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Supplement to GEN Petraeus Testimony to the United States Congress (VIDEO)

Via Matt Burden at Blackfive, JD Johannes (whom you should remember from this post) has supplied us with videos of the Anbar Awakening, which will supplement the testimony that GEN Petraeus will give to the United States Congress today. Well, in a sane world, these videos would be seen leading off every newscast across the nation and the world to supplement the coverage of GEN Petraeus’ testimony. Alas, it is up to us to promote JD Johannes’ videos to get out the facts and context that the mass media and our politicians will undoubtedly leave out in their own so-called reporting.

JD Johannes at Outside the Wire: Petraeus Testimony: My Video Supplement

General David Petraeus will be testifying before Congress today about the effects of the troop surge.

To give the public and interested parties a more tangible view of the effects of the troop surge, I have condensed one of my documentaries, ‘Anbar Awakens‘ and placed it on YouTube. You can watch it below in two parts.

The first steps of the Anbar Awakening preceded the troop surge by several months, but without the surge it is unlikely it would have held firm and expanded.

More importantly, the success of the Awakening combined with the troop surge to spread concerned citizens groups and neighborhood watch groups through large swaths of Iraq.

The condensed version of my documentary will hopefully give a deeper understanding to some parts of General Petraeus’ testimony.

Some who probably still doubt the existence of the Awakening will say this was shot in a back lot in Morrocco, but they will say and do anything to force a defeat in order to maintain their identity–and that is most pernicious form of identity politics.

The full version of this documentary and two others showing the surge from the ground level are available here on DVD.

HERE and HERE are links to his YouTube videos he has posted at his site. But be sure to go visit his site to watch them and read his commentary. And be sure to check out the rest of his site and possibly, if you can afford it, purchase one of his documentary DVDs.

Matt has also posted the transcript of GEN Petraeus’ prepared statements for the United States Congress: General Petraeus Opening Statements

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Iraqi Perspectives Project – Saddam & Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents

This report was released online, available for download, this past week after the mass media did their best to completely lie and misinform about the contents of the report. They did this under the assumption that the American public would believe their lies, since they probably would not even bother to read the report.

Well, here is your chance to prove the mass media wrong. Just go here to download and read the report:

The Iraqi Perspectives Project — Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents.

Here is the press release about the report: United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) has released online an unclassified redacted version of the Joint Center for Operational Analysis (JCOA)-sponsored study entitled “The Iraqi Perspectives Project — Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents.”

(NORFOLK, Va. – March 20, 2008) — United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) has released online an unclassified redacted version of the Joint Center for Operational Analysis (JCOA) – sponsored study entitled “The Iraqi Perspectives Project — Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents.”

In order to accommodate continuing public interest and to provide an accurate, definitive report, this online version is made available to improve efficient delivery of this material.

The five volumes of the document, linked below, documents the history of the Saddam regime.

The Institute for Defense Analyses produced the report under contract for the command as part of the broader Iraqi Perspectives Project.

The Iraqi Perspectives Project examines operational and strategic insights and lessons from the perspective of former senior Iraqi decision-makers through the analysis of primary source material such as interviews and captured regime documents.

The study’s authors completed the report after screening more than 600,000 captured documents including several hundred hours of audio and video files archived by U.S. Department of Defense.

As part of USJFCOM, JCOA studies strategic and operational lessons from recent and ongoing military operations in order to improve the joint force.

Volume 1 contains the executive summary of the report. Volumes 2-5 provide supporting documentations.

Click on the links below to download each volume individually.

Click on the link I provided above to go to the United States Joint Forces Command website to download the volumes of the report.

Again, the mass media has been completely lying about the contents of this report. This is not suprising to anyone except the so-called “anti-war” and “peace” activists who swallow down the lies of the mass media every time. Well, except when the mass media was reporting the ties between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in 1998-1999, of course. But, why should we care about all the terrorism going on during the Sainted Clinton Administration. It’s all Boooooosh’s fault afterall.

Anyway, here are also a few great analyses of the report done by the gentlemen at Flopping Aces:

Americans Deserve Insight, Not Old News, On Iraq War, So Where is It?

