s universities and professors. Our nation is getting hit with this despicable mentality from every single direction — from government to mass media to our “entertainment” industry to our school system. America-hating, Capitalism-hating and morals-hating liberals have successfully taken over this nation and are working to destroy it from within. Do we have enough Americans left who are willing to fight to stop this?

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Public School Funding Budgets

I left this comment after reading a Facebook friend’s status about public school funding:

Speaking of school funding, considering funding for schools is taken from our tax dollars, shouldn’t it be public knowledge how that money is spent? Is there some place to go where a breakdown of all the spending is listed? Politicians are always whining about needing more funding for schools, when we already give tons of our tax dollars for failing school systems. Why don’t they post their budgets at the beginning of the fiscal year — listing every single thing on which the money is spent — so that people can see how they money is going to be spent, and then also list the final expenditures at the end of the school year, so that people can see how their money was eventually spent.

There is SO much corruption and wasteful spending in every single government program, I have no doubt the same exists in the public school system. As such, instead of whining for higher taxes and more money for public schools, let’s make sure they are spending their *current* budget properly.

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Um, Hello? 2010 is NOT the Start of the Next Decade

Has our society broken down so much that we have forgotten how to count to 10?!!?

Let me break it down for you…

There was no Year Zero. Is there a Month Yero? No, January is Month 1. Is there a Day Zero? No, today is Day 1 of Month 1 of Year 2010.

Now, expanding on that, we understand that 2010 is the 10th Year of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century. 2011 will be the start of the next decade. It will be the 1st Year of the 2nd Decade of the 21st Century.

1st Century: 1 AD – 100 AD
2nd Century: 101 AD to 200 AD
3rd Century: 201 AD to 300 AD
4th Century: 301 AD to 400 AD
5th Century: 401 AD to 500 AD
6th Century: 501 AD to 600 AD
7th Century: 601 AD to 700 AD
8th Century: 701 AD to 800 AD
9th Century: 801 AD to 900 AD
10th Century: 901 AD to 1000 AD
11th Century: 1001 AD to 1100 AD
12th Century: 1101 AD to 1200 AD
13th Century: 1201 AD to 1300 AD
14th Century: 1301 AD to 1400 AD
15th Century: 1401 AD to 1500 AD
16th Century: 1501 AD to 1600 AD
17th Century: 1601 AD to 1700 AD
18th Century: 1701 AD to 1800 AD
19th Century: 1801 AD to 1900 AD
20th Century: 1901 AD to 2000 AD
21st Century: 2001 AD to 2100 AD


1st Decade (of 1st Century): 1 AD to 10 AD
2nd Decade: 11 AD to 20 AD
3rd Decade: 21 AD to 30 AD
4th Decade: 31 AD to 40 AD
5th Decade: 41 AD to 50 AD
6th Decade: 51 AD to 60 AD
7th Decade: 61 AD to 70 AD
8th Decade: 71 AD to 80 AD
9th Decade: 81 AD to 90 AD
10th Decade: 91 AD to 100 AD

1st Decade (of 2nd Century): 101 AD to 110 AD

[ . . . ]

1st Decade (of 3rd Century): 201 AD to 210 AD

[ . . . ]

1st Decade (of 21st Century): 2001 AD to 2010 AD


And, for that matter, 2000 was not the start of the next millenium. 2001 was the start of the 3rd Millenium.

Millenium 1: 1 AD to 1000 AD
Millenium 2: 1001 AD to 2000 AD
Millenium 3: 2001 AD to 3000 AD

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DEC 13, 2009: Hollywood & The History Channel Promote Marxism (UPDATED)

UPDATE 12/09/2009: Here’s yet another example of America-hating from Howard Zinn… going on Iranian TV to blame America for the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. This sort of dementia will be on full display on The People Speak. Brilliant. Thanks so much, History Channel.

Via Big Hollywood: VIDEO: Howard Zinn Blames America For 9/11 on Iranian TV

Oh, and if that was not enough for you, Howard Zinn is working to get these pro-Marxism, anti-American messages and lessons into the nation’s public schools:  Kids to Meet Marx in School — Care of Hollywood and The History Channel

For pre-Kindergarten thru High School age students.  And considering our current President, Barack Obama, is himself a Marxist and worked with anti-American terrorist radical William Ayers on the Woods Fund and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to spread just such messages to the children of Chicago’s public schools, I’m sure Obamarx has no problem with the plan by Zinn and The History Channel to bring these lessons to schools across the nation.



So I was going through the live updates on my Facebook wall and I notice that The History Channel Facebook page is promoting their upcoming show this December 13th called “The People Speak”. They add a video preview which has a still of Viggo Mortensen, noted liberal douchebag. So this got my skepticism going immediately.

So I decided to check out the “trailer” preview. Sure enough, another America-hating liberal douchebag, Matt Damon, is in it as well. So I immediately go to Google to find out more about this “The People Speak” show, as I know Damon and Viggo would never appear in anything which would promote a good portrayal of American history.

Sure enough, the first suggestion upon typing in “The People Speak” into google immediately comes up with noted Marxist Howard Zinn. Apparently this show is inspired by his America-hating book “The People’s History of the United States”.

So, it is not enough to have a Marxist and his merry minions in the White House and controlling Congress, but now we also need to be reminded by Hollywood Marxists this Christmas that our country’s history sucks.

Thanks, Hollywood! Thanks, History Channel!   This is just what I wanted from Santa this year!

Wow, check out the comments being left at the “The People Speak” link.  People are defending Marxist Howard Zinn’s book and calling Matt Damon “well educated”.  Well, I can now understand how we got Marxist Barack Obama as President, what with geniuses like this getting their sense of American history from Howard Zinn and Matt Damon.  Oy. Here is a sampling:

Hey Michael, Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History of the United States” is a great text, unless you’re part of the aristocratic exploitative class. It tells American history as it really was, not some John Wayne version.


People’s History is Marxist? Did you actually READ the book? I think this is a great idea. VERY FEW people like history and maybe by adding ‘celebrities’, the ‘Reality TV America’ might actually LEARN SOMETHING! I abhor TV personally and despise when people are more concerned with who is winning Dancing with the Stars than following the war in Afghanistan… but that is just me. As for celebrities, Matt Damon is very well educated and it would surprise you which celebrities have beauty AND brains (Salma Hayek anyone?). Don’t be so quick to judge something that could bring the ‘mindless masses’ into OUR fold. I embrace this as not to educate us historians but to educate those who care less about history.

As of 5:10pm ET, there were 2 people who agreed with the above comment. Oy.

OMG doesn’t anyone GET IT????? These are actors, who are trained to be ORATORS AS WELL AS ACTORS, that are reading historical documents that remind us of why we’re American in the first place!!! Have you read aloud lately? I’m sure it sounds like crap, and I would rather listen to a sexy Matt Damon or sultry Marissa Tomei than you guys belch out the declaration of independence. Did anyone even other to check out the Aniboom stuff that got done w/this? Did anyone even bother to see the trailers and open their eyes to SEE what this is? I’m all for every American owning a gun, but i’m also for equality and prosperity for all not just for Sarah Palin and her idiot crew. Everyone needs to get over themselves and shut up. If you don’t like it, stop being a fan, take your viewing elsewhere cause I’m sure History doesn’t want your support!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are your fellow Americans and part of the voting electorate. The OMG! Generation. Feel better now?

Merry Christmas, courtesy of Hollywood and The ‘History’ Channel!

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