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A Trend in the Right Direction

So I have read comments since the 2016 Presidential election that stated that Donald Trump did well with the Black vote. In light of the #WalkAway campaign — where Blacks and other typical Democrat voters have been making the decision to walk away from the Democrat Party — and Trump Administration policies over the course of the past 3 years that have helped the Black community, many have been predicting that President Trump will have even stronger Black voter support in the 2020 Presidential election than he received in the 2016 Presidential election.

This sparked my interest in looking up the exact numbers for the election results and comparing to past elections. So I did a little Google-fu and Excel-fu and organized the results in the table below.

So looking at the results, those who stated that Donald Trump earned the Black vote in 2016 were correct. While he garnered only 8% of the total Black vote, the total votes were an increase of 25% from the total votes earned by Mitt Romney in 2012.

Another thing that stands out is that the Black vote for the Republican candidate has been steadily increasing since a low of 4% in 2008, when Barack Obama ran for President the first time.

This is significant. It shows that some Black voters have been moving from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party since the middle of the Barack Obama Administration.

I have to believe that is part of the underlying agenda behind the riots that have erupted and the narrative of “racism” being pushed by the Left.

The Left saw the positive influence President Trump Administration policies were having in the Black community and feared that the trend of Black voters to move from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party was going to continue in the November 2020 election.

I just have to hope that enough people in the Black community realize that they are once again being manipulated by the Left to remain under their control.

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The Disastrous Results of One-Party Democrat Rule

Yep. From the comments of today’s Ace of Spades Morning Report:

Minneapolis proves the point of how disastrous one party Democrat rule is.

You have all of these Democrats decrying everything except their own miserable failures.

The funniest thing was the dipsh-t Mayor crying and asking why the cop hasn’t been arrested.

Umm, you could have simply turned to your police commissioner, who is black by the way, and asked him that question.

Also, you have various clowns on the Minnie City Council yelling about root causes and institutional racism.

The Minnie City Council doesn’t have a single Republican, it has 12 [Democrats] and 1 Green party candidate as well as 5 women and 4 [people of color].

You Are the Root Cause for this disaster, assh-les.

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How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People

So apparently, the general Black community attitude is that law enforcement is racist against them, assuming they are all a bunch of criminals, gang members and generally violent and dangerous people and then treat them ridiculously harshly.

So then to prove to people that this law enforcement attitude about them is wrong, they… riot, loot stores, destroy property and generally behave in a violent and dangerous manner.


UPDATE: More from discussion where I shared this on Facebook:

LA, Detroit, protests too. “I can’t Breathe” sounds like “Hands up”. I feel bad for the families of the victim, but these actions taken only take away from the sincerity of empathy by overshadowing the incident.

Yep. For me it’s a chicken and the egg type of situation regarding law enforcement “brutality” and Black community violence and criminality.

Do law enforcement have a bias against the Black community in general because the community is full of criminals, gang bangers, drug users/dealers and violent offenders who generally have zero respect towards law enforcement officers and do not shy away from violence towards them?

Or did those in the Black community become criminals, gang bangers, drug users/dealers and violent offenders with zero respect towards law enforcement officers only after law enforcement officers treated those in the Black community poorly for so long?

Or, is it a combination of both somehow?

Personally, I default to siding with police. Except in these extreme cases of the officer in Minneapolis, who seems to either be a bad cop or completely went overboard during the arrest of a suspect.

But is he a bad cop in general two just likes to treat suspects like this? Or maybe does he have experience with suspects violently resisting arrest and he has learned from that to never take chances and to use violence himself in securing a suspect, this time going overboard?

I don’t know the answers to those questions.

All I do know is that if you want to prove to someone that their opinion of you being prone to violent and dangerous behavior is wrong, you don’t do that by… participating in violent and dangerous behavior.

UPDATE: Great commentary by J.J. Sefton on this topic at this morning’s Ace of Spades HQ Morning Report:

That said, the good news is for the first time in over three months, we are leading with something other than the General Tso’s Sicken. The bad news is it’s another incident involving the police killing of a black suspect, and more to the point the instantaneous reaction of thugs, miscreants, agitators and more tragically, black people who have been abused for 50 years by a political party and movement that have brainwashed them into believing they are their saviors. More on that salient point in a moment.