Pentagon Report Confirms Saddam’s Regime Supported al Qaida

No Ties Between Saddam and Al Queda Network of Terrorist Groups

While the mass media reported that this report proved that there were no ties between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden/a Qaeda, here is the actual conclusion from the report:

“v. Conclusion
One question remains regarding Iraq’s terrorism capability:  Is there anything in the captured archives to indicate that Saddam had the will to use his terrorist capabilities directly against United States?  Judging from examples of Saddam’s statements (Extract 34) before the 1991 Gulf War with the United States, the answer is yes.”

[btw, no emphasis added on that ’yes’. It’s emphasized in the report]

Read the entire report to find out what other lies the mass media has been pushing on you, while assuming you are just an ignorant, lazy idiot who will never read the report.

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Case Closed: Osama bin Laden is Dead!

That is the conclusion of Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report after watching the latest bin Laden video released today: New Bin Laden Video to be Released UPDATE: We Have Video UPDATE: Muhammad Cartoon Rant

Although, I like Ace’s headline better at Ace of Spades HQ: Osama Releases New Old Tape Boldly Declaring, “Are You All Fucking Retarded? I’ve Been Dead For Two Years! And I Thought Weekend At Bernie’s Was Actually Far-Fetched!”

Heheh 🙂

Here’s some commentary from Rusty, but go to The Jawa Report to see the video and to read the transcript:

UPDATE: The video shows a static image of bin Laden with a voice over purporting to be of him all about the Mohammed cartoons controversy. This is the “new” speech by bin Laden on the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq?

The Muhammad cartoons were first published in September of 2005!

There is literally no doubt in my mind now. This is an old audio, probably from 2006, of bin Laden. As Sahab must have been embarrassed that they had nothing to offer the world on this the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, so they hurriedly released an old audio they had lying around. The fact that there was no accompanying banner is evidence that they threw this together last minute.

Case closed: Osama bin Laden is dead!

[ … ]

UPDATE: Okay, at about 3.5 minutes in, “bin Laden” brings up something more recent, the alleged covering up of embezzlement in an arms deal for Saudi Arabia in the al-Yamama scandal which is said to have involved a Saudi prince. The cover up, though, was alleged to have happened in December of 2006.

UPDATE: At about 4:20 bin Laden brings the Pope into it:

Then came the publishing of these drawings, which came in the framework of a new Crusade, in which the Pope of the Vatican has played a large, lengthy role. And all of that is confirmation on your part of the continuation of the war, as well as testing the Muslims and their religion…

When did the Pope reference the violence that ensued after the Muhammed cartoons? September 12, 2006.

UPDATE: The closest thing bin Laden says to something recent is a reference to Bush being “about to leave the White House” which people began talking about when? Like for the past year or more? Since the 2006 elections made his lame duck status really lame duck?

What’s funny is that he rails against the U.S. for intentionally killing women and children, which he “testifies” that he has seen, and then compares that with the Mohammad cartoons. Which is worse? The Mo cartoons, of course!

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Case Closed: Saddam Actively Supported Al Qaida

I believe an article was written on Monday of this week, March 10, which had a headline saying that the Pentagon was going to release a report this week that proved, without a doubt, that Saddam’s Iraq had absolutely no ties to al Qaida prior to 2003. Turns out (no suprise) that the article was completely and utterly WRONG.

There are many good reports out on this today, but I don’t have time to post all of them now. Here is the best one I have read so far, by Stephen F. Hayes at The Weekly Standard: Saddam’s Dangerous Friends – What a Pentagon review of 600,000 Iraqi documents tells us.

An exerpt:

This ought to be big news. Throughout the early and mid-1990s, Saddam Hussein actively supported an influential terrorist group headed by the man who is now al Qaeda’s second-in-command, according to an exhaustive study issued last week by the Pentagon. “Saddam supported groups that either associated directly with al Qaeda (such as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, led at one time by bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri) or that generally shared al Qaeda’s stated goals and objectives.” According to the Pentagon study, Egyptian Islamic Jihad was one of many jihadist groups that Iraq’s former dictator funded, trained, equipped, and armed.

