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A Cougar is Not a Retirement Plan

Damn. Guess I better scrap that plan then.

Heh. Good advice from the e-Trade babies:

(Via the E*TRADE FINANCIAL Facebook page.)

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“Pro-Choice” Advocates Expose Themselves as Liars

Most of us knew all along that those who claim to be “pro-choice” are not pro-choice at all, but really pro-abortion. Now, with the hysterical outcry by “women’s groups” over the Super Bowl ad with the Tim Tebow story, we know we are correct.

“CBS’s recent decision to air an anti-choice advertisement during Super Bowl XLIV was outrageous,” a rep from advocacy group The Women’s Media Center said. “Even worse is the network’s about face from its own policy of rejecting controversial Super Bowl ads.

“The Women’s Media Center and organizations dedicated to reproductive rights, tolerance, and social justice, are urging the network to immediately cancel this ad.”

First, how ironic that a group that claims to be dedicated to “tolerance” is practicing intolerance with respect to Tim Tebow and his life story.

How is choosing not to abort a baby “anti-choice”? How is telling the story of a woman’s choice to not abort her baby “anti-choice” and “controversial”?

The only way that telling the story of how Tim Tebow’s mother chose to go ahead with her pregnancy and birth of her child, in the face of great risk to both the lives of her baby and herself, is somehow “anti-choice” or “controversial” is if “pro-choice” means that the only “choice” is abortion. In other words, if “pro-choice” actually means pro-abortion.

If pro-abortion people think so highly of abortion, then fine… make a commercial of your own. Go find success stories of women who faced a choice of either giving birth to their baby or aborting their baby and chose to abort their baby and are now living a great life because of that decision.

In the meantime, STFU about people who wish to tell the story of a choice made for life and how it turned out to be an amazing success story.  Oh, and stop being lying cowards and calling yourselves “pro-choice” and call yourselves what you are:  pro-abortion.

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An excerpt:

[ … ] It’s a positive message of what can happen if women would consider choosing life. It is a message to women that there are other options. Who would be against that?

Well, every pro-choice group out there seems to be against that. They have no desire for women to know real choice. They don’t want women to hear that good can come from choosing to not have an abortion. [ … ]

Pro-Choice groups need to decide if they are really pro-choice or just pro-abortion. Do they really want women to know all options and know the beauty of life – or do they just want to silence anyone who doesn’t promote abortion? Unless they change their tune, pro-choice groups really should be known as pro-abortion or even anti-choice.

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A Top Running Game & Defense is the Rule to NFL Success, Not the Exception

“Having a top running game and top defense are wonderful ideals to strive for, but the formula for success usually relies on having an elite quarterback.”

I disagree. I think it is the opposite actually. An elite QB leads to success only so long as there is a good defense and good running game in place.

A prime example is that Peyton Manning did not do squat in the playoffs until he got a good defense and decent running game.

Super Bowls the last 10 years:
2000: Rams over Titans
2001: Ravens over Giants
2002: Patriots over Rams
2003: Buccaneers over Raiders
2004: Patriots over Panthers
2005: Patriots over Eagles
2006: Steelers over Seahawks
2007: Colts over Bears
2008: Giants over Patriots
2009: Steelers over Cardinals

What is the common theme in all those match-ups? Strong defenses and good running games. Yes, the Super Bowls featured elite QBs the likes of Tom Brady (3-1), Kurt Warner (1-2), Ben Rothlisberger (2-0) and Peyton Manning (1-0). But there were also average QBs the likes of Steve McNair, Kerry Collins, Trent Dilfer*, Brad Johnson*, Rich Gannon, Jake Delhomme, Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck, Rex Grossman & Eli Manning*.

(*Won Super Bowl)

So, out of the 20 teams to make the last 10 Super Bowls, 10 of them had average QBs paired with solid running games and great defenses. So saying that getting to the Super Bowl with a good running game, good defense and average QB is the exception does not hold up to scrutiny, in my opinion.

What each Super Bowl team had in common over the past decade has been good running games and defenses. And the better defenses sometimes overcame elite QBs (Giants over Brady, Patriots over Warner).

You can even go back to the 1990s to see a similar pattern. Recall the Buffalo Bills losing to good defensive teams in the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys. Giants, ‘Skins and Cowboys also had great running games to complement and open things up for their QBs’ passing games.