Evidently, George Floyd was in the process of being arrested by Minneapolis cops when in video footage he appears agitated, violent and by all appearances attempting to resist arrest. At some point though, one officer had Floyd face down on the ground, with his knee on his neck. Whether it was that or something else in the interim, the next thing we know is Floyd was taken to a hospital where he died soon after.

The rest is sadly predictable. As with Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner and others, Minneapolis erupted in rioting and looting, with copycat lunacy in Los Angeles where the freeway was shut down by “protestors.” That’s another thing: if you are breaking in and looting stores and setting fire to buildings, you are not protestors. You are thuggish animals that justifiably could be shot on sight to stop the mayhem. As for Floyd, there was a warrant out for his arrest and apparently he was wanted for fraud or forgery or some other pretty serious crime. That said, violent or not, I cannot see how it is correct police procedure to have your knee on someone’s neck with your body weight pressing down on it. But, this is getting into the weeds on some broader issues. I’ll hit them as separate points that hopefully weave themselves together into a cogent observation in toto:

Be sure to go there and read the rest.

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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are Coming! Maybe…

So NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced a phased plan to have a Stanley Cup Playoffs for the ’19-’20 NHL season.

Just saw that 10 cities are under consideration to be the two host hub cities, each one hosting a conference (i.e. Eastern Conference playoffs in one city, Western Conference playoffs in the other city):

— Chicago, IL
— Columbus, OH
— Dallas, TX
— Edmonton, AB
— Las Vegas, NV
— Los Angeles, CA
— Minneapolis, MN
— Pittsburgh, PA
— Toronto, ON
— Vancouver, BC

Will be interesting to figure out how Canada would deal with this considering they have different policies for lockdown in that country.

And Chicago? Mayor Lightfoot is never going to allow that after she’s been spending the last 2 months screeching about Chicagoans not following her lockdown rules. Not to mention, the state of Illinois is still under stay-at-home orders by the Governor. Things like manufacturing are still deemed “non-essential”. Which means auto companies which have assembly plants in the state are not allowed to re-open their plants for powertrain or vehicle assemblies. And if building vehicles is deemed “non-essential”, I would expect “playing sports” to be deemed “non-essential” as well.

Dallas, Vegas and Los Angeles? In July-August? Yeah, good luck keeping ice playable in those cities in the dead of summer. And again, Los Angeles is in the state of California, which is still closed due to Governor’s stay-at-home orders.

That leaves… Columbus, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.

OH, MN and PA… all still shut down.

Good luck to Bettman trying to negotiate with any of these cities and states to deem “playing hockey” an “essential” business when tens of thousands of white collar and blue collar workers have been forced onto unemployment, because their business has been deemed “non-essential”.

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Michigan AG Nessel Prioritizes Clam Safety Over Dam Safety

It should have been obvious that Michigan Governor Gretchen Half-Whitmer and her Loch Nessel monster of an Attorney General were to blame for the dam failure last week when they pushed the blame on everyone and everything — including “climate change” — other than themselves.

Apparently, instead of prioritizing the safety of the Edenville Dam — and the safety of Michiganders who live and work in the vicinity of the Dam — they prioritized the safety of… mussels.

In her ongoing audition to be Joe Biden’s veep pick, Michigan Governess Gretchen Whitmer all but convicted a private dam owner for the disastrous floods that struck the middle of the state last Wednesday.

However, it wasn’t the dam company that was trying to save a few clams — it was Whitmer’s radical attorney general, Dana Nessel.

Nessel was suing the dam company to raise the lake level three feet in order to save mussels — both endangered and common — and in their response, the dam company cited safety as a reason for not doing so.

But to Dana Nessel, who is also suing to keep Michigan’s chilly Upper Peninsula from having a reliable source of propane, citing an imaginary concern over a pipeline across the Straits of Mackinac, people come second. A distant second.

So we are getting a clear understanding of the priorities of Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Nessel. They will flood cities to save clams and they will destroy the livelihoods of barbers and millions of Michiganders over a virus no more deadly than seasonal influenza.

Pure Michigan.

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