[ … ]

Among the study’s other notable findings:

In 1993, as Osama bin Laden’s fighters battled Americans in Somalia, Saddam Hussein personally ordered the formation of an Iraqi terrorist group to join the battle there.

For more than two decades, the Iraqi regime trained non-Iraqi jihadists in training camps throughout Iraq.

According to a 1993 internal Iraqi intelligence memo, the regime was supporting a secret Islamic Palestinian organization dedicated to “armed jihad against the Americans and Western interests.”

In the 1990s, Iraq’s military intelligence directorate trained and equipped “Sudanese fighters.”

In 1998, the Iraqi regime offered “financial and moral support” to a new group of jihadists in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq.

In 2002, the year before the war began, the Iraqi regime hosted in Iraq a series of 13 conferences for non-Iraqi jihadist groups.

That same year, a branch of the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) issued hundreds of Iraqi passports for known terrorists.

There is much, much more. Documents reveal that the regime stockpiled bombmaking materials in Iraqi embassies around the world and targeted Western journalists for assassination. In July 2001, an Iraqi Intelligence agent described an al Qaeda affiliate in Bahrain, the Army of Muhammad, as “under the wings of bin Laden.” Although the organization “is an offshoot of bin Laden,” the fact that it has a different name “can be a way of camouflaging the organization.” The agent is told to deal with the al Qaeda group according to “priorities previously established.”

In describing the relations between the Army of Muhammad and the Iraqi regime, the authors of the Pentagon study come to this conclusion: “Captured documents reveal that the regime was willing to co-opt or support organizations it knew to be part of al Qaeda — as long as that organization’s near-term goals supported Saddam’s long-term vision.” [ … ]

The hilarious thing about this is that the Left has been crowing about the article written on Monday about this report, stating that the report proves that “BUSH LIED! Saddam had no ties to al Qaida!!!” When, in fact, this report proves just the opposite. But, now the Left is on record saying that this report is credible. Heheh Idiots.

Be sure to read the whole thing and I’ll link to other good posts on this later.

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They are Just a Tiny Minority of Extremists, Nothing to Fear, You Bigoted Islamophobes

That is what we are always told when we warn about the threat of Islamic Totalitarianism.

Abe Greenwald puts a number to these “tiny minority of extremists”: Muslim Survey “Challenges” West

A new Gallup poll is being touted as a “challenge” to western misperceptions of Islam. The survey was done on three continents and took six years to complete, and as the French news agency AFP reports, we’ve all been a little alarmist over here: “About 93 percent of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are moderates and only seven percent are politically radical, according to the poll, based on more than 50,000 interviews.”

Seven percent of 1.3 billion leaves us with . . . 91 million radical Islamists. And to think we were concerned! That piddling handful is nothing that can’t be taken care of with a little dialogue, a few billion in American aid, and some proper education. I’m feeling audaciously hopeful.

But, wait, what’s this? “The radicals are better educated, have better jobs, and are more hopeful with regard to the future than mainstream Muslims,” said John Esposito, who authored the book Who Speaks for Islam.

Oh well.

One shouldn’t cherry-pick facts to fit an agenda. The study does say that radicals “believe in democracy even more than many of the mainstream moderates do.” But does anyone really think we’re operating with a consistent definition of democracy here? The Muslim Brotherhood, for example, makes claims to be democratic, yet its leaders-for-life are not elected, the organization boasts a doctrine of female subordination, and it calls for the death of apostates. Kind of a big-government democracy, I suppose. …

Nah, nothing to worry about at all. Move along. Nothing to see here. BusHitler, the “neocons”, Republicans, the American military, “Christianists”, Pro-Lifers and the Jooooos are the real evil in this world, which must be stopped.

Meanwhile, the Left here in America – Barack Obama included – continues to support “Palestine”, which teaches this to their children: Video: Jew-Eating Rabbit Threatens Denmark

Yeah, but it is America and Israel who are evil and must be “wiped off the map”.

Oh, and if you thought there was some hope for our side, remember that our enemies have propaganda outlets with half of our government, have our entire mass media, including the International media AND they have Hollywood on their side as well, putting out movie after movie of anti-America and anti-American military propaganda and also sporting solidarity pins at their award shows.

But hey, no worries, we have HOPE that things will CHANGE.

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