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COVID-19 is a Lie

Looks like lockdowns, mask-wearing mandates and “social-distancing” wiped out seasonal influenza, but did diddly squat about COVID-19.

*** OR ***

“COVID-19” is bullshit and the virus is seasonal influenza.

What about the 500,000+ deaths, you ask?

Recall that only 6% of those deaths are attributable directly to “COVID-19”. 6% of 500,000 is 30,000. 30,000 deaths is around the average number of deaths each year attributed to seasonal influenza.

And recall that the federal government gave incentive for hospitals to lie about “COVID-19” cases and deaths in order to receive taxpayer handouts for each case/death.

And recall that hospitals have reported calling deaths “COVID-19” even without testing the patients and have also classified deaths as “COVID-19” when the deaths were from completely different causes (i.e. car accident).

Bill Gates’ Event 201 pandemic wargaming happened Oct 18, 2019. Right at the start of influenza season. Immediately afterward, supposedly SARS-CoV-2 was released from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Seems to me all they did was fake “COVID-19” and just started counting all influenza cases and deaths as “COVID-19” cases and deaths to pull of this black operation to destroy the USA economy and remove President Trump from office.

Keep in mind that as soon as the operation went into effect in the USA, all of China was back up and running and has been back up and running this entire time.

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From the comments:

MORE: Via Jon Rappoport’s Blog

I have made this point and asked this question numerous times since last year. It seemed odd that they were deeming people were “testing positive for COVID-19”, instead of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – CoronaVirus-2). Just because someone tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 does not mean they have the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Disease).

Like HIV+/AIDS, they should have been reporting that people were testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 and then the symptomatic cases were those who had contracted COVID-19.

But, of course, reporting it in that fashion would have exposed how non-dangerous is SARS-CoV-2, since not many people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 ended up contracting COVID-19. That would have ruined the Deep State’s black op.

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It’s Time to Use Alinsky Against the Communists in America: Make the Enemy Live Up to its Own Book of Rules

Great post by Buck Throckmorton: What If Deplorables Start “De-Platforming” Leftists From Receiving Skilled Trade Services?

If Monster Tech can aggressively de-platform businesses and individuals for expressing forbidden opinions, then maybe it’s time for skilled tradesmen to respond in kind against the woke left.

Leftists despise working class “deplorables” and seek to punish them for all their disapproved habits – you know – God, guns, motorized vehicles, and voting MAGA. Well, the tradesmen I know are swamped with business right now, so it might be a good time for them to establish their own “terms of service” enabling them to deny services to advocates of cancel culture. We’ve learned from Monster Tech that all you have to do is declare someone’s speech to be “hateful” or state that their speech might “incite violence” to banish someone from receiving service. If a deplorable can be targeted as hate-filled for simply supporting Trump, then a tradesman’s Terms of Service can in turn declare that any visible support for Democrats constitutes hate speech.

[ … ]

As the defenders of Monster Tech like to remind us, if I don’t want Facebook banishing me for having the wrong opinion, then I can just go start my own social media monopoly. Well then, it’s not asking too much for the left to go start their own skilled trade services.

It shouldn’t have to come to this, but we’re already seemingly here. In addition to the de-platformings by tech companies, some banks are refusing service to gun shop owners, retailers are banishing products from My Pillow, etc. If we can only buy products and services from those within our political tribe, leftists are really going to hate the new rules when they’re in critical need of a skilled tradesman.

I am 100% in favor of this. Time to Alinksy these MF-ers.

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules”.

The new rule is that any company can deny service to someone based on political views. Good, time to deny services to anyone who does not support President Donald Trump.

Support BLM rioting, looting, arson and murder? No service for you.

Support antifa? No service for you.

Support the Democrat Party and their policy of mass murder of babies in the womb? No service for you.

Time for people to suffer consequences of their support for the corrupt and tyrannical Democrat Party.

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Have CoViD-19 Policies Been Based on Science-for-Hire?

Read this and tell me it doesn’t describe what has been going on with CoViD-19 policies tyrannically enforced by government health “experts” and Democrat politicians since the very beginning.