So, apply that to the Bears 2009-2010 season. Their defense was decimated by injuries and they had no running game, with Matt Forte being injured and slowed the entire season, Kevin Jones being injured and missing the entire season and the offensive line being incompetent in run blocking all season. Combine that with the Bears taking Devin Hester off their special teams, taking away their punt and kick return threat, and that left all the pressure of the team’s chances for success squarely on the shoulders of Jay Cutler and the Bears’ passing game.

No team, not even with an elite QB, can overcome that. All one has to do is look to the failed playoff runs of Peyton Manning in the past when he had no defense or running game to complement his passing game. Or Tom Brady and the Patriots this year. Or Philip Rivers and the Chargers this year. There are countless examples of elite QBs not being able to succeed until their game was complemented by a good running game and good defense.

If the Chicago Bears expect to turn things around, they will focus on improving their defense and running game. The problem this season was NOT the passing game. The problem was that all the pressure for this team’s success was on the passing game, since the other areas of the team were not performing adequately.

Improve the running game and that will open things up for Cutler to succeed even more in the passing game. One only has to look at the New York Jets and how the running game has helped Mark Sanchez’s development, easing him into the position and taking the pressure off his shoulders. And where Mark Sanchez has made rookie mistakes (ie turnovers), the great defense is there to help limit the damage. Again, this takes immense pressure off of Mark Sanchez.

The same principle would work for the Bears. Improve the running game and the defense and that will go a long way to helping Jay Cutler — and the entire team — succeed.

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Hawt damn! I was reading this article about the possibility of bringing Mike Shanahan to Chicago next year to coach my Chicago Bears, when lo and behold, I see this article sitting in the sidebar: Sexy NFL Jersey Girls [68 Photos]

So, of course, I checked it out and… as I said, WOWzah! Some nice eye-candy there for male NFL fans (and the ladies, if they swing that way…)

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Shawne Merriman, No Problem Playing for Rush Limbaugh

Who knew that San Diego Chargers DE Shawne Merriman would be a voice of reason among NFL players in the whole smear, libel and slander campaign against Rush Limbaugh.

Looks like Merriman is more of a man, more informed and less sensitive than ignorant dolts like Mathias Kiwanucka, Michael Wilbon, Donovan McNabb, Warren Moon and, of course, Marcellus Wiley.

Here is what Mr. Merriman had to say about the prospect of playing for an NFL team owned by Rush Limbaugh.

Reminder: “Bloods and Crips” quote in FULL context.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript of Merriman’s remarks he made in the interview:

RUSH: Jesse Lee Peterson on Fox on Wednesday night. On October 13th, somehow this sound bite ended up being buried in this controversy. Shawne Merriman, who is not the poster boy for NFL virtue himself, Shawne Merriman, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers was on Fox Sports Radio’s Chris Myers and Steve Hartman Show. I was also on that show when I was out in LA weeks ago, and we talked about the NFL and they asked me who my favorite quarterbacks were and I threw McNabb in there. So they asked Shawne Merriman, “Would you have any problem playing for a team partially owned by Rush Limbaugh?”

MERRIMAN: I have to be honest, I wouldn’t have a problem with it because I think that he possibly could have said a few things that was on many people’s mind. He just, you know, one of the ones that, you know, made it vocal and put it out there. Maybe if we had a sit-down and talk and I seen a different person, maybe, but it really wouldn’t bother me as much.

RUSH: That didn’t get reported, did it? Now, at the time, October 13th — happens to be my mother’s birthday — at the time this is all going on, Merriman was living off those made-up, phony quotes. That’s what he knew. That’s all anybody knew, the totally fabricated and made-up phony quotes. Now, the next question from Myers and Hartman: “How much as a player do you actually know, Shawne, or care about your owner? I mean, I realize there are layers: coordinator, position coach, head coach, GM, president, whatever, all the way up. Some owners are very visible, some are far removed. Does that affect the player? Do you think about that?”

MERRIMAN: You want the owner to know that — or you want to feel that he cares, you know, about your well-being, about you going out there and being a good person on and off the field. So I think it’s a matter to a — to a certain point but it’s not like you have to deal with the owner every single day. You know, he’s not going through the playbook with you and, you know, you play good or bad he’s not going to be the one that come down and talk to you about the game, it’s just one of the things that’s how it is.

RUSH: So none of these quotes made it, did they, outside of this show? The Myers and Hartman show on Fox Sports Radio.

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