(i.e. Michigan Governor Wretched Whitmer pulling some “German study” out of her ass. She claimed it showed that mandatory mask-wearing reduced CoViD-19 spread by 40% or some BS.)

(Or every health “expert” in the *world* — including Saint Dr. Anthony Fauci himself — stating emphatically in March 2020 that masks do not work to prevent spread of COVID-19 and they are nothing more than placebos to make people *feel* safer.)

That’s how Marron got interested. The filmmaker rarely pays attention to _____ , but the blanket coverage of _____ touched on a topic she is passionate about – science for hire.

It’s the ability of corporations to pay research firms to deliver whatever answer it wants to any question it wants. That usually involves more serious subjects, such as minimizing the links between cancer and pesticides or asbestos. _____ hired one of the firms she considers dubious: Exponent.

“Science for hire is such an important issue, it impacts all of us in very meaningful ways,” Marron said. “_____ was getting exponentially more media attention, however, than any other case I’d ever seen. This was a way to share how it operates.

“These firms perform scientific gymnastics and contortions in a dishonest way but it makes people who don’t understand to think, well, ‘it could have been that way.'”

That’s what happened with _____.

[ … ]

Marron, however, keeps arguing that _____ isn’t just innocent, but a victim of a campaign that was so dumb and dishonest it framed him for a “crime” that never even occurred. Once a narrative is set though, it’s almost impossible to rewrite.

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Democrats are not Frightened. They are Emboldened, Because they Control Everything and No One has the Power to Stop Anything They Want to Do.

I keep reading this take on things from AoSHQ and others on the right and I am baffled. Am I the only one who thinks they are completely wrong and the exact opposite is the reality?

I keep reading people saying that the Democrats are “frightened” and that is why they are doing what they are doing.

I don’t see it that way at all.

I see it that they have ZERO fear of any kind of criticism or consequences for their actions, so they are just being as tyrannical as they want.

Think about it… they concocted a CoViD crisis and enacted tyrannical lockdowns and… everyone obeyed. From schools to sports leagues to every corporation and small business in the country. Everyone bent the knee and did as they were told. And every single media outlet spread the Democrats propaganda and never questioned anything, even when new policies were completely opposite of old ones from just a month prior. No one questioned the data, no one questioned the ridiculous, illogical policies for lockdowns and masks and distancing.

Then, they sent their stormtroopers out there to create chaos with looting and vandalism and violence and rioting and murder. Antifa and BLM. And… everyone obeyed. Not just obeyed, but supported everything. Justified it. Even setup funding to bail people out of jail if any were even arrested. Sports leagues spread their propaganda all over. Every single corporation in the country sent out e-mails promoting “social justice” and supporting BLM causes 100% either with policies or with funding.

THEN… they outright stole a Presidential election (and downticket elections) with MASSIVE fraud.

And… everyone went along with it. Hollywood, media, social media, tech companies. NO ONE questioned it. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not GOPe pundits, no one. Even Fox News Channel went over to the dark side and legitimized the election steal.

THEN… every court in the country threw out any election challenge. Every SoS, every state legislature, every state Supreme Court rejected anyone who dared challenge the election.

So knowing all that, knowing the Left has absolutely NOTHING to worry about since they control everything in the country… why would anyone logically think that any action they take is out of “fear”.

This isn’t fear, this is mad with power tyranny.

They’re not doing it because they are afraid, they are doing it because they CAN.

And they WANT to.

These are people who REJOICE in the mass murder of babies, for fucks sake.

They are not afraid of anything. They have ALL the power.

Am I just completely off base on this or what?

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CDC and Health “Experts” Making it up as They Go

Remember when they told us the lockdowns were only necessary for “two weeks to slow the spread”? And masks were not only not recommended, but we were yelled at to “STOP BUYING MASKS!”

Then, two more weeks. Then another month. Then masks recommended. Then masks are mandatory. Then you could be arrested and fined for not wearing a mask.

Then we were told that we were not going to be allowed to open up again until there is a vaccine.

And now there is a vaccine and… no going back to normal. In fact, nothing changes at all with a vaccine. Even after vaccination, still have to remain locked down and wear a mask and “social distance”.

This is beyond incompetence. This is deliberate tyranny.

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